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Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Library The scrolls and scroll fragments recovered in the Qumran environs represent a voluminous body of Jewish documents, a veritable "library", dating from the third century B.C.E. to 68 C.E. Unquestionably, the "library," which is the greatest manuscript find of the twentieth century, demonstrates the rich literary activity of Second Temple Period Jewry and sheds insight into centuries pivotal to both Judaism and Christianity. The library contains some books or works in a large number of copies, yet others are represented only fragmentarily by mere scraps of parchment. There are tens of thousands of scroll fragments. There is less agreement on the specifics of what the Qumran library contains. Biblical Those works contained in the Hebrew Bible. Apocryphal or pseudepigraphical Those works which are omitted from various canons of the Bible and included in others. Sectarian

I just got back home from Occupy the Fed Dallas/Occupy Dallas. with pics I just got back home from the Occupy the Fed Dallas protest. Turnout was more than a few hundred people from what I saw (I arrived a little after 5 but I heard people were out there for hours before). Quite the variety of people there. Most signes were End the Fed related/anti-bank, along with Anonymous (the Guy Fawkes masks to), Ron Paul, and more anti-government. Alex Jones was on the mega phone, doing interviews, and shaking almost everybodys hand there. One of the funniest things I heard him shout was.... "You know why the police brought out the gang unit??? I wasnt able to catch all of his speeches, but they should be up on youtube pretty soon. Unfortunantly, OccupyDallas didnt really show up. The police again were very respectful. That was pretty much the jist of things earlier today. Oh yea, there were quite a few beautiful women there to. (Pics were taken on my phone, could have been better but its better than nothing)

#OccupyTheWorld @AnonDr_X Dead Sea -- Materials Relating to World of the Scrolls The Origin of the Scrolls and the Qumran Site In "The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Perspective," Professor Norman Golb of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago presents evidence to support his view that the Dead Sea Scrolls do not derive from a sect that copied or wrote the manuscripts that were found in the nearby caves. According to Professor Golb, there is no persuasive evidence to support the commonly held view that a sect inhabited the Qumran plateau. Dr. Golb states that the scrolls are from Jerusalem libraries, encompassing a wide variety of non-sectarian as well as sectarian materials. Norman Golb The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Perspective The American Scholar (Spring, 1989) Bound serial. The Sectarian Calendar Displayed here, from Hebrew University Professor S. Shemaryahu Talmon The World of Qumran from Within (Jerusalem, 1989) Printed book. Pliny on the Essenes Pliny the Elder Naturalis historiae (Parma, 1481) Printed book. Sadducees and Pharisees Flavius Josephus W.

Internal NYPD Rift Over Aggressive Tactics Used Against Peaceful #OccupyWallStreet Protesters? The site says that they “received unconfirmed reports that over one hundred blue-collar police refused to come into work in solidarity with our movement.” This is a potentially huge story. We’re looking into this to verify. Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street ProtestsBy Jeanne Mansfield, Boston Review My boyfriend Frank and I are heading toward Liberty Square to check out what’s going on at the Occupy Wall Street protest, when we stumble upon the afternoon march toward Union Square. All in all, it starts out as a pretty good time. As we circle Union Square, about twenty NYPD officers haul out orange plastic nets (the kind used to fence off construction sites) and close off the road, diverting the crowd. A new group of police officers arrives in white shirts, as opposed to dark blue. Up until this point, Frank and I have managed to stay ahead of the nets, but as we hit what I think is 12th Street, they’ve caught up. Just for the record, I love cops….

Dreaming Big: The Occupy Movement and The Media There is a kind of hysteria brewing in Canadian media these days. The Occupy movement has been going on for three weeks in Toronto, for several months in New York, and it's driving some conservative Canadian media pundits -- like Andrew Coyne of Maclean's magazine -- crazy. In a recent article, he declares that the Occupy movement is a "phony class war." He quotes statistics on dishwashers and microwaves, proudly declaring that 90 per cent of Canadian homes have the ability to nuke their food. Writes Nick Fillmore of Vancouver Observer: "Nowhere in the article does Coyne address many of the key issues Canadian Occupy supporters are angry about, such as the cost of student education, a lack of employment for young people, a real unemployment rate of some 13 per cent, high household debt, a lack of savings, and the undermining of our pension system." But it's always interesting to compare different national media. And in Canada? A few days ago, I went to St. But trouble is brewing.

virtual philosopher Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 60 + Arrested - Nets & Pepper Spray Used. LINK: See Day 9 Coverage of Occupy Wall Street HERE 7:57 PM - Occupy Wall Street marchers have started off for One Police Plaza. NYPD are following with arrest net. Lady Liberty Wrapped in American Flag Talks to NYPD by Global Revolution 7:30 PM - Dark now. LINK: Don't Stop Now: 13 Things You Can Do NOW to Support OWS 7:00 PM - General Assembly decides half of Liberty Plaza protesters to remain and keep the occupation. 6:00 PM - 2000 occupiers remain in Liberty Plaza. 4:25 PM - 60 plus protesters arrested at Union Square many pepper sprayed. At Liberty Plaza: NY Police: "The use of an Umbrella is a safety Hazard. Police stopped marchers in street with barricades. One eyewitness at the scene said she heard police officers saying: "Rough her up." Call+demand protestors be released 728-520-9311 LINK: 13 Things You Can Do to Support Occupy Wall Street