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Born to Learn ~ You are Born to Learn 50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine Being a web designer is not easy. Not only do we need to have a good understanding about visual design, typography, information architecture, psychology and a plethora of other disciplines; in our work, we need to take care of so many details, so that our job becomes more and more time-consuming, requiring dozens of tools, attention span and an effective workflow for beautiful, timely and functional results. And this is where small time-savers become handy. You may want to subcribe to Smashing Magazine’s E-Mail Newsletter1 (32,600 subscribers) to keep updated about new useful tools, techniques and resources. Time-Savers For Web Designers Link LaunchList2This tool helps you review important items before the big launch. Pencil Project: Sketching and Prototyping with Firefox6Pencil is an open source GUI prototyping tool. Zootool8Zootool is a bookmarking website and tool for collecting images, documents, links and videos from anywhere on the Web. try ruby! Further useful tools Link

Technology in the Classroom | Technology Integration Ideas that Work Technology has become integrated in the classroom in so many ways, that we often don't even think about how we are using it. The Education World Tech Team offers lessons and activities to help educators make better use of technology tools for instruction, and to help students improve their technology skills within the context of the regular curriculum. Included: Integration activities that utilize the Web, PowerPoint, Excel, digital photography, SMART Boards, and more. In more and more schools today, technology is recognized as an instructional tool, not as a subject of instruction. "Using technology in the classroom is becoming easier for teachers," instructional technology consultant Jamye Swinford told Education World. Probably the technology tool used most often for student projects is the World Wide Web. "The Internet has many sites that easily lend themselves to classroom integration," Swinford pointed out. "Refdesk also has links to newspapers, listed by state and country.

25+ Useful Infographics for Web Designers Infographics can be a great way to quickly reference information. Instead of pouring over figures and long reports to decipher data, an infographic can immediately make apparent exactly what a dataset actually means. Below are more than 25 infographics that can be useful to web designers. Some are incredibly practical, some provide information that might be of interest to designers and some just present data that might be interesting to those who design websites all day. If you know of any good ones that we may have missed, please add them in the comments section below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Online Projects Are for Everyone Are you tired of locating the "perfect" Internet activity, only to find it full of dead links and confusing directions? Are you bored with P owerPoint? As you head back to school this fall, it's likely that you face a strong administrative mandate to more fully integrate technology into your curriculum. For many teachers, however, using technology also presents a significant challenge. To help you solve those problems and meet that challenge, to simply get you started as quickly and easily as possible, we asked the Education World Tech Team members to share with you some of their favorite tried-and-true technology integration activities. "One of the more exciting aspects of my job is seeing teachers take hold of technology and incorporate it into their own classroom needs," Lydia Patrick told Education World. At Race to Space, students click the sun, moon, planet, or the star above the moon to go to simple fact pages about those celestial bodies. Lesson 1: (Art) Drawing using Kid Pix.

13 Really Useful Online CSS Tools to Streamline Development CSS is nearly used on every modern website design. However, having to write and structure CSS code from scratch every time you have a project is extremely time consuming. Below, we present you with 13 amazingly useful CSS tools for hacking on writing time consuming code. CSS Cheat Sheets As simple tool as this may seem, the CSS Cheat Sheet can be very useful. Telerik Visual Style Builder Telerik Visual Style Builder is an online CSS customization tool that allows you to easily, point-and-click customization of skins for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. This tool is ideal for ASP.NET developers. CSS Type Set CSS Type Set, a hands-on typography tool which allows the every day designer and developer fully test and learn how to style Web content. CSS Frame Generator This tools lets you input your XHTML code in a box displayed on the front page, the code will be sent back to them and they will return your code with a corresponding CSS frame. Grid Designer MoreCSS YAML Builder Drawter Deploy JS Bin

VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits & Demanding Joy - StumbleUpon As a structural thinker, I love to make lists. Getting everything out of my head and down on paper in an orderly fashion puts me at ease. Rather than grocery lists and to-do lists, try some of these. They’re sort of an inventory of your life and all the good things in it. If your brain is more creative, your lists can be graphical or in the form of a mind map – whatever speaks to you. List as many as you can: People who have influenced or inspired you Things you are grateful for Places you have been Places you want to go Books you’ve read Your favorite things – what brings you joy? Tags: Gratitude , Happiness , lists