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AUTO - SALON - SINGEN / virtual tour - StumbleUpon

AUTO - SALON - SINGEN / virtual tour - StumbleUpon

50 Outstandingly Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers from National Geographic The National Geographic Society has been in existence for 123 years, and for all that time their mission has been “to inspire people to care about the planet”. They have become renowned for their outstanding photography which was previously only available in their monthly magazines. However, with the advent of the internet becoming so widely available to everyone, they are now able to show the photos from their own photographers as well as submitted photographs to a much, much wider audience. With a gallery absolutely bursting with stunning photographs, National Geographic now offer all photos as desktop wallpapers. 50 Desktop Wallpapers

High school fashions, 1969 Fashion, Vintage High school fashions, 1969 i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella? no indeed! 33 Things Every Guy Should Have - Best Guy Products It’s true. Men are simple creatures. It doesn’t take much to make us happy. We enjoy the little things in life. R'ha - A Short Sci-Fi Film That Could Make Hollywood Jealous [VBideo] Steven On January 11, 2013 What if, instead of man versus robots it was an alien life form that was attacked by the robotic life that they had created? This is the premise behind an awesome short science fiction film called R’ha that was directed and animated by 22-year-old Kaleb Lechowski and I gotta tell you Kaleb could teach Hollywood a thing or two. R’ha is definitely one of those short films that should have the big budget boys drooling and bidding like crazy to get their hands on this film and the talented Kaleb.

28 Impressive Tree Pictures Advertisement Trees are part of the nature around us and they all have unique shapes and forms. The older a tree gets the more branches and details it will have. New Car Pricing Look for the Buy with Confidence logo. All vehicles with the logo include the following purchase and ownership benefits - at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Vehicle Pre-Screening All Buy with Confidence vehicles have been pre-screened using CARFAX data to ensure they meet our high program standards. These vehicles have been screened for: No Reported Structural or Frame Damage No Reported Airbag Deployments No Reported Major Title Problems, including Salvage, Junk, Rebuilt, Fire, Flood, Hail or Lemon Titles For more details, see the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. Please note that CARFAX Vehicle History information is based only on information supplied to CARFAX.

LIFE TIME GEAR: 69 CHEVROLET CAMARO x OUTSTANDING GARAGE what a wonderful combination. check for more information the following post on GARAGE JOURNAL: “finishing my garage“. great pics, great story! check also How to Draw a Steering Wheel and Dashboard in Photoshop In this tutorial we will explain how to create a car steering wheel and dashboard in Photoshop using vector shapes, layer styles, and a bit of painting. Let's get started! Tutorial Assets The following asset was used during the production of this tutorial. Skin Texture (skin_6.jpg) from WeGraphics 10 Best Sexual Drinking Games Some of the best sexual drinking games can be done either in an intimate setting with only you and your girlfriend or you can make it a party and have multiple people. The ten most commonly played sexual drinking games are: Nine cans of beer or the floor. In this game you will need about nine cans of beer per person, (NOTE: not everyone will finish this game) a shot glass and a time keeper.

- StumbleUpon The volcano eruption of May 2010 that closed down the airspace of 20 European countries is best known for the inconvenience it unleashed on travelers. But weeks before that it was creating gorgeous vistas for one intrepid photographer. James Appleton had traveled to Iceland in early April and risked his life to capture a rare scene — the Northern Lights and the glowing lava from an Eyjafjallajökull fissure, in the same frame. “They shut the whole mountain down [in mid-April] but I got in before,” says Appleton. BMW R60/2 custom In the car world, you often see “murdered out” vehicles, painted completely black for a sleek and sinister look. You occasionally see it in the motorcycling world—Steve Jones’ Ducati being an example—but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fifty-year-old classic motorcycle given the “murder” look. This traffic-stopping machine, called “Great Escape“, is a 1963 BMW R60/2 customized by Blitz Motorcycles of France. Hugo, Léo and Fred have restored this 594 cc (36 ci), shaft-driven Boxer twin, powdercoated the frame, fork and handlebar in matt black, and then used high-temperature black for the engine. The R60/2 was completely rewired, stripped of its fenders and fitted with 18” Mitas Enduro tires.

[Jaguar] B99 Concept Jaguar has been mulling the idea of taking another stab at the venerable BMW 3 Series after its last attempt, the underwhelming X-Type, failed in spectacular fashion. This is the other stab.The Jagaur B99 concept is a team effort between Jag and Bertone and serves as way for Bertone to celebrate its 99th Anniversary. The new compact Jag’s name is a melding of the company’s first initial and its age – it has nothing to do with biodiesel.Bertone says the concept is a design study in what it calls “dynamic imbalance” between parallel lines and “leaping forms.” It represents not only Bertone’s new direction and a possible answer to the ubiquitous 3 Series, but a big leap in terms of technology. The B99 is powered by an all-new extended-range hybrid drivetrain designed by Bertone to run on two electric motors whose batteries can draw a charge from a small onboard engine.

The Starter's Guide to Brewing Beer Serious about making large batches of beer? Splurge for a propane-powered rig with a three-tiered brew stand. This setup, by Indiana-based Blichmann Engineering, costs about $2000 and features a trio of 20- to 30-gallon pots and gas burners that put out 216,000 Btu per hour. (The high heat quickly boils large amounts of liquid, shaving hours off the brewing process.) More casual or budget brewers can make do with one big pot, heated on a common kitchen stove.

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