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Community for productivity, getting th

Community for productivity, getting th

Free Will Astrology Getting Closer to Waking Up (Excerpted from the revised and expanded edition of Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia. To hear a podcast version of this text, go here.) DEFINITION: Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. OBJECTIVE OF PRONOIA: To explore the secrets of becoming a wildly disciplined, fiercely tender, ironically sincere, scrupulously curious, aggressively sensitive, blasphemously reverent, lyrically logical, lustfully compassionate Master of Rowdy Bliss. HYPOTHESES: Evil is boring. PROCEDURE: Act as if the universe is a prodigious miracle created for your amusement and illumination. GUIDING QUESTION: "The secret of life," said sculptor Henry Moore to poet Donald Hall, "is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for your whole life. UNDIGNIFIED MEDITATIONS TO KEEP YOU HONEST: Brag about what you can't do and don't have. MYTHIC ROLE MODELS: Prometheus and Pronoia. by Rick DelVecchio "Meet Rob Brezsny.

Free Software: Temptation Blocker - WebJillion Do you wish that there was a sure-proofed way that you could force yourself to stay focused on the task at hand and accomplish everything that you set out to accomplish on a daily basis? Well, what if I told you that now, there’s a new, revolutionary software product that empowers you with self control and blocks you from surfing the Internet and entering programs that causes you to procrastinate, so you can finally get your work done and be more efficient. Simply put, with this unique tool, you’ll not only be able to be more productive, but you’ll also be in position to surpass all of your goals and expectations that you set for yourself. You’ll finally be the best that you can be! Hi, My name is Todd Franklin, and I used to be one of the thousands of people across the globe that struggle with staying focused. And that’s when I decided that I couldn’t continue to live my life this way, so I took action. And today, I want to share my secret software with you... Just think about it...

Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit || kuro5hi Pavlov's Dogs Everyone knows the story of Pavlov and his salivating dogs. Ring a bell just before feeding the dogs often enough and they'll start to salivate just because the bell rang. It happened to me today when I opened the jar of horseradish to spread on a sandwich. It's called conditioning. One day there was a bad storm and Pavlov's lab flooded. The animal was abnormally restless and all conditioned reflexes were practically absent, and, though usually very ready for food, the animal now would not touch the food and even turned its head away. So it would seem that an extraordinary event can shake us from our routines, and this state of being shaken can last for an extraordinarily long time. Work is a sort of conditioning. A lot has been written on the subject of procrastination, but I wanted to collect here my current thoughts on the discipline required to get back to the grindstone. Positive Associations There are some places that I just associate with work. Flow Nanny 911

The Problem of Procrastination There is a poster that depicts a huge polar bear lying prone on a flue of ice. The caption under it reads, "When I get the feeling to do something, I lie down until the feeling goes away". Such is the sigh of the resigned procrastinator: broken by frustration, unable to catch up, chained by depression and sustained by the simple apathetic response, "I don't care anymore". Yet most people who procrastinate have not contentedly handed in their resignations. In fact, we struggle incessantly to shake off procrastination. We plan and schedule; we write down and underscore; we promise and make resolutions; we organize and reorganize. An ancient proverb states: "It is not the size of the tree but the depth of its roots that make it strong." (a) A poor distinction between urgency and priority. (b) Distractibility. (c) Forgetfulness. d) Lumping. Author: T.