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Phenomenological Reduction, The  There is an experience in which it is possible for us to come to the world with no knowledge or preconceptions in hand; it is the experience of astonishment. The “knowing” we have in this experience stands in stark contrast to the “knowing” we have in our everyday lives, where we come to the world with theory and “knowledge” in hand, our minds already made up before we ever engage the world. However, in the experience of astonishment, our everyday “knowing,” when compared to the “knowing” that we experience in astonishment, is shown up as a pale epistemological imposter and is reduced to mere opinion by comparison. The phenomenological reduction is at once a description and prescription of a technique that allows one to voluntarily sustain the awakening force of astonishment so that conceptual cognition can be carried throughout intentional analysis, thus bringing the “knowing” of astonishment into our everyday experience. Table of Contents

How does React decide to re-render a component? React is known for it’s performance. Because it has a virtual DOM and only updates the real DOM when required it can be much faster than updating the DOM all the time, even to display the same information. However, React’s “smarts” only go so far (at the moment!), and it’s our job to know it’s expectations and limitations so we don’t accidentally hurt performance. One of the aspects we need to be aware of is how React decides when to re-render a component. Not as in “update the DOM render,” but just to call the render method to change the virtual DOM.

Technology Live: Latest Tech News and Gadgets 'The Last Express' PC adventure game is now available for the iPad. The only thing better than finding something new and awesome to play at the App Store is when a classic game you once cherished gets resurrected for the platform. Such is the case with The Last Express, an award-winning story-driven adventure from 1997, created by Jordan Mechner of Prince of Persia fame. The PC adventure game holds up very well 15 years later, now optimized for touch controls on the iPad's 9.7-inch screen but also playable on iPhone and iPod touch. On the brink of The Great War, The Last Express is staged during a turbulent summer of 1914, on a European train ride from Paris to Constantinople. The entire game takes place on the last journey of the Orient Express over three full days and nights, and places you in an immersive, atmospheric adventure filled with good 'ol fashioned mystery and danger.

French technology firms: Gambling on success WHILE much of the world is swathed in gloom, the 48th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which opened to the public on January 6th, is all jollity. Demand for such gadgets adds up to more than $1 trillion a year, according to the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA), which puts on the world’s most important consumer-tech jamboree. More than 3,600 companies are exhibiting in the Nevada city and more than 20,000 new products will be launched. Among the novelties this year is an exceptionally strong French presence. Around 120 firms from France are showing their wares there, fewer than from China, the United States, South Korea or Taiwan, but more than from other European countries such as Germany and Britain. Some are big companies applying new digital technology to essentially old businesses, among them the cosmetics giant L’Oréal, drinks-maker Pernod Ricard and La Poste.

Word Cloud Generator How the Word Cloud Generator Works The layout algorithm for positioning words without overlap is available on GitHub under an open source license as d3-cloud. Note that this is the only the layout algorithm and any code for converting text into words and rendering the final output requires additional development. As word placement can be quite slow for more than a few hundred words, the layout algorithm can be run asynchronously, with a configurable time step size. This makes it possible to animate words as they are placed without stuttering. It is recommended to always use a time step even without animations as it prevents the browser’s event loop from blocking while placing the words. The layout algorithm itself is incredibly simple.

31: Mobile Mandala Flexible Focus is Physical One of the best ways to benefit from the Mandala Chart is to put it to use, engage in it physically. If you step into it, like Alice through the Looking Glass, you will discover that it has many new dimensions to explore. There are four primary ways of doing this: Thinking in React Edit on GitHub React is, in our opinion, the premier way to build big, fast Web apps with JavaScript. It has scaled very well for us at Facebook and Instagram. Tablet Rumors Multiply as iPad Sales Soar It may have taken a long time for the competition to respond to Apple’s iPod and iPhone. Not so with the iPad: All sorts of companies — Google, Sony and Research in Motion, to name a few — are sitting up and taking notice of the iPad, thanks to Apple’s claim that it sold a million of its tablets in less than a month. Since then, rumors of half-a-dozen new tablets have leaked out. Tablets haven’t been this hot since Moses came down from Mount Sinai. But with all the news, there’s a lot of confusion. And, so far, none of the tablets are available for purchase, and most haven’t even been officially announced.

Paris Region attracts an ever-growing number of investors Today, Paris Region Entreprises publishes its 2014 report on foreign direct investment in Paris Region. The Monitoring Unit presents an annual overview of the international businesses that are setting up or expanding their activities in Paris Region. Whereas Western Europe saw a 15% fall in foreign direct investment between 2013 and 2014, the attractiveness of Paris Region increased by 32%: 2014 saw the realisation of 368 foreign direct investment projects, as against 279 in 2013. After a period of very clear growth in 2013, “Paris Region’s attractiveness continues to increase. The improvements to the infrastructure makes it the preferred destination for foreign investment in the Eurozone”, states Robert Lion, Chairman of Paris Region Entreprises.

Irena Sendler Highlights from personal life[edit] Irena Sendler was born as Irena Krzyżanowska on 15 February 1910 in Warsaw to Dr. Stanisław Krzyżanowski, a physician, and his wife, Janina. Her father died in February 1917 from typhus contracted while treating patients whom his colleagues refused to treat in fear of contracting the disease, among them many Jews. Functional Programming in Javascript This is an interactive learning course with exercises you fill out right in the browser. If you just want to browse the content click the button below: This is a series of interactive exercises for learning Microsoft's Reactive Extensions (Rx) Library for Javascript. So why is the title "Functional Programming in Javascript"? Well it turns out that the key to learning Rx is training yourself to use functional programming to manipulate collections. Functional programming provides developers with the tools to abstract common collection operations into reusable, composable building blocks.

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