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La WebTV de La Cantine

La WebTV de La Cantine
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Main Page Top ten geek business myths Since I've started my new career as a venture capitalist I have become keenly aware of some of the classic mistakes that geeks make when trying to raise money for a new business. Instead of writing the same comments over and over again I thought I'd try to summarize some of the mistakes that people -- especially smart people -- make when they decide to try to turn their bright ideas into money. Here then is my top-ten list of geek business myths: Myth #1: A brilliant idea will make you rich. Reality: A brilliant idea is neither necessary nor sufficient for a successful business, although all else being equal it can't hurt. Myth #2: If you build it they will come. There is a grain of truth to this myth. But despite the fact that on a technical level FlowNet blew everything else out of the water it was an abysmal failure as a business. Myth #3: Someone will steal your idea if you don't protect it. Myth #4: What you think matters. Myth #5: Financial models are bogus. Good luck.

w3sh : Lifestyle magazine. Design, fashion, gadgets, art, tendances, cultures urbaines, technologies doc/OperationalSecurity Encrypt Storage and Swap Space ¶ Make sure that any sensitive files are stored on an encrypted filesystem and that file permissions are set correctly. With a Tor server, the only sensitive information is the server's private key (located in /usr/local/etc/tor/keys on Unix/Linux platforms; readable only by owner). Additionally, swap space on the machine should be encrypted if your operating system has such an option. On some operating systems, it is possible to have swap space be a file on an encrypted filesystem. Linux 2.6+ kernels On Debian, running at least a 2.6.4 kernel, you can encrypt swap using the ​cryptsetup package. Install cryptsetup: apt-get install cryptsetup Assuming your swap partition is /dev/xvdb, first you need to disable swap and zero out the partition: swapoff /dev/xvdb dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xvdb Add the following to /etc/crypttab: swap /dev/xvdb /dev/random swap Activate the mapping: service cryptdisks restart /dev/mapper/swap none swap defaults 0 0 swapon /dev/xvdb 2.4 kernels

The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial DesktopAuditing | FREE Desktop and Network Security Auditing Resources Marc Nager: Money isn’t the problem! How to start a “Startup Eco All too often I hear people mutter, “It’s just so tough to get funding here,” or “Our startup is doing well, but people just don’t ‘get it’ here,” or “We’re going to have to move to Silicon Valley if we want to ever make it.” Most of the time, they’re wrong. Here is my un-scholarly perspective from my experience after seeing over 400 new startup ventures launched in over 40 cities. Problem = in-action & complaining Solution = action Remember in grade school when someone said, “It’s freezing in here.” Whether you are in Grand Rapids, Michigan or you are in Santa Monica, California, you can find every single ingredient required. Building a “startup ecosystem” isn’t rocket science All too often I see what seems to be a broken, over engineered system for delivering money to individuals and teams that are willing to kill themselves to reach unrealistic goals. Main ingredients: 1. So, what about the money? What can you do if you want to get more involved?

Marketing & Innovation Operating Systems The NSA Information Assurance Directorate collaborates with operating system vendors and the security community to develop consensus-based security guidance. This guidance may be issued by IAD or by the vendor. IAD recommends using the latest version of any operating system, as these implement security features which protect against modern attacks. Apple iOS and OS X Red Hat Enterprise Linux Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Applications The following resources provide security guidance for specific features or applications in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems The following resources provide security guidance for Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

★ De l'OpenData au LinkedData : exemple de, dans django, python, web semantique sur BioloGeek, l'avis d'un freelance passionné par le web et son évolution. Je suis en train d'écrire un framework permettant d'apporter du sens et du lien à des données plates (csv, xls, etc), l'objectif est de les rendre directement exploitables par les utilisateurs et surtout d'en faciliter la publication pour les détenteurs originaux. J'ai choisi d'en tester l'application sur des données répertoriées dans le tout nouveau dont je salue l'initiative citoyenne. L'avantage d'avoir des données réelles est de pouvoir arriver à des analyses marrantes, je me suis donc concentré sur l'Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune par commune 2009 et sur le Taux de Fiscalité Directe Locale par région 2001-2009. La seule manipulation a été de convertir les fichiers xls en csv mais je n'ai pas essayé de nettoyer les données en amont. Modélisation Analysons le premier jeu de données qui nous donne l'ISF pour l'année 2009 en fonction des communes, regroupées par région. Relations Publication Participation

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