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Opérations de paix

Opérations de paix

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CERI Spécialiste des partis et des mouvements sociaux en Amérique latine, Hélène Combes est chargée de recherche au CNRS. Elle a rejoint le CERI en 2011 et a récemment coordonné, avec David Garibay et Camille Goirand, l’ouvrage intitulé Les lieux de la colère : occuper l’espace pour contester, de Madrid à Sanaa paru chez Karthala. - Cet ouvrage s’intéresse à un angle mort dans la sociologie des mouvements sociaux : que signifie « spatialiser l’analyse des mobilisations » ?

Accueil Textes en ligne Rapport Guesnerie Réforme du lycée OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Who we are Where we are Resources Press centre Custom Search Advancing Roma Rights in the Western Balkans Roma continue to face endemic inequalities and discrimination across Europe, and struggle with particular problems in the region despite constituting one of the largest ethnic minority groups. Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs Peter R Neumann, July 2013 Though widely used by academics and policy-makers in the context of the 'war on terror', the concept of radicalization lacks clarity. This article shows that while radicalization is not a myth, its meaning is ambiguous and the major controversies and debates that have sprung from it are linked to the same inherent ambiguity. The principal conceptual fault-line is between notions of radicalization that emphasize extremist beliefs ('cognitive radicalization') and those that focus on extremist behavior ('behavioural radicalization'). This ambiguity explains the differences between definitions of radicalization; it has driven the scholarly debate, which has revolved around the relationship between cognition and behavior; and it provides the backdrop for strikingly different policy approaches - loosely labeled 'European' and 'Anglo-Saxon' - which the article delineates and discusses in depth.

[] Culture générale – Liste de films Culture générale – Liste de films dimanche 3 mai 2015, par Charlotte Grimaldi Voici une liste de films destinée au départ à des lycéens ayant à cœur de se construire une culture cinématographique, notamment en vue du concours de Sc Po. Press Release: OSCE report highlights inadequate and unequal social assistance for vulnerable groups in BiH Press Release | 29.06.2012 The right to social protection is a basic human right specified in core human rights instruments (V.Pribilovic) SARAJEVO, 29 June 2012 – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most vulnerable individuals are not receiving adequate and proportional social protection benefits, according to an OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina report launched today. The report, The Right to Social Protection in BiH, gives a technical overview of the social protection system in BiH, highlighting areas of concern regarding inadequacies and inequalities, particularly from a human rights perspective, and taking into account the international human rights obligations BiH has pledged to respect. The current system is characterized by a dichotomy between privileged categories and non-privileged categories practically creating two parallel systems of benefits, which are being awarded based on beneficiaries’ status rather than on their level of need. The full report can be downloaded at:

The IR Theory Home Page - Renseignement, D?fense, Technologie, Terrorisme, Intelligence ?conomique Economie et Sciences Sociales Ressources en ligne pour l’enseignement des sciences économiques et sociales, proposées par l’APSES. L’APSES vous propose, en partenariat avec VousNousIls, des ressources en ligne pour l’apprentissage des sciences économiques et sociales. Association L’Association des professeurs de SES anime la vie de cette discipline scolaire et en défend les grands principes fondateurs : la pluridisciplinarité, les méthodes pédagogiques actives et la formation du citoyen.