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What’s A Flipped Classroom?

Flip Your School Three years ago, more than half of the freshman class at Clintondale High School outside Detroit failed English in the fall semester. Failure rates for math, science, and social studies were similarly high. "It's unconscionable to have that going on in your building," says Greg Green, Clintondale's chief administrator. Flipping The Classroom… A Goldmine of Research and Resources To Keep You On Your Feet Greetings from Boston and BLC12 (Alan November’s Building Learning Communities Conference ). If you wish to follow the happenings at BLC12 check out the hashtag #BLC12 on Twitter. Welcome to another post rich in resources on the Flipped Classroom. If you have come here looking for links that will guide you to videos and multimedia to use in a Flipped Classroom you will find that in the second half of this post. Perhaps you have tried a little Flip of your own and want to learn more.

usare per registrare video In this post we will explore how to provide audio feedback for students using a screencast, and look at two tools available for doing this: Jing and BB Flashback Express. In an earlier post we explained how to provide audio feedback to your students by creating an audio file that you upload to Moodle. We later explained how you can also embed shorter audio files in a Word document, that you then upload as a response file for the student. This had the advantage of making it clearer to the student which part of their assignment you were talking about in your audio feedback. One way that you could make it really clear to the student what you are talking about is to show them their work as you comment on it.

Flipped Classes: Dispelling Myths and Sharing What Works At the ISTE 2012 conference this week, Converge magazine caught up with a proponent of the flipped classroom model to talk about what the flipped class is and isn't. Science teacher Brian Bennett has been working on flipping his classroom for three years, first in South Korea and now at William Henry Harrison High School in Evansville, Ind. Keep reading to find out what he has to say. For those who don't know what a flipped classroom is, how would you define it? We did the panel today [Tuesday, June 26], and that was one of the questions. We all gave different answers. The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality Editor's Note: On the heels of our viral posts in over 100 countries about the flipped classroom earlier this year (links below), we asked Jon Bergmann if he could share some of the feedback he was receiving in light of the notable interest about this topic. The timing couldn't have been more perfect since he was about to leave for a conference about you-guessed-it, the flipped class. Here is Part 1 of our three part series The Daily Riff. See Part 2 and 3 links below. - C.J.

» Doceri and the Flipped Classroom: Audio/video screencasting coming this Spring Freedom to Teach The popularity of the Kahn Academy educational video library has moved the concept of the flipped classroom to the forefront of educational technology discussion over the past year. The resulting paradigm shift moves direct learning from the classroom to the student’s computer – outside of class – via videos that cover the basic lesson material. This flipped classroom model frees the instructor to use class time for project-based learning and meaningful interaction about the material. While instructors in higher education as well as the K-12 level are using standard videos made available by Kahn and others, there is an increasing desire among instructors to create their own screencasts – also called vodcasts – for use by their students and shared by other faculty. Incorporating audio/video screencasting into Doceri was a natural progression.

15 Schools Using Flipped Classrooms Right Now Classroom time is then used for answering student questions, helping with homework, and other activities that help students apply what they’ve learned. While there are some obvious drawbacks to this method, more and more teachers are trying it out. Many have found it to be quite successful in improving student grades and comprehension, though many caution it’s not right for every teacher or every classroom. How to Make a Timeline: Discover how to quickly and easily create any kind of timeline Try the following tools to make a timeline The internet is filled with useful web sites, and among them are timeline generators that can help you easily create a timeline. While poking around on the internet I have come up with a list of timeline generators that may help you out in creating a timeline. Web-based timeline generators

Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom Ok, I'll be honest. I get very nervous when I hear education reformists and politicians tout how "incredible" the flipped-classroom model, or how it will "solve" many of the problems of education. It doesn't solve anything. Episode 14 Podcast - "The Flipped Classroom" The State of Tech - Episode 14 - "The Flipped Classroom" Summary: In this episode we talk about the flipped classroom. We define what "flipping" your classroom is and is not, explore how to integrate the concepts behind the flipped classroom model into your curriculum, and how to leverage available technology to appropriately pair the learning activity with the learning environment. Guests also discuss their success stories, tips and tricks, tools, and hurdles they faced when flipping their own classrooms.