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Electronic Signature & Online Digital Signatures

Electronic Signature & Online Digital Signatures

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Un flashcode sécurisé permet de faire face aux faux diplômes Le lycée technologique et scientifique Ozanam (Lille) a remis aux bacheliers S et STI2D un diplôme certifié avec un flashcode de dernière génération : 2D-Origin. Ce nouveau produit a été conçu par le Tiers de Confiance en signature électronique Dhimyotis et son partenaire Trust Designer spécialisé en identification mobile. En apparence classique, ce flashcode renferme une version moderne du sceau que l’on apposait jadis sur les documents papier. Il contient une signature électronique à valeur probante. Cette technologie permet à un tiers de vérifier l’authenticité du diplôme.

Amesys - The Enemies of Internet Amesys sold its EAGLE spyware to Libya while Muammar Gaddafi was still in power. It was used to spy on journalists and human rights activists there. As a result, the company is now being sued in France by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) for complicity in torture. The lawsuit is still pending. The company Originally called i2e, Amesys is a French firm specializing in information technology that was founded in 1979. groupe La Poste : qui sommes-nous Créée par la Société Générale en 1970 pour optimiser le traitement de chèques, SG2 s’est ensuite développée sous la marque Experian dans les activités de gestion déléguée des processus métier et moyens de paiements. Extelia est ensuite née le 1er novembre 2008 de la reprise des activités «Externalisation des process clients» du Groupe Experian, par Le Groupe La Poste. Fort de 30 années d’expertises dans la gestion du service courrier et plus globalement dans la logistique documentaire, Dynapost est une filiale historique du Groupe La Poste sur laquelle DOCAPOST s’est appuyée pour développer son activité de gestion documentaire et de gestion déléguée des processus métier sur site client. Par la réunion de ces deux marques Extelia et Dynapost, nous avons voulu répondre à une ambition forte : accélérer le développement de votre business. Eric BÉNOLAUT, Directeur Général de DOCAPOST BPO

1357 Unified Lawful Interception Suite The Alcatel-Lucent 1357 Unified Lawful Interception Suite (ULIS) enables Network Operators (NWO) / Communication Services Providers (CSP) to comply with government regulations... The Alcatel-Lucent 1357 Unified Lawful Interception Suite (ULIS) enables Network Operators (NWO) / Communication Services Providers (CSP) to comply with government regulations for lawful interception of telecommunications and data retention. It offers a complete system for extracting communications of targeted subscribers in real time. It also provides retention capabilities for a specific set of data related to the activity of all subscribers. This product acts as a mediation function between NWO / CSP and the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) / Authorized Organizations (AO).

Security Awareness & Assessment Specialists - VigiTrust: Compliance as a Service VigiTrust specializes in the promotion of security awareness & assessments through the provision of elearning solutions and advisory services for merchants, payment service providers and banks VigiTrust offers a cloud-based eLearning suite of solutions for Security, Compliance and GRC for merchants that help payment service providers and banks achieve and maintain security levels & compliance with legal and industry frameworks. Click on each icon VigiTrust is widely recognized for its expertise in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), ISO 27001 compliance programs and corporate governance. VigiTrust ensures global Fortune 500 customers comply with US Federal regulations, State regulations and European Directives.

Pwn2Own Origins[edit] The first contest was conceived and developed by Dragos Ruiu in response to his frustration with Apple's lack of response to the Month of Apple Bugs and the Month of Kernel Bugs,[2] as well as Apple's television commercials that trivialized the security built into the competing Windows operating system.[3] At the time, there was a widespread belief that, despite these public displays of vulnerabilities in Apple products, OS X was significantly more secure than any other competitors.[4] On March 20, roughly three weeks before CanSecWest that year, Ruiu announced the Pwn2Own contest to security researchers on the DailyDave mailing list.[1] The contest was to include two MacBook Pros that he would leave on the conference floor hooked up to their own wireless access point. Any conference attendee that could connect to this wireless access point and exploit one of the devices would be able to leave the conference with that laptop. There was no monetary reward.

acquiert la société Dictao Morpho acquiert la société Dictao Paris, le 29 août 2014 Morpho (Safran) a finalisé aujourd’hui l’acquisition de Dictao, éditeur logiciel de référence dans le domaine de la sécurité et de la confiance numérique. Basée en France et employant 100 personnes, Dictao propose des solutions innovantes d’authentification forte, de sécurisation des transactions en ligne et d’archivage sécurisé pour les marchés publics et privés à travers le monde.

Vupen Vupen Security was a French information security company founded in 2004 and based in Montpellier with a US branch based in Annapolis, MD. Its specialty is in discovering zero-day vulnerabilities in software from major vendors in order to sell them to law enforcement and intelligence agencies which use them to achieve both defensive and offensive cyber-operations.[1] According to the French registrar of companies,[4] Vupen earned a net profit of 1,089,000 Euros in 2013. Some years ago Vupen was still providing information about vulnerabilities in software for free, but then decided to earn money with its services.

Privacy Policy The last update: February 10, 2010. Our company pays a lot of attention to keep your personal information confidential and secure. Please read the following rules and regulations on how we deal with your personal information. Why we need your personal information We collect your personal information first of all, because it helps us provide a high level of services and, secondly it ensures easy access to our products and services. Nowina To fill in the gap left by the demise of Java Applets to communicate with smartcards, Nowina has developed an innovative, open-source multi-browser multi-platform remote signature tool called NexU. Interview with David Naramski, Partner at Nowina Solutions +What is NexU?

About Us - Code 42 Software, Inc. About Us Founded in 2001, Code42 is comprised of 400+ engineering, sales, marketing, design, and support professionals located throughout the world, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. We're best known for CrashPlan, a system that manages and protects your digital life with easy-to-use software and high-performance hardware storage. Philosophy Leveraging our collective experience, we create extraordinary, elegant solutions for everyday problems. Open eCard: First Open Source eID-Client certified by BSI – BSI TR-03124 certificate for Open eCard App Platform-independent and lightweight Open Source eID-Client Thanks to the constructive cooperation of industrial and academic experts within the Open eCard project, a lightweight and platform-independent Open Source implementation of the “eCard-API-Framework” according to BSI TR-03112 was created, which supports various smart cards for electronic identity, health, signatures and banking from Germany, Austria, Estonia and Belgium for example. Based on this framework a user-friendly eID-Client according to BSI TR-03124 – also known as the “Open eCard App” – was created, which now has been certified by the BSI. Because of the modular architecture based on the international standard ISO/IEC 24727, the Open eCard App can easily be extended and smoothly integrated into modern web applications.

GT Prove eID Client GT Prove eID Client is a conformity test tool to test eID clients for the German electronic ID card. Since 1 November 2010, Germany has issued the new electronic ID card, which contains a contactless chip. The EAC2 protocol standard that is used is a further development of the EAC1 standard, which is already used for e-passports worldwide. New security functions for authentication, identification and digital signature will revolutionise applications in the areas of eGovernment and eCommerce. Error-free functioning and the interoperability of the new electronic ID card and the respective infrastructure are the prerequisites for mass use by the country’s citizens. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has therefore specified technical guidelines for the conformity testing of eID clients, BSI TR-03105 and TR-03124.