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Google Forms Today's tutorial is on the use of Google forms. By the end of this guide you will be able to : Create a Google form with different questionsCustomize your Google Forms using a plethora of templatesShare your Google forms Embed your Forms in your Blog or websiteStep 1 Head over to your Google Docs and click on Create then on Form Step 2 Give your form a title and a description Step 3 Choose a background for your form to make it look cute. Step 4 Now you start filling up you form. and then choose which type of questions you want to use. Here is how each form looks like. Multiple choice questions Grid Scale Choose from a list Check-boxes Paragraph text Or just text Step 5 Click on " Add Other " to add the option other to your questions. Step 6 If you want to add page break to your form so that students answer a set of questions on one page and then click on continue to answer the others here is how to do it : Click on " add items " located at the bottom of the page and add the forms you want .

Literacy Printables Flash Card PrinterFast creation of flash cards and game cards from word lists. WordsearchCreate word searches. 100s of word lists available. Picture CardsCreate word and picture cards for literacy and other activities Picture BingoCreate bingo (lotto) games using word lists and pictures Letter MashCreate scanning activities with text, keyboard symbols and dingbats Word ScramblerCreates anagram worksheets from word lists Handwriting 3Super fast handwriting practice text creation Word BingoGenerate bingo cards from word lists Handwriting 1Print tracing sheets to support pre-writing activities. Letter FansCustomise and print literacy fans for word building Brainstorming and Voting -Tricider Find the best solution by involving your friends, colleagues or clients. A feedback session with customers or the decision on the new logo. tricider is the easiest way, to gather all opinions and ideas. It´s brainstorming and voting, all in one and online! Even hard decisions can be easy with tricider. Free and no registration. Save time - discussing and voting online. tricider is easy to use. Brainstorming without limits Whether you want to collect ideas for best location for the next team event or vote for the new name and logo of your product: tricider provides the right features for any kind of question. That's what others say

How can you make a “good” clicker question GREAT? By: Stephanie Chasteen, University of Colorado Boulder | Category: Higher Education Sometimes we can be lucky enough to have access to a great set of clicker questions (see, for example, the list at But often a good set of questions for our course doesn't exist, or another instructor's questions don't quite fit. Or, often, we'll only have what a textbook suggests for multiple choice exam questions – and the problem with such questions is that they are often simple factual recall questions. Factual recall questions are the most common type of question that you might find yourself stuck with. They are easy to write. So, how do we take a question like that and turn it into a question that sparks discussion, reasoning, and debate? Bloomifying Your Questions "Bloomifying" basically takes a lower-level question and uses some handy verbs to get ideas on how to make it a higher-level question that requires more thought. Here's an example. Here's another example.