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I am passionate about homeschooling and really enjoy my homeschool journey with my girls! Here are my notebook pages, minibooks and lapbook projects, handwriting charts and booklets, organizational tips and ideas … that I would love to share with you. You are welcome to download these pages freely for your own personal use. I humbly ask that you please share the link to my site rather than give the files away. :) MathsSouth African Money I’d love to hear from you ~ if you have enjoyed a download, need advice or just wish to chat to me, please feel free to write on the contact form on my About Me page. Enjoy! Blessings, Like this: Like Loading... Related:  Sites with free printables and downloadsOKG6

My Home Page Free Homeschool Notebooking pages - Homeschool Helper We add free notebooking pages regularly. Please check back, or sign up for our newsletter to learn about all of our new pages. What is Notebooking? Elementary Lined Notebooking Includes free Alphabet, Science, History, and Holiday elementary lined notebooking pages. Famous People Notebooking Includes free American Presidents, Famous Americans & Europeans, Explorers, Missionaries, Inventors, and Scientists. History & Geography Notebooking Includes free World History, American History, Story of the World, Famous Landmarks, Geography, and Pirates notebooking pages. Science Notebooking Includes free chemistry, animals, insects, human anatomy, habitats, weather, seasons, nature and space notebooking pages. Holiday Notebooking Check out our selection of free Holiday Notebooking Pages. All Other Notebooking This hodge-podge page includes free Notebooking Templates, Bible, Literature, Transportation, Music, Art and Sports notebooking pages.

Free Stuff! | Just Us Here are the homeschool materials I create for my children and share with you. I make these for my own children, so they reflect what I want my children to learn…meaning that most of these have Bible elements to them :) Join the Yahoo Group if you want to receive an email from me when I create something new. Most recently created: Modern History Timeline Modern History Art Timeline Minibooks Modern History Music Timeline Minibooks Timeline Decade Pages The Easy Peasy All in One Curriculum — a work in progress — my all free curriculum I am making for my kids and yours Below you can see the list of lapbooks and things I have made. The King Will Make a Way These all go with the book, The King Will Make a Way, an allegorical Christian novel about the last days. Language Arts Lessons (see it HERE) Comprehension and Vocabulary Unit Study Lessons (see it HERE) Bible Lessons for Students (see it HERE) Animal Lapbooks - animals in winter lapbook (Download: Animals in Winter) Country Lapbooks Language Arts Math

My Free Flash Cards | Flashcards for EveryoneMy Free Flash Cards Watercolor Technique By Dmitry Terner First off I would like to finally clear up a question a few of you might have asked or wondered about: is it watercolor or watercolour? Now then, watercolor is a medium that scares and discourages many people, because it is unpredictable, difficult or impossible to correct or change, it leaks, it streaks, and makes the paper buckle. Supplies No one can do wonders without the right tools. Brushes- When you go to pick out your watercolor brushes you are faced with the choice of natural or artificial hair. *note: remember watercolor brushes are the ones with the short handles (just a reminder) A large wash brush- size does not really matter, what you need is a rather cheap large round soft brush to make washes over large areas such as backgrounds. Regular brushes- these depend on the size you want to work, for this technique I would not recommend anything larger than 10x12' so the brushes you need are round sablette #s 8, 6, 2. The basics ! important The process (my way)

ENCHANTED LEARNING HOME PAGE Enchanted Learning Login Hints:Your username and password are case-sensitive. Make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is not on. Be careful to type UPPER- and lower-case letters as needed. Do not type extra spaces or other characters. Your username and password are not necessarily the same that you use for e-mail. They are whatever we have sent you, or what you have changed them to. Not a member yet? You can check out our fun educational content at the Enchanted Learning site for non-members before you become a site member. If you do not receive an answer from us within a few hours, your email is probably not working properly (a typo, a full mailbox, an overactive spam filter, or you're not accepting email from us). Click here for our privacy policy Copyright ©2001 ------ How to cite a web page

Notebooking Nook - Freebies – Organized by Subject/Topic American History Middle Ages & Renaissance Bible Notebooking Pages Ancient History & Bible Notebooking Pages with Activity Pages Science and Nature Studies Language Arts Literature Math Teaching Textbooks Forms Mathematicians are People, Too – Vol. 2 Holidays Scouts Planning School Check-off Chart Notebook Cover Pages Misc. Learn Hebrew with Learn Hebrew with! Welcome to's Hebrew Alphabet Made Easy series. In this video series of twenty lessons, you will learn the Hebrew alphabet, known as Alef-Beit. We will teach you Alef-Beit using simple steps, showing you the correct stroke order, helpful tricks for memorization, and proper usage in common Hebrew words. In this lesson, we'll show you how to write two letters in Hebrew: alef, and beit, and we'll teach you a few words you can write with these letters. For more info, go to: