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Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz
•8 abril 2014 • 1 Comentario detalles el pintor y la obra “El Secreto” oleo sobre lino 140 x 180 cm 2014 •21 marzo 2014 • Dejar un comentario Enfoque III oleo sobre lino 140 x 180 cm 2014

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Gorgeous Hyper-Realistic Nude Paintings Mexico-based artist Omar Ortiz stuns us with his new hyper-realistic paintings. Just when we thought they couldn't get any more beautiful, his oil paintings become even more sensual and provocative, giving us a renewed appreciation for the gorgeous female form. Recently, Ortiz gave an interview to Sunrise Artists where he talked about his love of oil on canvas (saying it's "the noblest way of painting") as well as how the Internet has helped shaped his career ("The computer is a global and immediate way of communication, and using a blog to publish/post my work has given me many more advantages than disadvantages. I have been able to open doors around the world, and all of the contacts that I have gotten have been thanks to my work published on the Internet.") My favorite quote was when he was asked about his current series, which we were happy to hear he's not stopping anytime soon. "For now, I am not planning on changing my central theme: Female nude.

sketchbook russia Разноцветными шариковыми ручками в блокнотах английская художница Андреа Джозеф (Andrea Joseph) делает потрясающие воображение наброски. Когда лекция или телефонный разговор начинают навевать тоску, рука каждого из нас непроизвольно тянется к ручке и листку бумаги, начиная вырисовывать замысловатые узоры или геометрические фигуры. Андреа Джозеф возвела это занятие в ранг искусства. Ее единственный инструмент — разноцветные шариковые ручки. В любимом молескине она создает потрясающие детальные иллюстрации-наброски, иногда снабжая их подписями и заметками. Trend: Hyper-reality in art — View on Canadian Art French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, best-known for his concept of hyper-reality, died last week at his home in Paris. Jean Baudrillard. Image: “The very definition of the real becomes: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction.

Artist Silvia Pelissero - watercolor paintings Posted on August 16, 2011 in Illustration If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post Most Realistic Painting Ever Most Realistic Painting Ever – The hyper-realistic paintings left disoriented. It feels like being in front of photographs of banal everyday objects looking better but then you realize being in front of paintings. To me that drawing as a child asylum is inconceivable that the images of this post are out of a brush, yet it is so.

Is there a relationship between our dreams and dimensions? A sort of hyperspatial dreamension Is there a relationship between our dreams and dimensions? A sort of hyperspatial dreamension. External Stimuli : James McCarthy on Deviant Art Themes : Cosmology, Painting Nodes : dreamy, multidimensional, psychedelic, surreal Hyperreal Paintings (55 pics) Pics | 10 Mar, 2010 | Views: 10167 | I would never guess that these pictures are actually paintings.But they are.Unbelievable. Do you like it?

Gabriel Moreno 21 Mind-Blowing Hyperreal Paintings As an outgrowth of photorealism, hyperrealism is a relatively new school of painting that creates the illusion that you're actually looking at a photo. With new technology in cameras and digital equipment, artists have been able to be far more precision-oriented. While photorealist painters tend to imitate photographic images and will consciously omit details, the hyperreal painter is more literal, incorporating photographic limitations such as depth of field, perspective and focus. Because hyperreal art creates a false reality, it requires a high level of skill. I've put together some of the most amazing hyperreal paintings that will make you question whether you're actually looking at a painting or a photograph.

Illustrators, Graphic Illustration Agents, Illustration Advertising Agency, Illustrators Artists - Hyper-Realistic Paintings By Visual Artist, Hilo Chen By Ajani on July 9, 2010 Check out these great hyper-realistic paintings by a Taiwanese visual artist named Hilo Chen (via Vectroave) Very cool. You can check outmore of Chen’s work via these websites:

Realistic Underwater Paintings by Sarah Harvey Most people love taking photos of themselves underwater, but English artist Sarah Harvey isn’t like people. She likes to take things to a whole new level by using photos of herself underwater as reference for her incredibly realistic paintings. Most often than not, Sarah likes to be both the artist and the subject of her artworks. She puts on a bathing suit, jumps in one of London’s oldest pools and goes underwater so her photographer friend can take a series of photos. She takes into consideration the position of the sun every time she prepares for a photo shoot, and tries to include its reflection on the water whenever she can, along with the surrounding darkness to create a contrast that makes the distorted human figure look even more interesting. Once work at the pool is completed, the artist heads for her studio in East London, where she selects the best photos and starts placing them one over the other to create a collage.

The Real Life Paintings of Alexa Meade All of Alexa Meade’s artistic creations look like they’ve just escaped from a famous painting and are trying to fond their place in the real world. One of the best body-painters in the world, Alexa Meade uses acrylic paint to make her subjects look like real-life paintings. I know it’s hard to believe, but these are indeed just photographs, not paintings.