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Astrid : Assistante virtuelle gestion de tches

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iPad Note Taking: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide Notes are, by definition, snippets of information— more like a fragment than a whole sentence. Note taking apps, then, are apps designed to help you capture thoughts or ideas quickly and easily, not edit or compose long form documents like your favorite text editor or write daily journal entries. There are a large number of apps that could potentially fall under the umbrella of “note-taking”; however, this AppGuide is for apps devoted to text notes, not text editors (e.g., IAWriter, Pages, or DocumentsToGo), handwriting apps (we covered those in a different AppGuide), or apps designed for use with Dropbox (those were also covered in a separate AppGuide). The remaining apps were evaluated based on their connectivity, speed, organizational options, export options, and reliability.

TodoToday for Checkvist 1.0.0 New Release: TodoToday for Checkvist has just been released to the Android Market TodoToday for Checkvist is available as both a free, ad supported release, and a paid 'Pro' version with additional capability to edit task details. Features include: View list of todo items from CheckvistExpand list items the view notes, with clickable links Optionally view only dated items that are due or overdate Complete list itemsDelete list itemsQuickly add new tasks using keywords for dates. "Call John tomorrow" or "Phone Many on Monday"Edit task name and due date (*Pro version only) Home Screen Widget (*Pro version only) TodoToday is intended to be a minimalist task manager to compliment the Checkvist service, focusing on getting things done by showing tasks that are due and allowing for basic task entry to capture new items.

Top 60 best free iPad apps 2012 On comparing iPad apps with iPhone equivalents, one thing rapidly becomes clear: apps for Apple's tablet are pricier. Many of the best free iPhone apps cost money in their iPad incarnations, and the quality level of what's still free is often ropey. But among the dross lie rare gems – iPad apps that are so good you can't believe they're still free. Of those we unearthed, here is our pick of the best free iPad apps. Note that apps marked 'universal' will run on your iPad and iPhone, optimising themselves accordingly. For a mix of free and paid apps, check out our amazing Best iPad apps chart.

Blog - Сreate web office in the cloud Dear all! Not so long ago we announced Teamlab Personal – free online office suite for individual use. Today we are extremely excited to release our Chrome Store application that enables you to process Google Drive documents via Teamlab Personal. Offprints » Blog Archive » How I’m Using Notational Velocity, Simplenote, and Merlin Mann’s QQ Trick as a Replacement for the GTD Application Things This post does just what its title says, so if terms like GTD, Things, and Notational Velocity mean nothing to you, you may want to move along: there’s nothing to see here but an excruciating display of plain-text nerdiness. But if you are looking for a way to implement the Getting Things Done approach to task-management on your computer without spending much (or any) money, if you are a devoted user of Things by Cultured Code who has begun to toy with alternatives that support cloud synchronization, and/or if you secretly thrill to posts like this one, read on. I started using Things at the same time I was introduced to GTD, in the Spring of 2008. I got hooked on Things when it was still in free beta. When version 1.0 appeared and quickly began winning awards, I gladly shelled out the asking price. Even today, I still think Things is a great program.

50 best free iPad games So you've got an iPad and have come to the dawning realisation that you've got no cash left to buy any games for it. Have no fear, because the App Store offers plenty of iPad gaming goodness for the (unintentional or otherwise) skinflint. Our pick of the 70 best free iPad games is listed below. Note that apps marked "universal" will also work on an iPhone or iPod touch, scaling down controls and graphics accordingly.

Stickies Stickies is a PC utility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of yellow notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes. The design goal behind Stickies is that the program is small and simple. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the registry. Stickies stores information in a single text-based ini file. App Gems: Honorable mentions It isn’t that hard to come up with a list of App Gems winners. The difficult part is keeping that list down to a manageable length. When Macworld editors first meet to discuss our awards for great iOS apps, the number of nominees runs in the triple digits. From there, we whittle down the names to just a handful of winners. The following apps just barely missed the cut—but they still deserve your attention if you’re on the lookout for outstanding apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Apps for Professional Development Twitter App (free) Twitter is one of the most active and beneficial social networks on the web. All educators would be wise to join the conversation. If you haven’t used Twitter yet, I would recommend that you read these excellent blog posts: Google Voice (free) Text and call for free!

30 Examples of Stunning iPad App Interface Design The iPhone ushered in an era of beautiful interface design unlike anything we’d ever seen on a mobile device. This trend is now being revived and pushed further than ever on the iPad’s larger screen and the results are amazing. We’ve combed through the App Store to bring you 30 iPad apps with gorgeous interfaces. Keep in mind that the screenshots rarely do the apps justice and that you really should try a few out for yourself. Flipboard “Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. 10 iPad Apps for Web Curation Curation vs. Aggregation? Curation is such a necessity these days. The overwhelming wave of information we are exposed to is drowning us in facts and opinion.

iPad Apps and Bloom’s Taxonomy   I felt it was worthwhile to update the Top Post (over 25,000 views) on Langwitches: Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads I have added links to each app represented on the visual. Remember: Exhibit memory of previously-learned materials by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers.

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