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What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world.

What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world.
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Technologies & History of Directed Energy Weapons - Organised Crime of Covert Electronic Assault, Stalking & Surveillance - New Zealand More on what these victims endure Read the short story below - About what victims endure Pages 1-7.Page 8 onward includes plenty of credible information with directions to the informative links page - to back/up the histories and usages of these tactics etc Re below... The True Story-The Bourne Identity(History Channel) A very informative documentary about the early days of experiments on controlling the human mind and creating assassination with no memory of their killing actions. The CIA and various government departments carried out these experiments on their own people as well as 1000's of unwitting/non consenting innocent citizens. Terrorism and Mental Health: The issue of psychological fragility(October 2009)Journal of Pakistan Medical AssociationByAmin Muhammad - Clinical professor of Psychiatry Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. See Amin Muhammad’s biography here Human V2.0CNN (BBC Broadcast)

Blackwater: the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill (2008 with 2013 epilogue) is an in-depth examination of the systematic privatization of the US military. In 1988, as Secretary of Defense to Bush senior, Dick Cheney initiated the process of outsourcing military training and security and intelligence roles to private companies. Thanks to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the Rumsfeld Doctrine, this outsourcing would extend to combat roles during the 2003-2008 occupation of Iraq. Scahill’s book places special emphasis on the US failure to hold mercenary soldiers accountable for human rights violations. It also highlights the total absence of financial oversight, allowing Blackwater, Halliburton and other private military contractors to bilk taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars. Cheney Downsizes the US Military The Rumsfeld Doctrine The Blackwater Lodge and Training Center Blackwater itself was first formed in 1996. The Ambush in Fallujah

Instagram And Snapchat Becoming More Popular Among Kids, Facebook Considered Less 'Cool' WASHINGTON — After Friendster came MySpace. By the time Facebook dominated social media, parents had joined the party, too. But the online scene has changed - dramatically, as it turns out - and these days even if you're friends with your own kids on Facebook, it doesn't mean you know what they're doing. Thousands of software programs now offer cool new ways to chat and swap pictures. Parents who want to keep up with the curve should stop thinking in terms of imposing time limits or banning social media services, which are stopgap measures. "What sex education used to be, it's now the `technology talk' we have to have with our kids," said Rebecca Levey, a mother of 10-year-old twin daughters who runs a tween video review site called and blogs about technology and educations issues. More than three-fourths of teenagers have a cellphone and use online social networking sites such as Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project. Rep.

Nanobiometrics Will Track You By Smell Nicholas WestActivist Post In a few short years, we already have become accustomed to drone surveillance and an array of biometric ID tracking technology that has formed a pervasive matrix of identification and personal data retention. As discussed in How Close Are We to a Nano-Based Surveillance State? back in February of 2011, the next phase of ID will be on the nano scale. A new announcement from a Spanish engineering firm highlights the direction that is being taken in extracting the most innate personally identifying information possible. Nanotechnology for identification purposes already has been introduced in the following ways, just to name a few: Nano sensors for use in agriculture that measure crops and environmental conditions. Quick to assuage concern over Big Brother, however, a press release from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid sees this technology merely as an extension of what already has been used from the beginning - just think of it as an electronic bloodhound:

Are There Any Terrorist Groups Who AREN’T Paid Foot Soldiers for the U.S. Military-Intelligence Agenda? Melissa MeltonActivist Post In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. — President Dwight D. Eisenhower Let me see if I have this right, because it’s getting really hard to keep things straight these days. So it is on record that the U.S. government/military-industrial complex has financially backed the ISIS rebels in Syria to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and key members were trained by our CIA at a secret military base in Jordan back in 2012. Worse, as reports uncovered by Tony Cartalucci showed, “the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia had planned as far back as 2007 to specifically use sectarian extremists to overrun and overthrow Syria.” As Washington’s Blog warned: Oh, I almost forgot. These are all terrorist organizations that commit horrific atrocities against humanity. Just one?

US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing Viral messages begin life by infecting a few individuals and then start to spread across a network. The most infectious end up contaminating more or less everybody. Just how and why this happens is the subject of much study and debate. Network scientists know that key factors are the rate at which people become infected, the “connectedness” of the network and how the seed group of individuals, who first become infected, are linked to the rest. It is this seed group that fascinates everybody from marketers wanting to sell Viagra to epidemiologists wanting to study the spread of HIV. So a way of finding seed groups in a given social network would surely be a useful trick, not to mention a valuable one. These guys have found a way to identify a seed group that, when infected, can spread a message across an entire network. Their method is relatively straightforward. This process finishes when there is nobody left in the network who has more friends than the threshold. Expect to hear more!

Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks Author Affiliations Edited by Susan T. Fiske, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, and approved March 25, 2014 (received for review October 23, 2013) Significance We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on Facebook, that emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. Abstract Emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. Emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading them to experience the same emotions as those around them. The interpretation of this network effect as contagion of mood has come under scrutiny due to the study’s correlational nature, including concerns over misspecification of contextual variables or failure to account for shared experiences (4, 5), raising important questions regarding contagion processes in networks. Fig. 1. Acknowledgments

Domestic Terrorism The Beginner's Guide to Tumblr Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that churns out millions of posts on a daily basis. There are currently 108.6 million blogs on Tumblr, which might seem intimidating to anyone not already using it. Tumblr could be useful to you for many reasons, depending on what you're looking to get out of it, for example, inspiration, scrapbooking, communication or a portfolio. The site is a mix of bloggers, brands and tastemakers. But to keep it simple, there are essentially two types of bloggers on Tumblr: those who create original content and those who curate, or re-blog posts. Depending on how you want to utilize the platform, this guide will help you move from a Tumblr novice to power blogger. 1. Tumblr registration is simple: You only need an email address, password and username. With Tumblr, you can change your URL later, so if you absolutely hate it down the road, that can be fixed — but keep in mind that change will affect SEO. Be sure to upload a default image, too, to complete your profile.

Correlates of Markers of Oxidative Status in the General Population + Author Affiliations Received July 11, 2000. Accepted January 17, 2001. Abstract Oxidative stress has been implicated in the etiology of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. The potential role of free radicals, reactive oxygen species, and antioxidants in the etiology of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, and others, has stimulated extensive research in recent years (1–3). Despite strong biologic plausibility for this hypothesis, establishing a direct link between free radicals and specific disease has been difficult. In the present study, we analyzed the relation between a series of cardiovascular disease risk factors and several markers of oxidative status (i.e., plasma thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS), erythrocyte glutathione, and plasma glutathione peroxidase) in a group of men and women randomly selected from the general population. Analytical methods Quality control Statistical methods

A "False Flag" Introduction for Those Who Don’t Get It By Catherine J. Frompovich “False flag (or black flag) describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.” As a researcher, author and blogger, I receive numerous emails from well-informed individuals who want to share their findings with me. That impactful information I refer to is titled “The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?” After reading through that ‘dossier’, what do you think? Another bit of information that readers may want to know about is “Feds Developed App That Predicts ‘Psychological Status’ of Americans.” Will that cause you to think twice about how smart technology is used to track and even manipulate us? I can’t resist including my article “An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers,” which is totally self-explanatory. You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad) References:

7 Networking Tips From The Most Successful Super Connector Ilya Pozin is an entrepreneur, writer and investor. He is the founder of Open Me a social greeting card company, and Ciplex, a digital marketing agency. “It’s not about what you know — it’s about who you know.” Chances are you’ve heard this phrase before. But is it really true? Super connectors are people with more than just a strong social media followings and lots of friends. While others may be able to introduce you to an acquaintance, these connectors are making the smart, right introductions that actually lead to real results for everyone involved. To find out their secrets, I spoke to some of the most influential super connectors impacting industries worldwide. 1. “Running a successful business is all about who you know, but who you know is not enough,” said entrepreneur and blogger Lewis Howes. It’s one thing to just ‘know’ somebody, but it’s something else entirely to be connected on a broader, more personalized level. 2. 3. It isn’t about you. 4. Pay things forward, he urges.

The Nature of the Self: Experimental Philosopher Joshua Knobe on How We Know Who We Are by Maria Popova A mind-bending new understanding of our basic existential anchor. “The fate of the world depends on the Selves of human beings,” pioneering educator Annemarie Roeper wrote in her meditation on how poorly we understand the self. Indeed, while philosophers may argue that the self is a toxic illusion and psychologists may insist that it’s forever changing, we tend to float through life anchored by a firm conviction that the self is our sole constant companion. Over the past decade, the emerging field of experimental philosophy — a discipline that pursues inquiries about the human condition traditionally from the realm of philosophy with the empirical methods of psychology — has tackled this paradox, along with its many fringe concerns spanning morality, happiness, love, and how to live. Though the full talk is remarkable in its entirety and is well worth the watch, here is what I find to be Knobe’s most poignant pause-giver: Donating = Loving Share on Tumblr

U.S. Mercenary Killers in Eastern Ukraine Stephen LendmanActivist Post Blackwater's rap sheet reveals a record too deplorable to conceal. It became Xe. It's now Academi. Putting lipstick on this pig doesn't help. A "shadowy mercenary company (employing) some of the most feared professional killers in the world accustomed to operating without worry of legal consequences (and) largely off the congressional radar." It's unaccountable. On May 11, Voice of Russia (VOR) headlined "400 US commandos help Kiev in its military offensive in east Ukraine - reports." They arrived to commit mayhem. They're involved "in a punitive operation mounted by (Kiev) against federalization supporters in Eastern Ukraine…" Bild am Sonntag is Germany's largest Sunday circulation broadsheet. It's uncertain who hired them, it said. (I)n the absence of support from the Ukrainian population, the Maidan government has only one option if it wants to remain in power - to mobilize any support possible from foreign sponsors, including foreign mercenaries.