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Simplify your life

Simplify your life

Coeur pur swissmiss Money Is Not Important Book Review: Call of the American Wild by Guy Grieve I love a story about someone that gets fed up with their current situation in life and makes a point to do something drastic to change it. That’s exactly what Guy Grieve decided to do when he found himself drowning in debt and stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill him. What followed was a a decision to move to Alaska for a year and survive in the wilderness by building himself a cabin. The reason I wanted to share this book in particular with you is that there are several great lessons about how to make a change in your life.

Minimalist Monday: Fashion and Wardrobe Tips (Plus How to Shop for Clothes during Weight Loss (*Although I started Minimalist Monday to share my journey to minimalism, I don't only want it to be about me and my journey, but yours too! So if you ever have a topic idea, please let me know!) Today's topic is by request! I received this email a few weeks ago: Really loving your minimalist posts — Can you maybe write another post about minimalist fashion? Down-sizing your closet is awesome. Why? But before we were minimalists, Scott and I had so many clothes. I always seemed to be looking for my left shoe. Worse still, I would often stand in front of our closet in my underwear and cry that I had nothing to wear. I wore, at best, 20 to 30% of my wardrobe. But we kept everything. Everything changed when we moved abroad a few years ago. Basically, I had to pack my entire wardrobe into a suitcase and a half. Straightaway, I reached for those clothes I wore the most, but I also had to think about utility. I became a minimalist with my clothes that day, even if I didn't know it.

Clothing Co. C-IN2 is famous for its sexy men's underwear. The product line includes low rise briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs, jock straps, crew neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, tank-tops, t-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, long underwear, and socks. If you know that you're a “grower” or a “shower,” C-IN2 even makes a pouch size to accommodate different sizes and shapes of the male anatomy in the Personal Fit Factor collection. From fashion designer Gregory Sovell, the original creator of 2(x)ist, C-IN2 was born. The purpose was to continue the evolution of the best men’s underwear in the market today. Celebrity photographer Rick Day shot the most recent "Parole" advertising campaign in the heat of Miami for 2012. Look better getting undressed and “C” yourself in C-IN2.

FICHE – GASPILLAGE ALIMENTAIRE « Ecofrugal Project : Dépenser moins | Vivre mieux | Agir maintenant 9 % du contenu des poubelles des Français contiennent des produits alimentaires non déballés. Vous trouvez cela choquant mais les vôtres sont-elles vraiment différentes ? Vous n’êtes pas du genre à gaspiller et pourtant, chaque année, chaque foyer jette entre 500 € et 600 € de denrées alimentaires à la poubelle (selon une étude publiée par le ministère de l’Agriculture et de la pêche en 2009). Coûteux pour la société, puisqu’il augmente le volume des déchets traités, le gaspillage alimentaire a aussi un impact réel sur l’environnement. En prélevant et transformant des ressources plus que de nécessaire, nous accélérons l’érosion des sols, nous puisons dans les réserves d’eau, les réserves halieutiques… sachant que l’alimentation représente 30 % de l’impact écologique global d’un Occidental, le reste de son impact provient du transport, du logement, de ses loisirs… Le gaspillage alimentaire est aussi un problème moral. Pourquoi un tel gâchis ? Pourquoi autant de pertes ? A l’étranger A voir :

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Green Craft ideas One can knit to unwind or focus, to reflect or scheme. One can knit to to create, produce, use ones hands… one can knit to give or to keep. Knitting lets us create an object that carries with it the added value of uniqueness and time. The memories of the knitter, a souvenir of what was going on while the object was being made, a record of our existence. There is a wonderful connection between the knitter, the yarn , the object produced and the person who eventually uses it. We believe knitting is accessible and simple enough for everyone to pick up. We want to teach those who never had the access to the craft and to offer something attractive and challenging to existing knitters. We will design beautiful yet simple objects by adding a modern and unexpected touch to a timeless tradition. Our products will include a range of exquisite quality yarns in fun colours accompanied by beautiful patterns and customisation accessories. Good to see for insperations and wool shopping.

Pondly positively present Le Blog par Annie Et si on mangeait comme à l’âge de pierre ? Avec le régime paléo, il ne s’agit pas du tout du dernier régime mis au point par les nutritionnistes, c’est tout au contraire revenir au mode alimentaire qui correspond à ce que nos ancêtres du paléolithique mangeaient. De nombreuses études ont montré qu’en réalité, depuis la préhistoire, nos gênes n’ont pas évolué, ou si peu : de l’ordre de 0,05 %. Sur 10 000 ans, l’évolution est lente, vraiment lente ! Or, ce sont nos gênes qui déterminent nos besoins nutritionnels, et si ceux ci n’ont pas évolué, par contre l’alimentation, elle, a été largement modifiée depuis l’âge des cavernes, en particulier elle a été bouleversée au néolithique avec la révolution de l’agriculture. C’est quoi l’alimentation paléo ? Les aliments à consommer principalement : poisson, viande, oeuf, légumes, fruits, champignons, noix et graines oléagineuses. Les aliments à éviter : céréales, légumineuses, produits laitiers, sucres et édulcorants. Lire un extrait

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