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Intelligence Squared - the world of debate

Intelligence Squared - the world of debate
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Northern Lights | New Business Support Incubation Access to managed office work space and a programme of business support, workshops and networking events. Action Learning An opportunity to talk to those around you who either have, or still are going through and facing the same issues as yourself. Networking This FREE event comprises a Special Guest Speaker and the opportunity for informal networking over a complimentary buffet. Workshops Northern Lights run a series of regular workshops that cover the key topics for preparing and starting in business. Advice Clinic Mentoring and advice service that encompasses the core essentials for strategy and becoming self-employed. Mentoring Mentoring can be described as 'light touch' guidance from our experienced professionals where the objective is to encourage the client.

The Science Network Khan Academy Edu 2.0 School of Sound's International Symposium line-up revealed Event will offer a series of sessions covering film, games, documentary, installation, radio and composition disciplines. School of Sound has announced its masterclass schedule for the 2015 International Symposium event at London's Southbank Centre from 8 - 11 April. The event promises to encourage a cross-disciplinary approach to using sound in the arts and media through a series of seminars, workshops and performances hosted by skilled figures in the pro-audio and media industries. The wide range of topics cover the film, games, documentary sound, dance, installation, folk sound, listening, theatre and opera, radio and composition disciplines. Renowned foley artist Nicolas Becker (Gravity, Wuthering Heights) will present a session at 1:30pm on the Wednesday (8 April) describing his techniques and methods while reflecting on how he uses complex technology to realise his artistic vision. All sessions will take place in the Purcell Room at Southbank Centre.

Mozilla Firefox Start Page Slashdot Measuring Creativity | Explore how creativity is measured Learn how experts are measuring creativity ... Rarely do we ever see the terms “measuring” and “creativity” in the same sentence, let alone placed snuggly together causing the reader’s mind to do a double flip over the meaning. Some might even consider “measuring creativity” an oxymoron. When staring at a colorful abstract painting, dancing, watching a movie, or losing ourselves in a book, our minds do not travel to statistical indices or cold, complex calculations. We simply get lost in the aesthetics of the artwork. We might, however, question how composers, writers, directors, or painters think in such a way as to produce such original and novel pieces of work. Yet if examined more closely, we might ask how exactly, and by what standards, do experts and the public rate – or measure – novelty or originality? For a group of psychologists who study creativity, measuring creativity – or determining how to accurately measure originality and novelty – is precisely their passion. TTCT-Verbal.

Perfection in a portfolio; a web design showcase Web design is a subtle science that is lost to most who are not in the field. The amount of choices that go into building the perfect presentation for the content the client has to offer are so vast, that often the best way to demonstrate the full scope of this spectrum is to showcase a particular type of focused site. Through the multitude of examples one can begin to see how thematically similar yet still so different and complex these designs are. Today, we intend to do just that. By showcasing a handful of portfolio websites, we can see how the depth of design choices and techniques can really separate these examples all built to showcase the work of an artist or designer. Oven Bits Oven Bits is the home and portfolio of the creative web and mobile design agency of the same name. Robbie Leonardi Bec Winnel Bec Winnel‘s portfolio is breathtakingly subtle in its presentation. Kris Kuksi Jeremi Chenier Dimitris Theocharis Alex Rodriguez Charlotte Tang Nicolas Tarier My Poor Brain Malet & Co.

Documentary — RT Programs Beginning the year 2008, each April 2, the world community observes Autism Awareness Day. Join RT to see what it takes to live with autism in Russia. Hear real stories of those struggling with the disease right now. ... April 12, 2014 06:26 RT's documentaries give a varied and unique view on different aspects of life worldwide. Seven RT correspondents. April 09, 2014 10:30 The heroic work of students at the NWU of Chicago, to free Marcus Wiggins, an innocent man convicted and imprisoned. April 07, 2014 09:30 People can be so afraid that they’re even willing to kill. April 04, 2014 16:08 Ice fishing is supposed to be one of the most relaxing Russian winter pastimes- peace, solitude and a chance to commune with nature. April 02, 2014 16:30 Terra Blight traces the life cycle of computers from creation to disposal and juxtaposes the disparate worlds that have computers as their center. April 01, 2014 08:30 In Europe, the fair trade business is booming. March 27, 2014 13:53 March 24, 2014 09:30

How to Estimate your Hourly Rate (Part One) | Wolfcrow …a man of action will always find employment – Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe So you decided to get up on your horse and point your lance in the right direction, eh? I bet the second most troubling question you have is: “How much should I charge?” (The first is: “Where do I find clients?”)Here’s the truth: You could be a freelancer or a business owner with multiple employees – either way this problem will remain a challenging one no matter what level you reach. where:Monthly payment is the monthly deposit you’re making.

Building a Great Web Design Portfolio – 10 Best Tips & 40 Examples To a prospective client, you as a designer are often perceived only to be good as your portfolio. They’re checking you out for the first time, and if you don’t impress them enough, you just won’t get their work. And if you don’t get work, you don’t get paid. And if you don’t get paid, then you… aw, you get it. The point is, having a great web design portfolio can greatly increase your chances of gaining more work and earning more money. What it ultimately comes down to is quickly answering the question “why?” Have a Clear Logo and Tagline Let’s cover the basics first. The unique logo from the portfolio of Inal Djafar. Make the logo representative of your design style and personality, and make the tagline short and descriptive of the value you can give to a potential client. The tagline from the portfolio of Mike Etheridge. Make Your Portfolio Easy to Navigate This is pretty forehead-slapping common sense. The simple navigation from the portfolio of Robin Man. Make it Easy to Contact You

The 3 Clicks Rule I recently worked with a client that was very concerned about the “3 clicks rule”. You’ve likely heard of this before: the idea that a user is only willing to click three times before abandoning a site if they don’t see the item they are after. This thinking becomes troublesome when designing complex sites for clients like libraries, large organizations (universities, hospitals) or e-commerce. The idea of needing to reach everything immediately makes clients nervous about answering to everyone’s needs (put it on the on the homepage!). It can lead to suggestions of loading everything into a structure that cannot accommodate growth over time or that creates an overwhelming experience for users. Before I go further, I’d like to temper concerns with reaching content swiftly and easily by saying that floating valuable information to the homepage and knowing what is important for users to find quickly is always a win. Never fear.