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Wireless Technology Solutions for the Consumer Electronics Market

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Mesh Sensors AG - Values by technology and processes Balda is a specialist for plastics solutions that require precision, quality, safety and specifications tailored to customer requirements. The Group’s Balda Medical segment manufactures for the healthcare sector, with applications in diagnostics, pharma and medical technology, while the Balda Technical segment serves customers in sectors such as optics, electronics and automotive. The Group supplies products to sectors that, as result of fundamental trends such as population development, promise continuous growth in the long term. Our special area of expertise is high-precision injection-molded plastics. The company’s key strength is more than 50 years of experience as a specialist for plastics solutions. Balda’s strategy is focused on achieving sustainable, profitable growth, maintaining a strong presence in all of the world’s major economic regions, generating added value for our customers and delivering attractive returns on the investments made by Balda AG shareholders.

The Touch-Friendly Web Keeps on Growing In December 2009, mobile search engine Taptu found about 326,000 touch-optimized mobile sites on the Internet. By April 2010, this number had grown by over 35%. According to Taptu's latest report, there are now over 440,000 touch-enabled sites on the Web. Growing Much Faster than Expected In the company's last report, Taptu estimated that the size of touch-friendly Web would reach half a million sites by the end of the year and about 1 million by the end of 2011. The reason for this rapid growth is surely the increasing popularity of touch-screen phones and touch-screen enabled devices like the iPad. These retailers and publishers could obviously also opt to just develop native apps (and many currently do both), but thanks to HTML5 and other new technologies, it will become increasingly possible for developers to create mobile web apps that will feel more and more like native apps. Taptu: Virtual Roundtable View more presentations from Taptu Touch Search.

Inrevium 2011/07/21 News The Spartan®-6 FPGA Broadcast Connectivity Kit Ship to Customers for their Next Generation Systems >>more information 2010/09/07 News Release Spartan-6 PCI Express Grabber Board supporting CameraLink PoCL >>News Release >>more information 2010/06/14 News Release Release of TB-6V-LX760-LSI LSI Development Test Platform with Virtex-6 FPGA 2010/05/10 News Release LSI Bridge between “UHS-I” Latest SD Card Standard Interface and ATA or CF, Sample Available in June 2010/02/25 News Release LARGE-SCALE PCI Express Gen 2 EVALUATION PLATFORMS WITH Virtex®-6 FPGAs | Legal Infomation | Site Map | Copyright©Tokyo Electron Device LTD.

LCD Smartie - A free open-source LCD program! National EE Reports: 20080214 Michael Stanley & EE HomePage.comThis report is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Introduction Computer mice are ubiquitous. Figure 1: An LED illuminates the desktop surface, which is imaged by the mouse sensor. Theory In past times, mariners could tell how far they had travelled in a given day by sighting the stars each day, and noting the differences from one sighting to the next. Figure 2: A detail of our example surface.Elaborating on this, Figure 2 shows a hypothetical surface area under the mouse. The mouse sensor is essentially a camera. From these, we can tell that the mouse has traveled a distance equal to -3 "pixels" in the X direction and +2 "pixels" in the Y direction. Figure 3: The world from the mouse's perspective at times A & B. Mouse navigation is by dead reconning. The discussion above covered mouse navigation in two-dimensions. Figure 4: Block diagram of an optical mouse. SW1, SW2 and SW3 The ceramic resonator provides a timebase for IC2.

System - Openmoko SB-Projects: IR Remote Control, NEC Protocol NEC Protocol To my knowledge the protocol I describe here was developed by NEC (Now Renesas). I've seen very similar protocol descriptions on the internet, and there the protocol is called Japanese Format. I do admit that I don't know exactly who developed it. Features 8 bit address and 8 bit command length. Modulation The NEC protocol uses pulse distance encoding of the bits. Protocol The picture above shows a typical pulse train of the NEC protocol. A command is transmitted only once, even when the key on the remote control remains pressed. Extended NEC protocol The NEC protocol is so widely used that soon all possible addresses were used up. The command redundancy is still preserved. Keep in mind that 256 address values of the extended protocol are invalid because they are in fact normal NEC protocol addresses. External Links NEC Electronics, now called Renesas. Navigation How to navigate Sponsors My way of keeping this site alive. You are apparently using an ad‑blocker.