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Kalinago English

Kalinago English
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Six Things Burcu Akyol's Blog Nik's QuickShout Collablogatorium Ozge Karaoglu's Blog - About apps and web tools, and being a teacher … Nik's Daily English Activities Teacher Reboot Camp Resources – EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 Jan 31 ALL OF ME- COVERA great way to help students understand Down Syndrome and talk about disabilities. Use with the l... Jan 31 American Football VocabSuperbowl weekend! Jan 28 Blue On BlueNice, slow, James Blunt lyric video that would be good for teaching questions, especially, "how l... Jan 26 Eyes OpenA wonderful example of a lyric video and reminds me of the all time classic in this regard "Alway... Jan 24 At The AirportHere are some resources for teaching the language used at the airport. Jan 24 Checking in at an airportA nice example of language used at check in at the airport. Jan 23 Yellow SubmarineHere is a lyric listening fold 'em sheet for this wonderful Beatles song. Jan 19 The WeatherHere are a few powerpoints and a flashcard set to help teach weather terms and discuss the weathe... Jan 19 Living The languagesI highly recommend these series of videos . Jan 18 Mid - January UpdatesIt's that time of the month - time for a few basic updates about our community.

Life Feast English Raven The idea of disintermediation ("cutting out the middle man") in terms of professional qualifications has been slowly but surely gathering steam in a variety of fields. Take a look at a range of Position Descriptions for new jobs these days and phrases along the lines of Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline, or equivalent experience and expertise/skills are becoming more frequent. Private companies (as we might expect) have been quicker to apply this in practice rather than rhetoric compared to educational institutions, mired as most of them are in conservative paper-reliant processes for verifying applicants' skills, but even here we are starting to see change. As university qualifications become more expensive and fail to deliver effective ROI for the people who invest their time and money in them, the idea of cutting them out of the picture partly or wholly is becoming not only more attractive, but more feasible. Branding is still important, however. A. B. 1. 2.

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