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All-in-one audio/video editing, as easy as a doc. - Remove objects, people, text and defects from any picture for free AI Text to Voice & Text to Speech Free Software - optimize and compress JPEG photos and PNG images Photopea | Online Photo Editor Draw Freely | Inkscape Automating Video Editing | Kamua Open Camera Open Camera is a completely free Camera app. (Some features may not be available on all devices, as they may depend on hardware or camera features, the Android version, etc.) Website (and links to source code): Note that it's not possible for me to test Open Camera on every Android device out there, so please test before using Open Camera to photo/video your wedding etc :) App icon by Adam Lapinski. Open Camera also uses content under third party licences, see

Elegant Teleprompter Elegant Teleprompter helps people who want to speak fluently in front of cameras. It is an autocue app that is extremely helpful for broadcasters. Can be used in presentations and public speaking. Musicians and singers can use it for reading lyrics. You can also use this application for speed reading. You can also use Elegant Teleprompter in a "Floating Window", which means you can use it simultaneously with any other app on your device. It presents the user with a scrolling text that can be created from mobile or imported from the drive. Features: To get extra features and remove ads, you can buy the pro version: Please note that only .txt files are supported.

Live Transcribe & Notification Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications makes everyday conversations and surrounding sounds more accessible among people who are deaf and hard of hearing, using just your Android phone. On most phones, you can directly access Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications with these steps:1. Open your device's Settings app.2. Tap Accessibility, then tap Live Transcribe, or Sound Notifications, depending on which app you’d like to start.3. Use the Accessibility button, gesture or quick setting ( to start Live Transcribe or Sound Notifications. Sound Notifications:• Get notified of potential risky situations and personal situations based on sounds happening at home (for example, smoke alarm, siren, baby sounds).• Get notifications with a flashing light or vibration to your mobile device or wearable.• Timeline view lets you go back in history (currently limited to 12 hours) to see what was happening around you.