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Simplify your life

Simplify your life
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The Minimalists Coeur pur swissmiss Declutter Diva Money Is Not Important Book Review: Call of the American Wild by Guy Grieve I love a story about someone that gets fed up with their current situation in life and makes a point to do something drastic to change it. That’s exactly what Guy Grieve decided to do when he found himself drowning in debt and stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill him. What followed was a a decision to move to Alaska for a year and survive in the wilderness by building himself a cabin. The reason I wanted to share this book in particular with you is that there are several great lessons about how to make a change in your life.

5 Strategies for Decluttering a Small Space It is a lot harder to keep an apartment or small house organized and tidy — but it is critical that you do so. It only takes one pile of papers and one box to overwhelm a smaller space. What to do? We asked organizing and de-cluttering guru Nicole Anzia of Neatnik in Washington DC what her top five strategies are for harnessing chaos in smaller homes and apartments. Here's what she said… The Top Five Strategies for Decluttering a Small Space: Embrace Storage Containers: People often think, "My apartment or home is so small, I can't fit a filing cabinet, bookshelves or a desk," but if you don't buy the appropriate storage products, things pile up quickly in a small space. Furniture As Storage: Is there an ottoman you could also use to store blankets? Think Vertical: In small homes it is very important to maximize all of the space. Get Rid of Things: Chances are you don't need most of the papers that you're keeping — shred them. (Image: Small Cool 2010: Whitney's Well-Organized Home)

FICHE – GASPILLAGE ALIMENTAIRE « Ecofrugal Project : Dépenser moins | Vivre mieux | Agir maintenant 9 % du contenu des poubelles des Français contiennent des produits alimentaires non déballés. Vous trouvez cela choquant mais les vôtres sont-elles vraiment différentes ? Vous n’êtes pas du genre à gaspiller et pourtant, chaque année, chaque foyer jette entre 500 € et 600 € de denrées alimentaires à la poubelle (selon une étude publiée par le ministère de l’Agriculture et de la pêche en 2009). Coûteux pour la société, puisqu’il augmente le volume des déchets traités, le gaspillage alimentaire a aussi un impact réel sur l’environnement. En prélevant et transformant des ressources plus que de nécessaire, nous accélérons l’érosion des sols, nous puisons dans les réserves d’eau, les réserves halieutiques… sachant que l’alimentation représente 30 % de l’impact écologique global d’un Occidental, le reste de son impact provient du transport, du logement, de ses loisirs… Le gaspillage alimentaire est aussi un problème moral. Pourquoi un tel gâchis ? Pourquoi autant de pertes ? A l’étranger A voir :

Pondly A Guy Named Dave i'm a 1 251 170 107 126 124 140 91 212 194 376 209 267 176 318 198 143 200 105 438 144 214 63 78 177 74 131 171 75 173 100 150 96 71 202 100 160 195 146 90 100 85 67 251 125 99 94 112 76 75 146 50 73 60 212 210 61 96 167 149 100 96 99 199 76 125 90 203 99 139 56 142 98 215 95 85 35 35 339 210 126 111 228 76 134 86 89 461 95 74 42 72 66 53 86 86 52 80 48 Incredible Clutter Transformations In the beginning of January, Leo Babauta and I challenged you to dump 50% of your stuff. More than 2000 people signed up for the Clutterfat Challenge and made a commitment to clear the clutter. Here are 2 remarkable stories of real people donating, selling and trading in their clutter for a better life. Stevie Allen I recently participated in The Clutterfat Challenge, where I agreed to go through all of my “stuff” over a 30 day period and attempt to get rid of what wasn’t needed or wanted anymore. The goal was to dump 50% of my stuff. Pride goeth before the fall. I began this journey according to the directions, downloaded the three page worksheet, and walking into the bathroom to begin counting every object in there. To say I was angry, depressed, overwhelmed, and maybe even a bit furious during the two days it took me to count all the stuff in my house doesn’t quite describe the emotion I felt. The final statistics A breakdown of where my stuff was: Read more from Stevie at

Green Craft ideas One can knit to unwind or focus, to reflect or scheme. One can knit to to create, produce, use ones hands… one can knit to give or to keep. Knitting lets us create an object that carries with it the added value of uniqueness and time. The memories of the knitter, a souvenir of what was going on while the object was being made, a record of our existence. There is a wonderful connection between the knitter, the yarn , the object produced and the person who eventually uses it. We believe knitting is accessible and simple enough for everyone to pick up. We want to teach those who never had the access to the craft and to offer something attractive and challenging to existing knitters. We will design beautiful yet simple objects by adding a modern and unexpected touch to a timeless tradition. Our products will include a range of exquisite quality yarns in fun colours accompanied by beautiful patterns and customisation accessories. Good to see for insperations and wool shopping.

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