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FREE TEMPLATES - Games, Ready Made, Abstract - for Presentations in PowerPoint format

FREE TEMPLATES - Games, Ready Made, Abstract - for Presentations in PowerPoint format
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Whee! Free PowerPoint Templates | Power Point Backgrounds, Presentations Free PowerPoint Templates These are recycled and 100% free PowerPoint templates from past presentations. Use them for idea starters, or for whatever you wish. Enjoy! To download your PowerPoint template (or presentation or background): Right click on each link or graphic, then select "Save Target As..." Corporate PowerPoint Template Place your own logo in the white space Circular Reasoning Round and round she goes. Golden Success Another free download. Faded Blue Jeans. Subliminal Success Pitch black .POT file. WackyBack A cartoon inspired background for child themes. Lightstripe Popular .POT background. - tan to light brown background. But Wait! Due to popular demand, the "Most Popular" presentations are one the following pages PowerPoint Backgrounds | PowerPoint Templates | PowerPoint Presentations | Golf PPT | Floral Backgrounds Read the fun PowerPoint blog "All About Presentation..."

5 Tools to Create and Administer Quizzes Online Other than attending staff meetings, writing and grading quizzes might be the least enjoyable part of teaching. Fortunately, there are some tools that can make the process a little bit easier. Here are five tools teachers can use to create and administer quizzes online. There are many other quiz and survey tools on the web, but not all of them provide the option to see quiz takers' results. These five were chosen because teachers can see their students' results. I use Google Forms for giving short multiple choice quizzes. 1. Zoho Challenge is a part of the Zoho suite of document, presentation, and office productivity tools. Last spring ProProfs launched ProProfs Quiz School. MyStudiyo is an easy way to make a multimedia quiz for your website or blog. That Quiz is an online quiz tool that has been around for a long time (in Internet terms), but is still widely used by educators.

Interactive WhiteBoard Treasure Chest - Interactive Whiteboard Resource Treasure Chest eQuizShow Online Templates 7 Online Quiz Tools Perfect For Classrooms Whether you want to have students turn in homework via an online form or simply take a quiz or test, online quiz tools are critical to having a connected classroom. Most tools are free, all are robust, and they’re quite easy to use. What could be better than that? You can use any of these below tools to get feedback from parents, students, colleagues, and more. Below is simply an introduction to each tool in case you aren’t familiar with it so be sure to dive into any that interest you and give them a try in the classroom! Quizlet Quizlet A free and popular online quiz tool, Quizlet lets you easily build – you guessed it – quizzes. Yacapaca You’re going to love the mascot of Yacapaca. Quia Quia Similar to Yacapaca, Quia has a dedicated student sign-on that’s managed by teachers. Google Forms Google Forms You can’t do a post on the best online quiz tools without mentioning Google Docs / Drive / Forms (or whatever it’s called these days). ProProfs ProProfs Here’s one to watch. Quiz ME Online

Games as instructional technology II: Bloom’s Taxonomy | Pamela J. Morgan Another pedagogical element present in games is Bloom’s Taxonmy. In an effort to hierarchically order cognitive processes, Benjamin Bloom developed the Taxonomy of Cognitive Outcomes. Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy is based on the idea that cognitive activity can be ordered into six levels, each increasingly complex. The application of this hierarchy is evident in games. Works Consulted Becker, K. (2007). Dickey, M. Driscoll, M. Eisner, E. Van Eck, R. (2007). Like this: Like Loading...

eTools for Language Teachers - PowerPoint Exercises Over the years, I have created many different lessons for K to 8 French classes using PowerPoint presentations. I believe that PowerPoint is truly the best way to teach song lyrics because the children just follow along as the words come up and the images greatly facilitate comprehension. I recommend that you read the songs through once with the children, and then play it with the music the second time through. There are also two stories here on PowerPoint with sound effects that the students really enjoy. You can download any and all of the presentations in this section for free. Powerpoint Lesson Downloads You can use this menu to view specific samples, or scroll through them all: Bonjour MonsieurComment ça va? Bonjour Monsieur Based on the song "Bonjour Monsieur" by Matt Maxwell found on the CD "Comment ça va?" Download Now Get Song Top of Page Comment ça va? Based on the song "Comment ça va?" Download Now. Les Saisons Based on the song "Les Saisons" by Jacquot, CD: Volume 2. Download Now Get Song

