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Cocktails Inspired by Evolutionary Stages of Pokémon

Cocktails Inspired by Evolutionary Stages of Pokémon
The sophisticated Pokémon trainer demands a beverage that will meet the needs of his or her discerning palate. The Pokémon cocktails developed by the author(s) of the Drunken Moogle blog do just that, with a series that include three separate drinks inspired by each of the evolutionary stages of various pocket monsters. Each series begins with a shot, moves on to a midsize drink served in a tumbler, and then a highball-sized cocktail. It’s notable that each drink builds on the previous, so the Charmeleon contains the ingredients from the Charizard, and so on. The Charmander series looks particularly interesting, partly because it uses the truly excellent Fireball cinnamon whiskey, but also because you can light them on fire. Read on below to get the recipes for this and other intriguing Pokémon cocktails, but remember: Pokémon masters always drink responsibly. (The Drunken Moogle via Geekologie)

...stumbled upon yesterday was a list of interesting drinks. | So, one of the things I... I told you guys that I'm wasting a lot of time nowadays looking at pretty pictures and interesting ideas on Pinterest.I already have a bunch of different boards for all kinds of stuff - be it food or interior design. But I especially liked the idea of someone making up Harry Potter related drinks. And then I googled the term and came up with a bunch of interesting stuff. WARNING:An Anonymous comment came that you shouldn't ingest anything that has dry ice in it. First off... For one serving you'll need:2 ounces Champagne1 ounce vodka2 ounces white grape juicePurple sugarOptional: Dry IcePour a small amount of grape juice onto a plate and a small amount of purple sugar on a different plate. The Severus Snape: 1.5 oz Cruzan Blackstrap Rum.5 oz falernum.5 oz Fernet Brancadash of lavender bittersCombine all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice. The Goblet of Fire The Lucius Malfoy 1 oz Bourbon4 oz lemonade1 slice lemonAdd ice to glassPour in BourbonTop with lemonadeGarnish with lemon

Hiram Abiff, the True King of Egypt,1554BC The Nag Hammidi Scrolls and The Dead Sea Scrolls are another example of a treasure trove of the writings of the disciples in the 1st century AD. Dismissed by the church as heresy, they reveal a great deal of the 'spiritual' insight of the early Christians. We also have documentation of when rulers like Alexander changed history and tried to preserve everything he found in Egypt instead of trying to destroy it like the Romans did. He found what we now call the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth' . These are a record of the words of the so-called mythical 'wisdom' God of Egypt recorded some time before 10,000 BC. In addition to this, there is a record stating that the Great Pyramid was never meant to be a burial chamber for any pharaoh but current Egyptian Authorities who are Muslim will not concede that the Egyptian culture is far older that any other culture on Earth except one. The emphasis of this site is to explore the origins of Masonry. It Begins with Knowledge: The Legacy of the Templars

The Hidden Records - Historical lost symbol of the Solomon Key parchme (...) Phoenixmasonry, Inc Complete Bible Genealogy - Jesus family tree - Kings of Judah and Israel Juba II & Cleopatra Selene With particular attention to coinage of the time Note: The following began as a simple "Compare two historical figures" report for an HIS100 class, which I based around their coinage. This has gradually been evolving since. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me via the link the the bottom of this page. The Roman late republic period was a time of civil wars, with other countries and kingdoms giving aid to various sides. Juba’s father, King Juba I of Numidia, fought on the side of Pompey during the Roman civil war following the breakup of the First Triumvirate. Interestingly, in the Egyptian portion of this same triumphal parade marched Arsinoë, the sister of Cleopatra VII ("the Great".) At the time it was customary to imprison and execute the captured leaders displayed in the triumphs, with the Arverni ruler Vercingetorix being an example from this same triumph. About 5 years later Augustus gave Juba a wife - the 20-year old Cleopatra Selene.

Jesus Wife papyrus: 'Proof' that Jesus was married declared 'a forgery' and 'unconvincing' by experts Ancient document attracted worldwide attention because of a phrase that says Jesus refers to Mary Magdalene as his wifeExperts criticise its appearance and grammar, with one calling it 'dodgy' By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 17:03 GMT, 19 September 2012 | Updated: 17:20 GMT, 19 September 2012 Historical experts have poured cold water over claims that an ancient papyrus proves Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, describing the fragment as 'suspicious' and 'a forgery'. The antique attracted worldwide attention because of a bombshell phrase written in Egyptian Coptic that says Jesus refers to Magdalene as 'my wife' when speaking to his disciples. The 8cm by 4cm fragment supports an undercurrent in Christian thought that undermines centuries of Church dogma by suggesting the Christian Messiah was not celibate. Scroll down for video 'Fake': A British New Testament scholar has called an ancient papyrus, pictured, suggesting Jesus married Mary Magdalene, is a forgery not [to] me.

The 5 Shadiest Crimes Ever Pulled Off by Famous Corporations Corporations have the worst type of bad reputation: the boring kind. They get accused of the same crimes as the drug dealers and mob bosses in our favorite movies, but their tactics are dry and methodical. When you get to the level of Fortune 500 corporations with recognizable name brands, we tend to assume that everything has been thoroughly vetted by legal, and subsequently wiped for prints just to be safe. There's just too much money at stake to risk getting sued for some minor misstep. Except some of our most recognizable corporations are sitting on more machine gunnings and convoluted criminal conspiracies than you can throw at the last 30 minutes of a Die Hard movie. It turns out that owning a fantastic assortment of golf shirts doesn't preclude you from committing the sort of crimes that even the cool table in the prison cafeteria has to admit are pretty ballsy. #5. Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images #4. #3.

11, 13 and 33: The Illuminati / Freemason Signature 11, 13 and 33 The Illuminati / Freemason Signature by Robert Howard Updated 11/30/2001 In my research regarding the Freemason's, United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure I was constantly running into the number 13 and 33. For a detailed look at the number 11 see Destruction of the Trade Centers: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Government "The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Occultists the world over believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. "Hence every occurrence of the number thirteen, and likewise of every multiple of it, stamps that with which it stands in connection with rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea." Was not the founding of America in REBELLION of England? Occultists Worship Numbers I remember reading somewhere that this wasn't witches at all. Brahms