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Select a program below, and click on the VoD icon to view it. If you cannot find the resource you are looking for in this list, check our discontinued series list for distributor contact information. Against All Odds: Inside Statistics Shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings. Video series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. Shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings. Algebra: In Simplest Terms A step-by-step look at algebra concepts. America's History in the Making Explore American history from the Pre-Columbian era through Reconstruction in this course for middle and high school teachers. American Cinema Over 150 Hollywood insiders document American culture through film. American Passages: A Literary Survey American literary movements and authors in the context of history and culture. The Art of Teaching the Arts: A Workshop for High School Teachers Art Through Time: A Global View A Biography of America Calculating Change

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Free KS3, GCSE and A Level science resources from Oxford A bank of free science resources for ages 11 - 18 Download free worksheets, lessons and activities to use with your biology, chemistry and physics students across KS3, GCSE and A Level. Fill in our quick form to request copies of the free posters that accompany the KS3 and GCSE Science Packs. NEW Oxford GCSE Science Packs Rockets, Reactions, and Reflexes Lesson Pack This GCSE Science Pack features resources themed around Bonfire Night, including a biology lesson on how the body reacts to sudden loud sounds, a chemistry lesson on energy changes in sparklers, and a physics lesson on the motion of fireworks, with links to the AQA and OCR Gateway specifications.

Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive by Internet Archive You are invited to view or upload your videos to the Community collection. These thousands of videos were contributed by Archive users and community members. These videos are available for free download. Please select a Creative Commons License during upload so that others will know what they may (or may not) do with with your video. Click here to upload your video !

Arinjay Academy Visit our website for Hindi, Maths, Accounts, CA Final International Tax, Direct Tax at following links Hindi Class 6 Notes, click - Class 7 Notes, click - Class 8 Notes, click - Class 9 and Class 10 Notes, click - Maths Class 3 Notes, click - Class 4 Notes, click - Class 5 Notes, click - Class 6 Notes, click - Class 7 Notes, click - Class 8 Notes, click - Accounts Class 11 Notes, click - Class 12 Notes, click - Final International Tax Notes, click - Pricing Notes, click - Tax Article by Article Notes, Click - Download Arinjay Academy app at : - Apps - iTunes U DrPhysicsA This item has been hidden GCSE Physics Revision Play all A series of videos covering the GCSE Physics syllabus for AQA OCR and Edexcel. GCSE exams are taken in the UK (and elsewhere) by students usually aged 15/16. It is still having videos made and added to it. 29:07 41:15 29:15 41:16 17:36 14:24 11:14 21:59 28:25 26:47 View 30+ more This item has been hidden This item has been hidden This item has been hidden This item has been hidden This item has been hidden

Welcome to Reactions in Chemistry Unit 1.6 The Mole This section deals with the concept of the mole. Interviews with students reveal their uncertainty about the concept. An activity is presented to help students visualize what a mole is by combining a familiar game with chemical calculations. Video program cues: 33:40-42:40 What is a mole? Students’ ideas

SponholtzProductions Contents:Chapter 1: Why Hybridization Theory was Developed, Why is it Important to Visualize Atoms within a Molecule in Three-Dimensions. Chapter 2: Review of s and p Atomic Orbitals, How sp3 Carbon Formed, Shape of sp3 Orbitals and Angles, Representation on Blackboard or in Book, Sigma Bonds, Free- Rotation of C-C Sigma Bonds, Conformational Analysis, Energy of Eclipsed and Staggered Conformations, Newman Projections, Dihedral Angles, Barrier of Rotation. Narration: Gordon W.

Science With Mrs Lau Teaching Resources I teach high school science and math. I have taught for 5 years in private and public school. I have taught and tutored all levels and all types of science! I served on my district's science curriculum committee and I am passionate about lesson creation. Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky Upload Click for my personal website Subscription preferences Loading... Working...