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Openrunner - Planificateur de parcours de randonnée multi-activités - Calcul d'itinéraire - Calcul du dénivelé cumulé - Profil altimétr Export et Import Traces GPS

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Tarp Tutorial Tarp Tutorial Below are some great tarp set-up diagrams and FAQ by DPM. DD Hammocks asked permission from Roger Caffin to add his diagrams and FAQ to our website. We're very grateful to Roger. Garmin GPSMap 60CSx FAQ: Common Hardware Issues 1. Common Hardware Issues 1. The spring clip inside my battery compartment broke.2. When Sunlight Hits this Mosque, It is Just Breathtaking - News - 25 August 2015 Laika Swinkels The Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Iran, also known as the ‘pink Mosque’, is one of the most colorful on earth. The entire building is flooded with color when sunlight hits in. The use of stained glass, which is not common, creates this color spectacle.

Generate a panorama Restriction of maximum width to 14400 Pixel (= horizontal extension 360° with zoom factor 2) 14.05.2011 - In recent days, the requests have increased massively to this application. As a consequence, sometimes there result long times of waiting for the panoramas to appear. Very broad panoramas bind disproportionate resources. Therefore I have restricted the maximum width of the full panoramas to allow the fairest possible sharing of the limited resources. Best 60CSX Tips—Top Tricks for Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX—Top Ten GPS Resources You can download this Garmin 60CSX GPS Best Tricks guide as a free ebook! Choose your format: MOBI (Kindle, Mobipocket)EPUB (iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony…) Current version: 0.9. This is a guide to save you time on the 60CSX. Before we get to the good stuff, I'd like to point out that in a perfect world you would not be reading this.

31 Places Everyone Should See Before They Die Do you feel like making the most of your life? If the answer is Yes, then you should probably see every place on this list a Reddit user compiled. It contains almost every awesome place worth seeing around the globe. It might take you a few years to hit every one, but it'll be worth it (even if your bank account doesn't agree). 1. CAMP Stalker Universal Crampons Camp Stalker Universal Crampons on a Soft Soled Garmont GTX Insulated Winter Boot The CAMP Stalker Universal Crampon is the most popular crampon that CAMP sells. It’s compatible with all boot types, including regular hiking boots, soft-soled winter boots, and rigid mountaineering boots, making it a good investment if you want to use it with a variety of different winter boot systems. Made with chromoly steel, the Stalker Universal Crampon is optimal for hiking on glaciers, packed and icy trails, and low angle ice, providing excellent durability over mixed ice and rock routes.

Breaking Up A Garmin gmapsupp.img Map File Into Separate Map Tiles Yesterday’s post was about CloudMade, a website where you can download Garmin map files based on OpenStreetMap data for any country in the world that has OSM data. But all the map tiles for a country or state are combined into a single gmapsupp.img file, which means you can’t install the tiles into Garmin’s MapSource program. Because of this limitation, you can’t combine them with other mapsets and upload them to your Garmin GPS using MapSource. But there’s a simple way to break that gmapsupp.img file into the component subtiles, which can then be installed into MapSource, and uploaded with other mapsets.

The Postman who built a Palace made of Pebbles This is the story of a French postman who spent thirty years of his life building his dream home– a palace made of pebbles and stones he found along his postal route…. Ferdinand Cheval allegedly first began building his “Palais Ideale” in 1879 when he tripped over an unusual stone. Inspired by its shape, he began collecting more small stones each day. At first he would carry home the pebbles he found on his mail rounds in his pockets, but as he began collecting more, he started carrying them home in baskets, and eventually a wheelbarrow.

GPS-tools CleanEject When you connect USB-disks, camera's, GPS devices and similar to the Mac several invisible files and folders will be generated; when putting files on it several more invisible files will be created. When you delete files, they are moved to the folder .Trashes still taking up disk space; to get rid of them you need to empty the Trashcan. OpenCaching Get a Device GPSMAP 64 comes preloaded with the coordinates of more than 250,000 geocaches so it’s ready to start searching right out of the box. Garmin also offers a variety of lightweight, rugged, waterproof GPS handhelds perfect for geocaching.

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