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IFTTT: If this, then that - Tasks

IFTTT: If this, then that - Tasks

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Essential Essential or essentials may refer to: General usage[edit] Essentialism, the philosophical view that an entity must have certain characteristics in order to belong to a certain defined group How Contactually Keeps Up With Competitors Using Zapier This following is a guest post by Tony Cappaert. Tony is the Co-Founder at Contactually, a personal assistant that helps you stay connected with your top contacts. He leads up all marketing and business development for Contactually, and was previous a PM on the adCenter team at Microsoft. 5 URL Expanders to Help You Avoid Spammy Links When URL shorteners first came about, spammers used them to disguise malicious links. Now that social networks like Twitter have propelled shortened URLs into widespread use, people are more comfortable clicking through. However, there are still occasions in which you confront possibly dubious links. Rather than debate the pros and cons of clicking (We’re guessing that ZOMG! video is worth turning your PC into a spambot), we recommend bookmarking a URL checker to find out just where that enticing link points you click through.

Insync: A Google Docs-Loving Dropbox Rival If you’re the kind of person who uses Google Docs and Dropbox a lot, perhaps for business, as is becoming increasingly popular, then you will be interested to hear that Asian firm Insync has just announced that its cloud-based sharing platform is available for free. How it works The service provides cloud-based storage for files but it specialises in Google Docs, allows users to easily sync, update and share documents between others. Its user interface is a neat alternative to Google’s own interface which turns your virtual docs into ‘physical’ files that are housed on your PC or Mac, making them infinitely more accessible and easier to view than through the standard Web interface.

The 10 Best Productivity Apps of 2011 This has been a hectic year for nearly everyone I know. Thankfully, technology is one of the best ways to manage an over-active schedule. 2011 has also been a very busy year for app developers, and we’ve seen them churn out productivity apps right and left. But out of all the apps we’ve come across, only 10 shine as the most practical and enjoyable to use, all of which are examples of beautiful design and precise attention to detail. Some of these apps have been growing and improving since 2010, while others are completely brand new this year. Here’s TNW’s list of the 10 best productivity apps of 2011: Evernote

15 productivity tools to play with The web is changing day in and day out at an incredibly fast pace. What I found that matters most to me when using new tools is that the switching cost needs to be as low as possible. The less “lock-in” and learning an app requires, the more likely I am going to be to try it out. So here is a list of tools I have started to mess around with. All the software a geoscientist needs. For free! [Updated 09 July 2014: Previous (2012) version for reference here. Script updated for Ubuntu 14.04 based systems.] All of my research for the past 5 years was done with free software.

Keep your files in sync for free It is not uncommon to have two computers at work, four at home, and a server out on the wide open internet. How to keep all these files in sync? Here are some file synchronization tools that we use, listed in increasing order of complexity. Dropbox Setup: Easy. OS: Windows, Linux, or Mac We use this at Decision Science News, but only for some of our files. New users get 2GB of storage for free (or 2.25 GB if they use this link).

30 SEO Bookmarklets We all work hard at the SEO process - analyzing sites, gathering data, researching potential problems and identifying the solutions. Today's post is on how to work smarter and faster using bookmarklets for SEO. No matter your browser, these plug-and-play links will let you get your job done faster and easier, and look like a pro in front of bosses and clients. The list isn't completely comprehensive, but it covers 95%+ of the SEO data points I retrieve on a monthly basis and a few extras I don't personally use that may be valuable to others. Snagit, screen capture Context is everything. Recording a video lets the person on the other end actually hear your voice. So the next time a webpage, PDF, or video edit is sent to you for feedback, consider dropping the red pen and record a video instead.