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GV Had the pleasure of shooting with a very talented photographer this week - Gregory Vaughan. Check out our collaboration. More photos on my facebook page - Online Tabata Clock - Workout Timer - Interval Timer If you ever want to use the old tabata clock, it's still available here: Tabata Clock What's a Tabata? The word "tabata" refers to the format of the workout. Men's Health and Fitness Tips and Advice Collections Read More Load More Don't have an Men's Journal account? Sign up here.

Fabodylous Fun at the Nationals Review! So here it is! My side of the story! It was raining heavily. Nonetheless, more than a thousand bodybuilding fans gathered at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. From now onwards, any text in yellow represents words shouted out by the crowd. The event started with the Juniors under-60kg category." Men's Fitness Men's Fitness is a men's magazine published by American Media, Inc and founded in the United States in 1987. The premier issue featured Michael Pare from the television series The Greatest American Hero. The magazine's slogan is "How the Best Man Wins".

Muscular Strength - Articles Working with dumbbells is a great way to bring out imbalances you may have in your body. Incorporating any of these five dumbbell exercises into your current routine is a great way to not only switch up your bicep workout, but to maximize your muscle engagement for more growth and strength. You can also choose to use these five exercises together as a bicep routine. Perform 4 sets of each exercise increasing the weight with each set.

The Nerd Fitness Academy: Men's Fitness 101 Run out of notches on your belt? Tired of being the skinny guy who never sees any results? Excited to get healthy but have no FREAKING clue to where to begin? I’m here for ya. My name is Steve (that’s me to the right), and I’m gonna be the guy that helps you get healthy. Foam Roller Exercises for Your Muscles Are adhesions deep in the longissimus dorsi of your sacrospinalis in need of kneading? Let’s put it another way: Does your butt hurt? Well, a simple closed-cell foam roller could be your cheap ticket away from pain – a solution just as effective as an expensive, full-body massage, and without the lavender-scented oil.

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