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Stitch Pattern Library
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Puffed Daisy Hexagon Season's Greetings! I'm sorry that it has been a while since my last post, but I've had some technical gremlins here that have kept me off-line! It's been wet, wet, wet here for so long that I've forgotten the last completely dry day we've had – mainly miserable rain, but mixed with some snow for the last few days. Not pleasant to be out in, but the perfect excuse to stay by the fire and crochet! I'm still bobbling along, but the rounds seem to take an age to complete now, so I can only manage one or two rounds at a time... Of course, my itchy fingers have needed something smaller and quicker to create between marathon rounds so some experimenting was in order. Puffed Daisy Hexagon - FOR A PRINTABLE PDF OF THE PATTERN CLICK HERE. I despair when I read my patterns; if any of you manage to decipher it/them you deserve a medal! Anyway, I'm obsessed with these at the moment, so enough typing, I'm getting back to bobbling. xx

knitted elephants Aren't these illustrations just wonderful? They can be found in the book 'Ameliaranne at the Circus'. The first Ameliaranne story was published way back in 1920 in the days when families like hers were very often large and very often poor. 1). This little elephant pattern is easy to knit. You could make each elephant a different colour if you wish or, if you're not a knitter, then why not try using the graph for cross stitch. Free knitting stitch library plaid Tree Chart (edit) I have made myself a knitting symbol font, and it is fixed width, and it allows for increases in the middle of cable crossings, and it makes "knit" and "purl" look very very different. And so I have charted out the branches of my tree using my font. (The previous version used the Aire River Design font.) (There are some minor differences between the tree in the picture and this chart. The key to these charts is here. This tree is worked as a rectangular panel. This is an alternative version of the last few rows, that you can use if you're also putting your tree on a Rogue. It's in three pieces because, frankly, it looks like a mess if it isn't. Note that these are half-charts. Edit: Oh, right! This is where I have the biggest modifications from what I did before. More edit: Minor errors have been corrected in the "roots" section and in the third (bottom) tree section. The trunk is just a three-stitch knit rib all the way up. Edit: I am a very tight knitter.

February 2011 Well, now that I've depressed us all with that photo of the inside of our torn-apart hot water heater shed, I'm happy to report that all is back in order today--neat, tidy, and shipshape--and looking like nothing ever happened. It's too dark out still for me to get a photo of the little shed, all restored and looking much better, but it is so. We have water, blessed running water. We have it in hot, and we have it in cold. We don't have any yet to the back bathroom (this house has multiple additions, built on over time, and that back bathroom is pretty darned far from where I sit in the original front room of the oldest part of the adobe), but that will come once the plumber and his good men have made sure all their customers have running water of one sort or another. In the meantime, I've been reading a book about people who lived in far more ancient adobe structures in this part of the world with no running water at all.

About Ponchos and pattern :D | Le monde de Sucrette's blog October 13, 2010 by Sucrette Hello my friend, I’ve finished today the baby poncho for my niece Clara who’s six months old…and I’ll put here in this post the pattern if someone is interested in crocheting one…It is sooo simple to make and so cute for the children:) It really makes a great gift :) I’ve already made 3 ponchos…2 in march and 1 now… The 2 I made in March were bigger (for my own girls: 3 and 5 years old)… Here they are: and the last one is for a baby: For the pattern: All you have to make is a chain big enough to enter through baby’s head and a multiple of 8: (It is very important that the chain is a multiple of 8!! and after that you follow this graphic pattern: and you continue this way until you crochet the length you desire… You’ll see it is very easy and quick! Happy crocheting to you all! Like this: Like Loading...

Column of Leaves Printer-friendly version(includes charted pattern) My original scarf was made with Mountain Colors 4/8 Wool, a worsted weight yarn, on size 7 needles. But you can do this on any size yarn and needles you want - even lace weight yarn. Yarn: I used one and a half skeins of Mountain Colors 4/8s wool, which is worsted weight and has 250 yds per 100 gm skein. Dimensions: With a worsted weight yarn, the scarf is approximately 6 inches wide and 73 inches long. Selected abbreviations:p2tog tbl = purl 2 together through back loopsSKP = slip 1, k1, psso (psso = pass slipped stitch over knit stitch) Slip 1 = slip 1 knitwise Notes:Edges: To make a nice finished edge, on the first and last stitch of each row, you slip 1 knitwise on all RS rows, and p1 on all WS rows. The number of stitches alternates between 39 and 41. Cast on 39 stitches. Row 3 (RS): slip 1, k2, SKP, yo, k2, p2, k5, k2tog, k1, (yo, k1) twice, p1, k1, (yo, k1) twice, SKP, k5, p2, SKP, yo, k4, slip 1

Urban Knitting Barcelona El movimiento "Urban Knitting" es una manera más de hacer arte, de crear, de dejar salir la creatividad que recorre nuestras venas. Es “Street art” o “Urban art” consistente en decorar mobiliario urbano con coloridas piezas tejidas a ganchillo o punto, humanizando nuestro monótono y frío alrededor, demostrando que tejer ya no solo es cosa de abuelas, que es algo actual y una de las mejores terapias anti-estrés. Tejer ha dejado de ser una labor que se realiza en un ámbito casero y familiar para convertirse es una actividad colectiva, divertida y sobre todo creativa y moderna. Surgió en 2005, en Houston, cuando Knitta decidió tejer el tirador de la puerta de su tienda de lanas con colores rosas y lilas.