7 Recursos web para evitar, prevenir y detectar el plagio En el pasado hemos comentado herramientas que están destinadas a encontrar el plagio de artículos que hacen otros sitios web, pero claro puedes usarla en momentos puntuales para algunos temas, pero sin llegar a volverte loco con ello ya que no vivirías tranquilo nunca. Sin embargo siempre viene bien dar a conocer este listado de herramientas, para fines educativos pues así todos empiezan a estar atentos de lo que hacen en la red y lo sencillo que puede ser descubrirlo. Por lo tanto, hemos creado una lista actualizada con 7 recursos para enseñar a los estudiantes a cómo evitar el plagio, así como otros recursos para la prevención y detección del mismo. Herramientas para la prevención del plagio: 1.- Purdue’s OWL website: es el lugar ideal para estudiantes y padres de familia que desean saber más sobre el plagio, también si desean conocer las reglas para el proceso de escritura. Herramientas para la detección del plagio: About Alex Ramos

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy | More Than English: Teaching Language & Content to ELLs What is Bloom’s Taxonomy? Bloom’s Taxonomy in its various forms represents the process of learning. It was developed in 1956 by Benjamin Bloom and modified during the 1990’s by a new group of cognitive psychologists, led by Lorin Anderson (a former student of Bloom’s) to make it relevant to the 21st century. The revised taxonomy emphasizes what a learner “Can Do” so the stages are now represented as verbs: We must remember a concept before we can understand it. So how do I use this in the classroom? We need to “teach to the highest and scaffold the lowest” students of all ages and levels of English proficiency. Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Model what each means for your students in the context of a lesson. It is useful to picture Bloom’s taxonomy as a wheel since all stages are not required for every lesson and every lesson does not necessarily lead to “Creating.” While you are teaching, get in the habit of pointing out how what your class is doing relates to Bloom’s.

Interactive Games W2L Info Published on December 1st, 2013 | by What2Learn Are you looking to make your own study game? At What2Learn you can quickly and easily create an incredibly wide range of interactive learning activities including hangman games, quizzes, interactive word searches, extended writing activities and much more. No technical skills or programming knowledge is required to make these fun and effective study games – simply fill in the blanks with your own questions and answers and your flash-based game is instantly created and available for your students to play online. If you would like to create some games in the meantime, please sign up for a great value student or teacher Premium Account. Take a look below at the fantastic games you could soon be making… Hangman-style study games Simply provide eight single word answers to make your game. Q & A quizzes Provide eight questions and answers. Anagram study games Provide eight questions and answers. Matching activities Interactive wordsearches

Dos aplicaciones web para convertir de "pdf a .doc" y de "jpg a pdf" Hace una semana que les dejamos un convertidor de PDF a PNG, el cual era bien sencillo de utilizar y sin siquiera tener que pasar por un proceso de registro. Pues bien recibimos algunas peticiones de otros convertidores similares, por ahora los que tenemos así a la mano son unos para convertir de “pdf a .doc” y de “jpg a pdf”, sencillos sin necesidad de registro pero efectivos en el funcionamiento. 1.- Esta aplicación nos permite convertir los PDF a .doc que sabemos es más sencillo de editar, y la verdad es que funciona bastante bien y con una interfaz simple para cualquier usuario. 2.- Esta aplicación nos permite convertir imágenes JPEG en documentos PDF, algo que suelen hacer mucho los diseñadores cuando desean mostrar sus creaciones a los clientes. Sabemos que hay muchas de estas aplicacicones en la web, pero sin tener que registrarse a veces suele ser más complejo de encontrar. Esperamos que puedan ser útiles a los lectores de nerdilandia.

Bloom's Taxonomy Lesson Plans in the Classroom Have you ever heard a student complain, "This question is so hard!"? While this may be a common complaint, there are reasons that some questions are harder than others. The difficulty of a question or an assignment can be measured by the level of the critical thinking skill required. Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy: To help determine the level of critical thinking for a task, Benjamin Bloom, an American educational psychologist, developed a way to categorize the different levels of critical reasoning skills required in classroom situations. There are six levels in the taxonomy, each requiring a higher level of abstraction from the students. Knowledge In the knowledge level of Bloom's Taxonomy, questions are asked solely to test whether a student has gained specific information from the lesson. Comprehension The comprehension level of Bloom's Taxonomy has students go past simply recalling facts and instead has them understanding the information. Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation

OCSD Interactive Games Design Your Own Games Pre-Made Games Matching Game Directions- In this game you can match up words. Type in a Title for your game. Editing Your Matching Games If you need to edit your game open up the matching game and type in the filename in the box and then hit load. Term Matching Game- In this game you can put in terms and definitions. Type in a Title for your game. Graphic Matching Game- In this game you can match up words with graphics or use all graphics. Email me a page (either a web page or a word document) that has the images you want to use. Drag Matching Game Directions- In this game you can match up words by dragging them. Type in a Title for your game. Drag Term Matching Game- In this game you can put in terms and definitions. Type in a Title for your game. Quiz Time- This will allow you to create an interactive multiple choice quiz for your students. Type in a Title for your game. © Copyright 2002, Cathleen J.