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Welcome to Get That Job! Finding a job can be a complicated and tiring process. Sometimes you just don't know where to start looking, let alone how to persuade a company that you are the best person for the job! This site is full of activities and quizzes to build on your knowledge of career-related vocabulary and offer some tips on things like how to put together a good CV or come across well in an interview. You can work your way through this site step by step, from 'Job Search' to 'Interviews' - just click on 'What's next?' on the right of the page each time you have completed an activity. Happy job hunting!

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Acing the Job Interview Put your best foot forward when talking with potential employers by following these job-interview tips. Text by: Margaret Godoy f you are anything like me, you probably find job interviews stressful. Now add to the mix a second language or different culture, and all the usual pre-interview nerves become amplified. Economic Definitions Political Economy is the study of how people get a living. What, then, is Economics? Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a subtle distinction to be made between them. "Political Economy" is the older term, and it was used by the classical economists.

contract language This worksheet goes over a contract and the language used in a contract. The vocabulary it goes over are words like null and void, on behalf of, hereinafter, heretofore, fulfill, etc. There is also a review of the "ed" pronunciation in regular verbs in past. At the end, there is a small speaking section with questions. Business Collocations lesson + video This is a two-page video worksheet for students doing a Business English course. Before viewing the students are asked to describe the screenshot and comment on the heading in order to predict the issue the video tackles. The teacher can also encourage the students to discuss the Glossary items putting emphasis on phrasal verbs and terms.

CV Tips: this is what a recruiter can see after 30 seconds with your resume I don’t look through stacks of resumes anymore. I hate paper. I do everything online. There has been for many decades, a mysterious Wizard of Oz-type viewpoint of the recruiting world that I think is somewhat misappropriated.

Business meeting vocabulary This worksheet goes over vocabulary used in business meetings such as absent, accomplish, collaborate, deadline, mandatory, etc. It also has some helpful phrases that students may use in their meetings. There is also an example dialogue of a meeting at the end. 8 Handy Phrases to Use When Negotiating Your Salary Every job search, resume writing session and job interview will culminate in an important conversation – a conversation that will impact you, your wallet and your goals for the future. Yes, we are talking about the conversation with your hiring manager about your salary. Whether you’re born with the gift of the gab or an introvert who finds it difficult to get your point across especially to relative strangers, these useful phrases will come in handy for your salary negotiation process. Once you’ve done your research on the industry rate for your job, from online and offline resources, decide on a salary range that you’ll be happy with receiving. What amount would make you walk away because it’s too low for you?

10 conseils pour assurer lors d’un entretien d’embauche en anglais "Anglais courant exigé." Cette mention figure de plus en plus souvent sur les annonces. D'ailleurs, les recruteurs n'hésitent pas à évaluer cette maîtrise au moment des entretiens d'embauche. Un exercice redouté qui se prépare en amont. Conditional Sentences Type I, II und III (Conditional Sentences, If-Clauses) Conditional Sentences are also known as Conditional Clauses or If Clauses. They are used to express that the action in the main clause (without if) can only take place if a certain condition (in the clause with if) is fulfilled. There are three types of Conditional Sentences. Conditional Sentence Type 1

500 of the Top Interview Questions And Answers — CEO Lifestyle I remember when I did my first job interview, I was excited about the opportunity to showcase my talent and work ethic. Instead, I was nervous, slow to answer questions and not charismatic at all. In hindsight, I wish someone gave me a pamphlet of the most common interview questions and answers to help me prepare. Never Say This In A Salary Negotiation How do I prepare for an interview (Quora)