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5 règles simples de composition

5 règles simples de composition

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Photomontage: A Collection - MAT 200A 2011 Pieces of a Memory will be a set of photographs, each being a collage created on a single photographic film and developed. The technique will incorporate a custom built light source to project masked collimated light on a target while the camera is triggered in long exposure mode. The idea traces its roots to combination printing and photomontage. In the mid 19th century, Oscar Rejlander developed a technique called combination printing for creating single images out of multiple negatives. In 1957, he made his best known work, The Two Ways of Life, which was a combination print made of thirty two negatives.

Street Photography Composition Lesson #3: Diagonals For today’s street photography composition lesson, we will discuss a compositional rule that is simple enough: the diagonal. Credit goes to Adam Marelli for teaching me about this important design element which can help street photographers all around the globe. Diagonals are one of the strongest and most fundamental compositional elements– something that we all know quite well. There are 3 types of main lines: the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal line. They also go in degrees of intensity (the horizontal line being the least dynamic and the diagonal line as the most dynamic).

Depth of Field in Floral Photography A Guest Post by Christine Havill Nearly every person who has held a camera has been drawn to and experienced the pleasure of photographing a flower. Most photographers however, or so I have found, deem a flower shot to be a ‘cop out’ shot. Flowers are pretty and so a photo of one will be pretty right? wrong! Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Research: Identity, Authenticity, Rebranding & Processes This post focuses on my initial background research for this project, it is the basic who, what, why, when, where, etc questions. Currently I have little knowledge on identity as well as knowing the difference between identity and branding. Hopefully by the end of this post I will have a greater understanding of the subject. This post will be split up into many sections such as Identity, Authenticity, Rebranding, and the processes within creating an identity and rebranding a company/institution. Identity

Learn Composition Rules are meant to be broken No composition rule is universal. No rule will work for every case. Some clever people have noticed trends in photos that can be summarized as rules and I'll try to summarize some of those rules. 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work) In photography, it’s not just what you shoot that counts – the way that you shoot it is crucial, too. Poor photo composition can make a fantastic subject dull, but a well-set scene can create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations. With that in mind, we’ve picked our top 10 photo composition ‘rules’ to show you how to transform your images, as well as offered some of our best photography tips from the experts who do it on a daily basis.

Street Photography Composition Lesson #4: Leading Lines All photos in this article are copyrighted by their respective photographers. For today’s street photography composition lesson– I would like to discuss leading lines. Leading lines are one of the most basic photography compositional techniques– I am sure you have all heard of it before. How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet] I was walking around London recently with my camera and I got a bit bored, as I had been wandering by the same part of the city a thousand times, waiting for inspiration. To make it more fun I thought I would try experimenting with long shutter speeds. All of a sudden things got interesting and before I knew it a few hours had passed by. Here is an article on how to do slow shutter zoom photography. Photography, like many things in life, is easy once you know how.

Web Design Ledger Beautiful and Inspiring Visual Identity Projects Visual identity is what represents a company’s image. It’s that thing that we will see and will associate to a firm or a product. From logo to business cards, from website to package and everything else that you may use to represent your product, your name – everything is part of the visual identity. It is always nice to see some beautiful and well designed visual identities, to check out how designers approach the task of creating the “face” of a brand. Today we gathered some examples that will show you beautiful type, textures, colors and other details that may inspire you for your next project. Click the images to know more about each project and its designer.