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KiSSFLOW – Simple & Easy Workflow-as-a-Service for Google Apps. Cloud. Online. No contracts required. No credit card required for trial & free users. Pay-as-you-go. Product Tour tasks Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate. projects Teacher Tube - Classrooms classroom biologyrocks1985 Views: 1,040 Total Members: 6 Total Videos: 123 Total Photos: 0 classroom sajidshaikh1 Views: 377 Total Members: 6 Total Videos: -5 Total Photos: 3 ShareThis Copy and Paste

Streak – Utilisez Gmail comme CRM Streak – Utilisez Gmail comme CRM Voici une extension pour Chrome plutôt sympathique et totalement gratuite durant sa phase beta, qui vous permettra d'utiliser Gmail comme un CRM pour différents types de gestion, par exemple : L'organisation d'événementsLe support par emailLa gestion des ventesLe suivi du recrutementLe suivi de contratsLe développement produitL'appel de fondsLe suivi d'écriture d'articlesL'organisation de mariageou encore le suivi des bugs ou de fonctionnalités dans vos projets Cet outil s'appelle Streak et crée selon vos besoins, des "pipelines" dans Gmail, sortes de tableaux de bord pour tout ce que j'ai listé plus haut. C'est vraiment bien foutu, pas très compliqué, et même si certains trouveront ça basic, ça conviendra à la plupart des gens. Par contre, reste à voir les tarifs, lorsqu'ils sortiront de la phase beta.

Download Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009 Free - Everything you need to make your small business idea flourish Microsoft Office Accounting Express, the successor of Small Business Accounting, is a business manager oriented towards small companies that have between 1 and 25 employees. Despite Microsoft having discontinued support for the product back in 2009, business owners still rely on it to carry out their accounting tasks. However, it does not support local requirements outside of USA and UK, which narrows down the targeted audience drastically. The product had been distributed with some editions of Office 2007 as well, namely Small Business, Professional and Ultimate, but the restriction regarding the location still remained.

Tine2.0 - Demo Open Source Software Demo Tine 2.0org Have a look. E-Mail Collabtive - Info, Features, Media Collabtive is web-based project management software. The project was started in November 2007. It is open source software and provides an alternative to proprietary tools like Basecamp. Collabtive is written in PHP and JavaScript. Collabtive is intended for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers. We offer commercial services for installation and customization of Collabtive. Best Online Project/Task Management Tool/Software - 14 days of free trial with no limit on the number of users. Up to 10 users free of charge after the trial period. Only $7 per user in bigger teams. No limit for storage and projects. Collabtive: Free Open Source Project Management Tool Home » Office Productivity » Collabtive: Free Open Source Light Weight Project Management Tool Posted by piyush in Office Productivity, Open Source, Software, Windows Before starting off any Project or Assignment, it’s important to formulate a strategy or a plan, which will be followed during the course of project. Also, it needs to be within a pre-decided budget, and must be completed within a specified deadline. Hence, there is a requirement of continuous monitoring of the project by the Project Manager. However, managing such a thing without any software is next to impossible, because of multifarious jobs associated with a project.

Work 2-gether – Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools Work 2-gether Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools Work 2-gether is our new software offering currently under development. It's a Scrum task board based on Kanban and Scrum principles for simple project execution that leverage the fastest learning curves. Designed for one team projects, Work 2-gether is so easy to use even kids and teenagers will love it. Free Accounting Software Logiciel de gestion de projet rapide, facile et efficace ]project-open[ - Open Source Solution for Project Management