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BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The World"

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The World"
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Marc Chavannes – Niemand regeert Directeuren van semi-publieke instellingen die ‘marktconform’ beloond worden, de invoering van de OV-chipkaart die gepaard gaat met enorme kosten en een verregaande inbreuk op de privacy, de verkoop van een energieproducent aan een buitenlandse energiereus die het niet zo nauw neemt met milieudoelstellingen: het zijn stuk voor stuk voorbeelden van de afstand die de afgelopen decennia geschapen is tussen de politiek en zaken die de burger meer aangaan dan de aankoop van een rolletje drop. Het is het beeld van een land dat grossiert in toezichtsorganen die (half)vermarkte sectoren zoals openbaar vervoer en gezondheidszorg in de gaten moeten houden, van adviesbureaus en bestuurslagen. Het is het beeld van een land in een staat van permanent zelfonderzoek, waar besluitvorming slechts een stopwoord van zoekende bewindslieden is. Verantwoordelijkheid is er een begrip dat in een kluwen van lijnen is opgeknipt tot oneindig kleine en onherkenbare stukjes.

Is Alessio Rastani a Yes Man? If you look at his blog, his Twitter account, and his interview with Forbes, not to mention his notorious BBC interview, it’s pretty clear that Alessio Rastani is, at least in part, who he says he is. The Yes Men do set up elaborate hoaxes, but they do so with respect to large institutions: they wouldn’t put this much effort into inventing “Alessio Rastani” out of whole cloth. Mostly because there are lots of genuine traders like Alessio Rastani floating around the internet already. They trade their own money, they sometimes win and they sometimes lose, and they aspire to getting famous on the internet and selling their own trading advice. That said, however, the resemblance to “Jude Finisterra” from the Yes Men is startling. Which raises the question: is it possible that Rastani is both a trader and a member of the Yes Men? All of which is entirely consistent with the profile of the kind of people who might join or become the Yes Men.

Pourquoi la fondation Gates finance Total, Coca et McDo Où les bons samaritains placent-ils leur argent ? Chez McDo, BP, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil et même dans une société de prisons privées. C’est ce qu’ont découvert les journalistes du magazine américain Mother Jones en épluchant la déclaration fiscale 2012 (en pdf) de la fondation Bill et Melinda Gates. Officiellement, les 36 milliards de dollars (26,24 milliards d’euros) de cet empire aussi riche que l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) sont censés « lutter contre la faim et l’extrême pauvreté ». Dans le détail, 3 milliards (2,7 milliards d’euros) vont aux géants du fast-food et des boissons gazeuses. Sylvain Lefèvre est chercheur à la chaire de responsabilité sociale et de développement durable de l’université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Terra eco : Pour une fondation qui dit œuvrer pour la santé, investir 2,2 milliards de dollars (1,5 milliard d’euros) dans l’entreprise McDonald’s, c’est normal ? Sylvain Lefèvre : Ce n’est pas vraiment surprenant. C’est déjà arrivé.

The hunting of America….another treasonous Act Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved Who could imagine this day would come? Obviously, the Pentagon, the Bush Administration not only imagined it, but put it in motion. Our own government in collusion with the military are openly moving against the people of the United States. It is more than apparent we ARE the ENEMY so feared by those in power. The continual threats of an attack perpetrated by some vague enemy they either cannot identify or will not indentify are overshadowed by the presence of our own military on our streets fully engaged in preparation for attacking us. But don’t forget: In 2008, General Renault of the Air Force signed that agreement of treason with the Canadians called the Civil Assistance Plan. Border Perimeter and Security Act between US and Canada In what is being sold as heightened security for both Canada and the US, the Border Perimeter Security Act was embedded in the Obama Jobs bill. “WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. - Centre for Research on Globalization NRC: Niemand regeert - Op naar de volgende spannende bijna-beslissing De Nederlandse overheid geeft al jaren niet meer om regeren. Toch blijven veel mensen rekenen op de verzorgende en beschermende staat. Maar de staat kan zo veel niet meer. Het resultaat is een vrij grimmige verwarring. Doen ze het of doen ze het niet? Op naar de volgende spannende bijna-beslissing. We moeten er maar aan wennen. Ja, er worden wel knopen doorgehakt. De A4 tussen Delft en Schiedam wordt aangelegd. Minister Plasterk zet de fusietoets voor scholen door. Dezelfde minister zei verder dat universiteiten en hbo-opleidingen moeten samengaan. Een stelselwijziging is wel vaker het model waarmee de Nederlandse beleidsmakers reageren op uitdagingen. Het kabinet knipte nog een knoop door. Wie zich even indacht hoe een visionaire troonrede moest klinken zag in dat dit een onbegaanbare weg was. Hoewel, minister-president Balkenende deed deze week een gooi naar Sterk Leiderschap. Knopen doorhakken is weer een ander verhaal. Zie de Westerschelde. En nu? En dan de klimaatcrisis.

Alessio Rastani sur Twitter Entretien avec Olivier Berruyer : La fin d'un monde Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control Business Published on August 28th, 2011 | by Michael Ricciardi In the first such analysis ever conducted, Swiss economic researchers have conducted a global network analysis of the most powerful transnational corporations (TNCs). Their results have revealed a core of 737 firms with control of 80% of this network, and a “super entity” comprised of 147 corporations that have a controlling interest in 40% of the network’s TNCs. Strongly Connected Component (SCC); layout of the SCC (1318 nodes and 12,191 links). Node size scales logarithmically with operation revenue, node color with network control (from yellow to red). [Note to the reader: see the very end of this article for a ranking of the top 50 'control holders'] But now we have the results of a global network analysis (Vitali, Glattfelder, Battiston) that, for the first time, lays bare the “architecture” of the global ownership network. What was needed, assert the researchers, was a complex network analysis. and End Notes:

The Revolution Begins at Home: A Clarion Call to Join the Wall Street Protests September 27, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. What is occurring on Wall Street right now is truly remarkable. For over 10 days, in the sanctum of the great cathedral of global capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army. They have created a unique opportunity to shift the tides of history in the tradition of other great peaceful occupations, from the sit-down strikes of the 1930s to the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1960s to the democratic uprisings across the Arab world and Europe today. While the Wall Street occupation is growing, it needs an all-out commitment from everyone who cheered the Egyptians in Tahrir Square, said "We are all Wisconsin," and stood in solidarity with the Greeks and the Spaniards. Our system is broken at every level. After all, who would have imagined a year ago that Tunisians and Egyptians would oust their dictators?

US banks profiting off welfare programs' 'US banks profiting off welfare programs' Sun Nov 6, 2011 4:0PM An exclusive interview with Amy Fern, organizer for the Occupy Columbus movement An “Occupy” movement organizer says that US banks are making money from state welfare programs as they administer and collect heavy fees for those services. Press TV has conducted an interview with Amy Fern, organizer for the Occupy Columbus movement, to share her opinion on this issue. Following is the text of the interview: Press TV: What is the general mood where you are compared to other major cities? Fern: It's very upbeat and peaceful here. Press TV: As an organizer, what problems have you been facing and perhaps will face when it comes to these protests? Fern: Some of the current issues that our Occupy movement is facing right now is with winter coming, and there's issues with that in our stay here. Press TV: How do you see the progress of this movement in general across the United States? Press TV: You've pointed to causing awareness.

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