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BSI confirms high image quality of LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Jena - The image quality of the tenprint scanner from German biometrics company JENETRIC meets the highest requirements. This is now officially certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As a manufacturer-independent entity the BSI tested and certified the image quality of the LIVETOUCH QUATTRO in accordance with the strict Technical Guideline TR-03121 for biometrics in sovereign applications. This is an important signal for public administrations. A standardized and consistently high image quality is a prerequisite for the sovereign capture and comparison of fingerprints, for example, by registration offices, the police or foreign ministries. Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC, emphasizes: "JENETRIC pursues a clear goal: the highest image quality combined with the simplest operation of fingerprint scanners.

CA Construction Security Company Reviews Benefits Of Construction Security American Protection Group has recently released a new educational resource that focuses on explaining the benefits of having construction site security. The new article is guided by the construction site security experts at APG who have extensive experience providing thorough and trusted security solutions for those in the construction sector. They hope the information in the new blog will help readers who need security services for a construction project get a better understanding of how valuable it is and why to trust in the experts. APG offers readers some valuable information that helps to explain the benefits of construction site security services. In the article, they explain how security guards offer protection, how they can improve project morale, peace of mind, and how they provide overall safety for employees at the site. They also explain how security helps to minimize the chance of accidents and provides risk prevention.

Mozambique Tourist Destinations - MyTravellingDays Mutare 28th of AprilVisa… A very difficult task!!! We woke up in our hotel, in Mutare, we loaded our baggage into the car and started our day. When we asked at the reception desk some information, as far as the visa procedure to Mozambique, they told us that it would be better to do things formally and visit the visa issuing office in the city. Then they tried to explain how we would reach there. Suitable for every climate: Lufft launches new CHM8k cloud height sensor The product innovation Lufft CHM8k complements the ceilometer family of the South German metrology specialist and is suitable for applications in which low-lying measurement ranges in up to eight kilometers are in focus. Application examples are security-related monitoring tasks on airports or in the offshore market, as well as in studies about the particle distribution within the boundary layer (e.g. fine dust and mixing layer height observations). Compared to the already well-established Lufft CHM 15k which has a measurement range of 15 Kilometers and has been successfully used by meteorological services such as the German Weather Service (DWD), the CHM8k has no constraints regarding accuracy, quality or sensitivity. The sensor generates backscatter profiles from the particle dispersion whereby it determines cloud bases, cloud penetration depth and further target figures with an accuracy or resolution of 5 meters. For more information visit:

Northern VA Wholesale Lumber Supplier Lists Uses Of Fire Retardant Plywood Springfield, Virginia (prsync ) January 5, 2021 - Curtis Lumber & Plywood, a Northern VA wholesale lumber supplier, recently released a new educational resource that focuses on explaining the recommended uses for fire retardant plywood. The new article can be found on the company's website. The information is guided by the expert lumber and plywood suppliers at Curtis who understand how to pair any project with the exact materials that fit any client's needs.

Fairfax Digital Marketing Agency Educates On Dental Marketing Services 321 Web Marketing, Fairfax digital marketing agency, recently published a blog highlighting the benefits of using dental marketing services to help dentists grow their patient list and inform potential patients of their services. Dental marketing services can also increase brand recognition and loyalty, visibility, and revenue. Without digital marketing, dental practices may find that they are not growing as steadily as they would like. Rise of Chatbots Gradually Dethrones Mobile Apps in the Post-App Era 13 / January 2018, 1st In SEO Digital marketing is an ever-changing world where creativity, design and functionality improve continually. During these transition phases, the marketers who specialize in Albuquerque SEO come across new toys now and then to play with; some of these toys are fad while others will forever change the ways people communicate and express themselves through social platforms. One such innovation is chatbot, a virtual and augmented reality platform for quick interaction and improved customer service.

NYC Cooling Tower Cleaning Company Discusses Cooling Tower Water Treatment Tower Water recently released a new educational resource that focuses on explaining to readers the process of completing a cooling tower water treatment and cleaning. The article is guided by the NYC cooling tower cleaning experts at Tower Water who have extensive experience helping clients properly maintain their water towers and ensure they are clean and free of harmful debris and bacteria. They hope this new article will help readers understand what goes into a professional tower cleaning service and what separates their services from the rest. Tower Water offers potential clients valuable information relating to how cooling tower maintenance and cleanings are typically conducted. In the article, they explain some of the most important processes involved in cooling tower water cleaning including filtration, ultrafiltration, makeup water intake, ion exchange, water softening, chemical balancing, blowdown treatments, and more.

Almaden Country Day School ASSETS a Phenomenal Success Almaden Country Day School, developing 21st century learners and leaders via a balanced, investigation-led curricula, announced today the tremendous success of its All School Student Exhibition & Talent Show (ASSETS). The two-day event provided students with a platform to share artwork, projects, original 2D and 3D work, perform on-stage and more. This year's ASSETS event continued a two-decade tradition of enabling students to sign up to play music, sing, dance, perform acrobatics, recite poetry, display martial arts skills and much more in a safe and nurturing environment in front of peers, parents and staff.

Advanced Circuits Releases Upgrades To Its Free Pcb Design Software: Pcb Artist® 4.0 Advanced Circuits, North America's third largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, has released version 4.0 of PCB Artist®. The free design software offers many features and functionality found in paid PCB design packages without the price tag. PCB Artist® includes advanced layout capabilities, a library of over 500,000 components, and free technical support. New features include: - Enhanced Powerplane Thermal Controls for full control of connection parameters to plane layers.

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