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Why Bad Telemarketing is the Real Problem

Why Bad Telemarketing is the Real Problem
Telemarketing, especially in the B2B industry, has gotten a bad rap nowadays. For one, many people have mentioned having a bad experience or two with a telemarketer. Indeed, people have their own opinions about the practice of cold-calling, but generally, everyone seems to have this idea that telemarketing is something to be avoided like the plague, or worn out literary clichés. Anyway, it is still important to note that telemarketing is a staple in every B2B enterprise’s attempts to generate high-quality leads. It is just that not a lot of people have a favorable view towards telemarketing, and for reasons that are too obvious right from the get-go. One reason is that telemarketers have become too persistent that they would often engage a lead during the most unlikely hours. What most people, particularly executives, know is that telemarketing remains to be a force to reckon with. So, now, why all the bad rap? Basically, we should begin by asking ourselves “What is telemarketing for?”

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4 Effective Ways to Increase Telemarketing Efficiency Much of the allure of telemarketing lies in its ability to nurture prospects. But the problem many B2B executives have with it involves using the best approaches that secure a high number of conversions and promise a good increase in revenue. Here are four essentials in successful telemarketing that are worth a gander, from Get Buy-In for Telemarketing Sample Telemarketing Scripts for MEDICAL Download our free ebook: Here’s what’s in store for you this month! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! Weeding Out Junk Leads with Predictive Lead Scoring Guide [FREE EBOOK] Download our free ebook: If you’re having a hard time figuring out which among the thousands of leads in your pipeline should be passed to sales and which ones should be nurtured further, then predictive lead scoring may just be the right tool for the job. This eBook is a primer on predictive lead scoring.

B2B Leads : The Marketing Way: Telemarketing for Financial Services: A B2B Lead Generation Guide for Managers Financial institutions that offer lending and banking services need tools and equipment to facilitate their operations. Luckily for them, there are B2B companies that provide such materials. They however confront their own set of dilemmas, one of which is marketing their offers. Sample Telemarketing Scripts for BUSINESS CONSULTING Here’s what’s in store for you this September! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! Scripts are used as guide for telemarketers to deliver the right message to their prospects.

Tips to a Terrific Trade Show Trade shows have recently become the most important outbound marketing strategies for B2B companies and for a good reason. In an article posted on TSNN, around 81% of trade show participants have buyer authority, which roughly translates to 4 customers out of every 5 attendees. Because of that, it’s no wonder that 99% of B2B marketers find great value in them not only in terms of acquiring high quality B2B leads, but also in brand awareness and relationship-building with existing and potential clients. Methods That are Runaway Winners in Generating Telecom Sales Leads Cellular phones selling like pancakes. Internet services dominating the market. Telephone subscriptions that skyrocket sales. These are just few of the mouth-watering scenarios that telecom companies daydream. It is a natural feeling to crave success and growth in doing business. This is after all the purpose why offices breathe and people burn the midnight oil.

Pre-event Marketing: Boost Event Turnout Through Outreach In the B2B market where change is constant, businesses continue to search for new opportunities to grow. Suppliers and clients alike are on the lookout for new collaborations, new markets, and sales growth opportunities. Digital marketing practices have unlocked new opportunities for brands to reach more people by using targeted strategies. Yet, face-to-face interactions remain valuable for any business. Event tech company Bizzabo recently published data valuable to event marketers. Based on their survey of C-Suite executives, 91% of overperforming businesses value the importance of live events as a marketing channel.