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11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day. Here are 11 habits you can establish that will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. 1. Drink a Glass of Warm Lemon Water Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is an excellent way to get your body going. You want the water to be warm so that it’s not a shock to your system first thing in the morning. The Rehydration Process When you wake up in the morning you’ve just gone without water for about 8 hours, so it’s important to turn things around and start up the flow of water again. 2. This is priority one because in order to fit in a fantastic morning you’re going to need some extra time compared to your current routine. The Ideal Time to Wake Up Wake up in conjunction with circadian rhythms if possible. 3. Taking time to scrape your tongue is one morning routine you won’t want to give up once you start it. The Right Scraper 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

40 websites that will make you cleverer right now The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages. But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place. – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science. – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. – Blog/site dedicated to all things manly, great for learning life skills and good insights. – Randomly selects an educational video for you to watch. – An educational site that works with universities to get their courses on the Internet, free for you to use. – Interesting articles guaranteed to make you smile and get you thinking. – Find out how the world of fashion really works and what you can do to combat it. – Learn to hack life!

35 Surprisingly Useful Websites You Never Knew You Needed 40 Oscar Wilde Quotes that Will Make You Rethink Everything | Mindzette - Life Hacking A master of wit; An optimistic cynic; A brilliant mind. Oscar Wilde remains one of the most sharp-tongued individuals throughout history, whose audacious statements can still be applied to 21st century day-to-day life. This is a man who, when asked by customs if he had anything to declare after traveling replied, “Nothing but my genius!” Clearly, we have a lot to learn from a man this quick-witted. Be warned: the quotes below, some from his books, may turn your world upside down. He’ll have you questioning you’re entire philosophy on how you gauge right and wrong. “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” “Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.” “As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination.

25 Trendy Web Designs For Your Inspiration In From up North’s popular web design galleries we present a collection of the best web design we’ve come across the last couple of weeks. Modern and beautifully designed websites using the latest techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create the new trends of the online world. Ranging from elegant landing pages for new products and services to more advanced Ecommerce Websites for larger online companies. If like this post and want to see more like this, check out our web design archive with 40 posts like this one or head on over to our popular Pinterest board packed with more great web designs. Lastly, sharing this post with friends, family and co-workers is of course highly appreciated! Enjoy, I hope you like them! Also, if anyone is sitting on more information regarding the creator behind a specific piece, please use the arrow below the image to go the image page.

50 Things Every Man Should Do: The Ultimate Bucket List Here’s a whole bunch of things to add to your to-do list. Whether it’s jumping out of a moving airplane or writing hand-written letters to those who’ve made a major impact on your life, most gents will hopefully get inspired by a few of these… – Start a business at some point, even if it’s just a side gig. – Learn to fly an airplane. – Coach a youth sport. – Own your dream car, pay cash. – Buy a plane ticket on the same day it takes off. – Buy a nice watch, pass it down to your son when he turns 18. – Go to the Super Bowl once. – Go to the World Series once. – Go to the World Cup once. – Learn a martial art. – Visit every continent, Antarctica optional. – Get a suit custom made for you. – Join the mile high club. – Write hand-written notes to those who’ve impacted your life in serious ways. – Improve your diet and fitness, get a 6 pack. – Learn to play an instrument decently well. – Learn the ins-and-outs of wine, actually know what you’re talking about. – Play golf at a legendary course.

10 Psychology Tricks You Can Use To Influence People Before we get started, it’s important to note that none of these methods fall under what we would term the dark arts of influencing people. Anything that might be harmful to someone in any way, especially to their self esteem, is not included here. These are ways to win friends and influence people using psychology without being a jerk or making someone feel bad. Trick: Get someone to do a favor for you—also known as the Benjamin Franklin effect. Legend has it that Benjamin Franklin once wanted to win over a man who didn’t like him. He asked the man to lend him a rare book and when the book was received he thanked him graciously. Scientists decided to test this theory and found that those who were asked by the researcher for a personal favor rated the researcher much more favorably than the other groups did. Trick: Ask for way more than you want at first then scale it back later. This trick is sometimes known as the door in the face approach. Trick: Mirror their behavior.

Traveling To The Third World Is Great And Also It Sucks The thing about visiting the Developing World when you live in the Developed World is that it’s a rich, eye-opening, perspective-building cultural experience and the other thing about it is that it sucks. You know that upsetting person who posts pictures on Facebook of themselves doing some delicious- or beautiful- or wild-looking activity in somewhere like Tanzania or India or Peru? And even though they’re posting for their own purposes as part of a skillful weave of Image Crafting and Jealousy Inducing, it makes you yearn anyway as you sit there in whatever shitty life you’ve chosen for yourself? The thing you need to remember is that they did some careful cropping on the photo—they cropped out the misery. You should still be jealous—just not that jealous. Let’s pause for a moment to examine the distinction between traveling and going on vacation. There are three things you can focus on when you’re on a trip: 1) The Place. 2) The People. 3) Yourself. * Here ** A) But really.

50 Amazing Life Lessons Everyone Needs. These Will Change Your Life. | Viral ... Its easy to lose ourselves in life sometimes. Life isn’t always easy, after all. Bad phases can come and go, or come and stay for a long time. But, we need to go on, and if we do we often come out stronger than we were before. Comments 20 Inspiring Posters with Design Quotes Design exits for as long as humans are on this planet. It is a very creative process and requires exceptional skills, talent and lots of hard work. Today I’ve collected some of the most inspiring design quotes on creating, inventing, polishing and achieving success in design scene. In this collection you will find 20 inspiring posters with intelligent design quotes. Author: Tomas Laurinavicius All posts by Tomas Laurinavicius Adventurous designer and entrepreneur.

Discover a new material: NewspaperWood NewspaperWood // Image Courtesy of Vij5 When we think of wood and paper, we usually see it in this manner; wood=source, paper=result. What if we flipped the model and saw paper as the source and wood as the end product? This was the concept behind Mieke Meijer's project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. To think of paper as the end state of the product was limiting. Being a student, Mieke Meijer seeked the most practical way to re-create this and taking a stack of newspapers, he began glueing them one by one. From A to Z // NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van TiemImage Courtesy of Vij5 From A to Z // NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van Tiem Image Courtesy of Vij5 NewspaperWood was a laborious and time consuming process when it was first conceived. Framed // NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg HanssenImage Courtesy of Vij5 Framed // NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg Hanssen Image Courtesy of Vij5 Display Cabinet // NewspaperWood cabinet by rENsImage Courtesy of Vij5 sources: Vij5