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Madame Cindy Source des images : Logo Nathalie Marchand ( (900) LEARN FRENCH WITH VINCENT #frenchwithvincent #learnfrench #frenchwithvincent #frenchlessonsFRENCH4ME.NET # THE BEST PLACE TO LEARN FRENCHDiscover my premium platform with 100 000's of videos, exercises, pdfs, audio files, apps, e-books to learn French: The platform is updated regularly, so be sure to visit it from time to time to benefit from the latest courses and products! AUDIO PLATFORMDownload the audio tracks and start learning French right away! SKYPE LESSONSSkype lessons just for you: CORPORATE

Amélie Pepin Welcome to the Freebies section! This section of the website is mostly in French. You may find some English documents under the menu "Anglais". French AP - MONSIEUR ROBIN D. OLIVER BIENVENUE! BEFORE THE AP COURSE STARTS:Students should complete the following during the summer BEFORE starting the French AP course: ap-devoirs_dété.doc​ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY:The AP curriculum is THEMATIC, students will be responsible for assimilating any unknown vocabulary themselves. We will discuss how to do this and there will be regular vocabulary QUIZZES based on DEFINITIONS IN FRENCH.It is a good idea that students have a decent FRENCH/FRENCH dictionary: ***AP French Course:***In order to be successful, students MUST constantly and consistently be reading French articles (online, magazines, newspapers etc.) watching movies in French, watching the news in French and ideally, reading several French novels.

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Understanding French Pronouns First, let’s see how to pick the right French pronoun. What’s a Pronoun? A pronoun is a small word which replaces a noun. For example, if I am talking about my friend Tina, I can say: Tina picks flowers. Tina likes flowers. Tina is happy. 2021 AP French Exam Guide Your guide to the 2021 AP French exam We know that studying for your AP exams can be stressful, but Fiveable has your back! We have created a study plan that will help you crush your AP French exam. 5 (very) embarrassing mistakes in French Salut, Today, it’s Comme une Française TV’s first birthday! To celebrate this event, I figured you’d want something VERY honest, VERY fresh and VERY useful. 19 French Tv Channels You Can Watch Online From Anywhere This article contains affiliate links. This means French Together may earn a commission for purchases made through these links. Read affiliate disclosure. Watching French TV is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary and improve your understanding of the French language and culture.

12 Top Resources to Help Your Students Rock the AP French Exam Prepare your students for the AP French Exam, and you’ll prepare them for a brighter future. By excelling on the exam, your students can set a great foundation for their own success. Colleges love applicants who challenge themselves. 7 Tips for Learning French Grammar I Wish I'd Known Earlier Struggling to learn French grammar? Or just looking for tips to accelerate your French learning? You’ve come to the right place. Previously, we’ve covered useful French idioms and everyday French phrases. Today we present seven tips I wish I’d heard when I first started learning French grammar. He or She? How to Teach the 6 Colorful Themes of AP French with Power and Panache As an AP French teacher, you’re always working against the clock. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity for efficiency. In fact, the designated course themes lend themselves very well to creative and efficient French teaching. New to teaching AP French?

Ultimate Guide to the AP French Language and Culture Exam The AP French Language and Culture exam is one of the most popular AP language exams, second only to Spanish. In 2019, over 23,000 students took the exam—about 75% of which were standard foreign language students, with the remainder being students who regularly spoke or heard the foreign language outside of school, or who studied abroad for more than one month. Students who are interested in gaining proficiencies in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of French communication are best suited for this line of study.