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Pencil Madness - Free Online Sketching & Drawing Tool

Pencil Madness - Free Online Sketching & Drawing Tool | dreamlines Dreamlines is a generative drawing machine that creates a unique, ever-flowing painting after words you choose. Related images are gathered from the Net and used as raw material for the construction of your personal dream. This piece has been devised specifically for Internet. It is a combination of Processing and PHP, with some Flash mixed in for the user interface. The PHP script makes a Google image search with the keywords provided by the user, and collects the resulting images. The Processing applet reads the images one by one and uses them as input to generate an ever-changing drawing. The key of the piece lies in the translation between two different sets of coordinates: color and movement. The script switches randomly over eight sets of formulas that transform the color values (hue, saturation and brightness) of a pixel into angle and velocity values for a particle.

MyOats Donate Login Remember Me Create An Account Forgot Password // Provide alternate content for browsers that do not support scripting // or for those that have scripting disabled. Join Now Hot Shiny "Do"by Misterx|43|Favorite? Free Falling (Green)by Leaflady|0|Favorite? asu (68)by Durgunsu|1|Favorite? Tom Hayden 1939-1916by Calypso rose|0|Favorite? Pennycandy|1|Favorite? Midnight Starby Maurie|3|Favorite? Free Fallingby Leaflady|1|Favorite? (204)by Bluegirl|2|Favorite? Strangers in Spaceby Leaflady|1|Favorite? Whoooo? About Myoats Read More Myoats is a community where people create designs using an online drawing application. New view more GRAPE-NUT LACEYby Robinrebornart HOT HEARTS ART-MEby Robinrebornart Morn. comes Early :(by Vonzeppelin PERI-WINK-LE BLUE'Sby Robinrebornart GrooveIsInTheHeart (2)by Bluegirl Electric linesby Tsm faker BLACK DIAMOND HIGHby Robinrebornart Doodlesby Rampuero (186)by Bluegirl Frost (2)by Rampuero view more How To Create Watch Tutorials Follow Us ?

Kostenlose Alternativen zu Photoshop und Illustrator Den einen mag die Update- und Produktpolitik von Adobe stören, der andere ist vielleicht Student und kann, oder mag, sich die Preise des Marktführers von Grafikprogrammen nicht leisten. Nun gibt es ja zu Glück Alternativen im OpenSource-Bereicht. Zwei wollen wir hier kurz vorstellen, ohne allzusehr in die Tiefe gehen zu wollen. Für den Einstieg haben wir ein paar Video-Tutorials zusammengestellt. Gimp, die Photoshop-Alternative Gimp ist im Grunde nicht neu. Seit der ersten Beta im Jahr 1995 hat sich viel getan und Gimp hat sich zu einer erstzunehmenden Alternative zu Photoshop entwickelt, wenn auch die Oberfläche nicht ganz so intuitiv ist wie beim großen Vorbild und die Software insgesamt etwas träger daherkommt. Gimp ist in deutscher Sprache erhältlich. Hier eine Video-Tutorial-Serie, für den ersten Eindruck und die ersten Gehversuche: Und hier finden Sie die wichtigsten Ressourcen zu Gimp Programm-Website: Download: Lizenz: GPL Fazit

Drawing tool - Online Whiteboard Collaboration StripGenerator. Un atelier de création de bandes dessinées StripGenerator est un formidable outil en ligne qui permet de créer des bandes dessinées très facilement. C’est sans doute un des meilleurs outils du genre. Vos élèves vont adorer. Que ce soit dans le cadre d’un atelier d’écriture, d’un cours de langues ou pour une expression artistique, StripGenerator a de nombreux atouts à faire valoir. Le principal d’entre eux est peut-être la facilité avec laquelle vous allez pouvoir créer une bande dessinée. Une facilité qui permet de proposer cet atelier en ligne à des artistes amateurs de 7 à 77 ans. La création d’une bande dessinée se fait pas à pas. Place ensuite au personnages de votre bande dessinée. La dernière étape consiste à installer des bulles et faire parler vos personnages. Une fois terminée, vous pourrez imprimer votre Bd ou la partager sur les réseaux sociaux et par mail. StripGenerator est un service gratuit. LienStripGenerator Sur le même thème

Psykopaint - Insanely awesome painting experience The essential guide to using Instagram filters like a pro 22 November '12, 04:00am Follow With more than 100 million users worldwide on both iOS and Android, Instagram’s success as a mobile platform is clear to see and now with its expanded web presence, there are now more opportunities than ever to show off your photography skills. However, how many times do you take a photo and use a filter without really thinking about it? For many of us, we just slap on a filter because it just happens to make it look better, but what you mightn’t know is that each filter suits a certain types of image. Knowing which one to use, and what effect it will create, will go a long way to improving your photos. Here is our guide showing you what filters are available and when you should be using them.

Free Layout and Design Software Online | Lucidpress Lucidpress removes the learning curve of traditional layout and design software. Nothing to install Say goodbye to the hassle of using desktop software. Drag and drop Our easy-to-use app makes every aspect of the design process more intuitive. Easy import Home | Mugeda - Cloud Based HTML5 Animation Platform 10 Free Online Logo Maker Tools for Startups | Sarv Blog A well designed logo is an important part of an company’s or business overall marketing strategy. Logos are the chief visual component of a business’s brand identity. I have got few free and awesome online logo maker tools and i would like to share with you! #1. Online Logo Maker doesn’t require technical or design skills, all you have to do is drag and drop the right items, choose the right colors and you are ready to go. #2. Withoomph offers individuals and start ups relevant and beautiful designed logos created instantly online. #3. LogoMaker is very simple to use. #4. Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. #5. DesignMantic is the easiest, fastest way to design a logo for your business! #6. Ready to fly solo? #7. Use LogoYes to create a professional logo design in minutes! #8. Designing a great company logo has never been so easy ! #9. Create your own logo for free. #10.

Cut My Pic! The Free online image resize, cut, crop, round corners, drop shadow and colorize tool!