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Art Inconnu - Little-known and under-appreciated art.: Biography "Spring Rains" William Victor Higgins (1884-1949) of Shelbyville, Ind., was only 14 when a broken wagon wheel near Taos, N.M., set in motion events that were to change his life. In September 1898, artists Bert G. Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein were traveling by wagon, heading South from northern New Mexico. As Blumenschein told the story, after reaching the top of a steep grade on a miserable road, the wagon slid into a deep rut.

FABRICATE 0.9 Fabricate – Waffle Structure: Type 03 – For existing intersecting surfaces This cluster component takes a perpendicular planar surfaces from Rhino and creates notches for fabrication and assembly. 3.0 Waffle For Intersecting Srf 0.8 Fabricate – Waffle Structure: Type 02 – For a Solid This cluster component takes a solid geometry and divides it in perpendicular directions. The intersections of these sections are then found and then notches are subtracted so that the sections can be joined together. I Love Making Stuff Doodling Away! Sometimes when it rains there is nothing more fun than to get out the art supplies… some material that hasn’t been touched in a while and just play… Call it rainy day fun. labor of love! Sometimes I ask myself… what is the draw. And I don’t mean “sketch”. Why do I feel compelled?

A Home For Media Artists Zhou Fan by okmarzo November 30, 2016 Feast your eyes on mind melting landscapes from Zhou Fan aka Chou Fan. An Artist Visualizes The Terrifying, Dystopian Metropolises Of Tomorrow Hollow Pursuits. Image: Michael Kerbow This article originally appeared on our sister-site, Motherboard, by frequent The Creators Project contributor, DJ Pangburn. We love Motherboard, and DJ loves Hieronymus Bosch (see below). If you've never visualized dystopia, just look around. Visit a mega farm in California, a body of water near an industrial plant, or simply walk around Manhattan and let the rapidly evolving island for the rich, jet-setting class seep into your consciousness.

Interactive Art and Computational Design Final Projects 2012 Carnegie Mellon University Professor of Art Golan Levin, in collaboration with teaching assistants Patrick Gage Kelley and Dan Wilcox, are proud to present a compilation of our students' final projects from our Spring 2012 advanced studio course, Special Topics in Twenty-eight students, hailing from nine academic departments, created personal research investigations into arts-engineering, freestyle computing, and expressive new media. Their projects explored experimental interfaces, information visualization, games, real-time audiovisuals, computationally generated forms, interactive robotics, body-based interactivity, physical computing, and many other topics. Spanning the range from sophomores to doctoral students, and with many different interests across art, design and technology, the only rule was: everybody codes. SketchSynth • Billy Keyes

Garry Winogrand's Touring Exhibition The first retrospective in 25 years of work by artist Garry Winogrand—renowned photographer of New York City and of American life from the 1950s through the early 1980s —will debut at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in spring of 2013. Jointly organized by SFMOMA and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, Garry Winogrand is conceived and guest-curated by the photographer and author Leo Rubinfien, who was among the youngest of Winogrand’s circle of friends in the 1970s. As initiating curator, Rubinfien will work closely on the project with Erin O’Toole, assistant curator of photography at SFMOMA; and Sarah Greenough, senior curator of photographs at the National Gallery of Art. Though widely recognized as one of the preeminent photographers of the 20th century, Winogrand’s work remains largely unexplored and incompletely published. In conjunction with the retrospective, SFMOMA will publish a catalogue with essays by Rubinfien; Sandra S.

Venus In Sequins June 8th, 2011 Venus in Sequins is a wearable artwork collection by The Rodnik Band. Each piece is a couture artwork inspired by famous artists and limited to 5 pieces each. Here are my 3 favorites: Duchamp, Warhol and Van Gogh. Especially the Duchamp dress is … It was about time to give you some sale information about Nicolas Delort's A Woman's Courage, the first screen print of the Geek-Art / French Paper Art Club collaboration ! Here you go : - One color screen print / 2 layers of black. - Size : 45x60 cm (app. 17,7 x 23,6 inches) - 50 euros Weimar Cuno Amiet, Self-portrait, 1899 Charles Angrand, Self-portrait, 1892 Amnon David Ar, Self-Portrait Antonin Artaud, Self-Portrait, 1947 Cinema Flash Showdown EK Summer Art Show 2014 by emptykingdom April 19, 2014 Make your summer plans to visit our beautiful city of San Francisco to join us for our EK Summer Art Show at the one and only 111 Minna Gallery.

Mat Gleason: What Artists Need to Know About Gallerists Staying Current I made the leap from critic to curator, but not from writer to non-writer. My decision to open a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles was as much a case of cabin fever as it was a love of putting art shows together. There is plenty to write about on this adventure through the inner workings of it all. Please join me... Ghost in the Machine by Erika Iris Simmons In this series I recycled donated cassette tapes and film reels, turning them into composite portraits of famous musicians and film stars. I love to think about the data contained on the media, and the idea that a copy of the the music (or movie) is also contained in your own head… Official Web Site

Fresh Pics These incredible PVC pipe sculptures by Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong appear to be perpetually motion blurred, like they might take off and fly away at any moment. Kang’s work is on display at Gallery 4Walls in Seoul through December 23 as part of his solo show, Disguise. Via: thisiscolossal

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