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Laser Stone and Prostate Surgery - UroBriz

Laser Stone and Prostate Surgery - UroBriz
Laser Prostate Surgery in Brisbane Thulium Laser Prostatectomy Click Image To View Video Click Image To View Video More Information The latest generation of high-powered 200 W RevoLix 2 micron thulium laser prostatectomy is now offered by Dr Kua at the Wesley hospital. For more information visit: A comparative study of thulium laser resection of the prostate Thulium Laser Prostatectomy - Clinical Studies

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Dentist Serving Albury Wodonga Crown and Bridge work and Veneers are all applications which provide patients with the options of bringing teeth back to their former glory, to restore form and function. The decision making in going forward with these treatments can be around achieving better quality of life by replacing missing or non-functioning teeth. These treatments can also be the key to creating a more aesthetic display of the teeth than the patient currently has. Patients can discuss with their dentist, everything from teeth groove shape, to shade and colour and relative sizing. If there is something about your teeth you think could be improved, talk to your dentist about what options are available. Crowns

General Dentistry Services in Mulgrave At Grandstand Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing excellent care to all our patients. Our diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions is based on the foundation of good oral hygiene and general health providing a stable base for all restorative, rehabilitation and maintenance treatment. The excellent clinicians, staff and state of the art facilities at our dental clinic in Melbourne’s south east provide our patients and families the access to a broad range of dental procedures, care and treatment alternatives. For many years, the beauty of smiles has been compromised by the placement of silver, amalgam fillings.

Fire Door Repair Services Around Bay Area, CA Providing timely repair of a wide range of fire door issues, if you want to avoid the problems which an unsatisfactory inspection can raise, or have been given warning that defects in your fire doors need to be rectified, we can help. We know what’s needed for fire doors to meet NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 requirements and will ensure that every door we work on meets these criteria. It is required to inspect your fire doors annually. One of the more visible barriers to the spread of fire, it’s little surprise that annual inspection of fire doors is an NFPA 80 ( & requirement for all healthcare facilities.

Orthotics - Peninsula Foot Clinic Peninsula foot clinic provides a comprehensive approach to prescription of orthotics for a wide range of foot and lower limb problems including Foot, leg and knee painHeel painPlantarfasciitisAchilles tendonitisGeneral sore feetPain from bunions and arthritis What are foot orthotics? A foot orthotic is an insert worn in regular shoes positioned to support the foot and improve the way weight is distributed through the feet and legs. Common foot problems can be effectively treated or prevented with the use of orthotics by influencing the loads applied to muscles and joints. They can be made of plastic or various rubber materials.