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Crisis Communication Strategy & Training By Experts At Astrum

Crisis can strike anytime. Better be insured against it. Companies and public figures live under the constant scrutiny of its stakeholders, especially the press, civil society and citizen journalists. Even the smallest of infractions could become a subject of breaking news or start trending online.In a 24X7 news cycle, having a modus operandi that responds effectively to a brewing crisis and nips it in the bud is not enough. You must have a pro-active crisis communication strategy that prepares you to respond to any unforeseen crisis in a timely and effective manner. Every company ought to prepare, if not, you are prone to more damage. Simple rules for crisis and issues communication: Crisis Preparedness Planning. When that reputation comes under attack, protecting and defending it becomes the highest priority. As a final act of crisis communications, Our crisis counsellors support companies go public with its self-assessment.

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Building Corporate Reputation Management Strategy at Astrum We work as a strategic partner to the C-Suite to help them build and sustain their company’s reputation. We use the discipline of our proprietary 4D, (Discover-Develop-Deliver-Demonstrate) approach to develop an effective reputation strategy. Our approach blends the use of science with the know-how of our counsellors, who work in partnership with the company’s leadership to co-create a corporate reputation programme with an actionable agenda for a focused engagement of key stakeholder with clear persuasive messaging, supported by earned, owned & paid media priorities to positively shape the company’s reputation. Our 3C(Capability-Character-Communication) Reputation Management framework is the foundation of a comprehensive solution to deploy a strategy designed to help you succeed.

Reputation Management Services by Specialist Consultants Good reputation is the topmost priority of a Chief Executive It takes years of hard work to build a good reputation, be it a company, an individual or a political entity. But that good will can be damaged or tarnished in just a few minutes. The hyper-active media of today, which act as the prosecutor, the jury and the judge, and the constant glare of a real-time social media sans frontiers, have made it a must that steps are taken to build, nurture and protect reputation in a sustained manner. A specialist Reputation Management company has become the need of the hour. Reputation Management is no longer merely about good press and social media presence.

Reputation Management Strategy Development by Astrum We work as a strategic partner to the C-Suite to help them build and sustain their company’s reputation. Our approach to developing an effective and informed reputation strategy blends science with the experience and creativity of our counsellors. They work closely with the company’s leadership to understand issues impacting the company, and co-create strategies that provide the CEO with an actionable agenda for stakeholder engagement, clear persuasive messaging, and earned, owned & paid media outreach priorities that would positively shape the company’s reputation. Our 3C Reputation Management framework is the foundation of a comprehensive solution to deploy a strategy designed to help you succeed.

Crisis Communication Preparedness Planning by Astrum We help you to safeguard your reputation when you need it the most Crisis are ubiquitous, and when they strike, the management’s confidence and the company’s reputation take a beating. With the 24X7 news cycle and the online world without boundaries and editorial discretion, companies struggle to remain in step and often lose control over their story.

Corporate Reputation Management Our reputation campaigns engage the most important Business Influentials™ to create advocates. Our corporate reputation campaigns go way beyond media relations by engaging with the most important Business Influentials™ for your company. Be it online, mobile or traditional media, or above-the-line/below-the-line communication, we create holistic Reputation Management campaigns to ensure that your narrative is authentic, consistent and engaging, and leads to a growing community of evangelists. Corporate Branding Whether it is your work force, prospective talent at campuses, or customer and business partners, we help you develop compelling rich media content, delivered through print, broadcast, online and mobile platforms, to engage your audiences to better understand the purpose of your company. We call this #LeadershipWithAPurpose.Thought Leadership/ C-Suite Positioning Leadership with a point of view and a vision for the industry earn respect and admiration of your audience.

Meet Reputation Management Experts In India at Astrum We use science to understand and shape public opinion and develop programmes that persuade people to act Astrum is India’s first science-based specialist Reputation Management advisory. We are trusted counsellors to CXOs, helping them resolve complex challenges they face in building and guarding their company’s reputation. Applying the same science, Astrum helps senior political leaders connect with their voters to get elected and keep their mandate. Astrum is a data driven advisory, with emphasis on harnessing the power of analytics to generate the insights needed to effectively engage stakeholders and shape public opinion in an ethical way.

Crisis Communication Support & Services When things go wrong, we help you say the right things Our clients are adept in handling crisis which affect their business continuity. However, they often need professional crisis communication support to frame their narrative effectively and target the right audience through the most relevant platforms– traditional, online or mobile. A crisis communication service that would match your sense of urgency and collaborate with you to ensure that your stakeholders continue to have faith in your management team. Our crisis counsellors work onsite along with you to ensure that you say the right things, at the right moment and in the right manner to quash speculation and remain in control of your message. Whether its dealing with the press, regulators, or online influencers, our multi-functional team supports stakeholder engagement in real-time.

Corporate Affairs Advisory Services We support you in promoting legitimate business interests in a professional and ethical manner. Corporate affairs otherwise also known as Public Affairs, Government Relations, Policy Advocacy or Lobbying is perhaps one of the most misunderstood or misused tools of engaging government to promote business interests. Why is it misunderstood? Very often the actions of a few driven to promote vested interests that seek to provide an unfair competitive advantage or favour a corporation at the cost of honest taxpayers or simply indulge in corrupt practices to advance one’s business have attracted disproportionate attention and tainted the good work of many who professionally and ethically engage government on behalf of businesses. Government Relations The evolving political and policy landscape not only requires companies to constantly reassess their current business, but also seek avenues for growth.

Election & Political Campaign Strategies by Astrum There is no second prize for losing an election. We help you win. In an election campaign winning is everything; there is no consolation for being a runner-up. With the increasing penetration of television and internet, voters today are more informed, independent and discerning in casting their vote. The traditional methods of political campaign planning whilst being useful, need a major upgrade to develop an effective election campaign strategy. Some of the most important THREE questions that need answered “Who are the most important voters we need to win?”

PRCI inducts Ashwani Singla of ASTRUM into their ‘HALL OF FAME’ : Recognizes the role played in shaping the best practices for over two decades Announcement | March 17, 2017 Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), the oldest and most well established body representing practicing Public Relations professionals in India inducted Ashwani Singla, into its Hall of Fame at its 11th Global Conclave held in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, from March 3-5th2017. Ashwani is the Founding Managing Partner of Astrum, India’s only specialist science based reputation management advisory, former Asia MD of Penn Schoen Berland & CEO of Genesis Burson-Marsteller. On his induction into the PRCI, Hall of Fame, Ashwani says, “I am grateful to the members of the PRCI for this rare honour.

ExpertSpeak: Five clear steps to build an effective consumer advocacy campaign - Astrum Consumer Advocacy has become a hot topic for public relations and marketing professionals. Not without reason. Consumers have found platforms, ranging from Facebook to Youtube and from Whatsapp to e-commerce sites, which encourage their inherent need to share experiences and voice opinions. Simultaneously PR and marketing budgets have been shrinking, forcing organizations to find cost-effective means to promote their brands, products and services. The Year of PR and Reputation Management by Sujit M Patil Year 2016 has been PR intensive! India Inc. always understood the importance of PR but realized how indispensable it is after a few high level corporate mishaps. This has brought the focus on reputation management narrative back with a renewed vigor! The American elections have also been a catalyst in bringing effective PR to the forefront. 2016 taught us several lessons and I feel bullish about PR in 2017.

Communication Leaders Become Trusted Advisors Lessons I have learnt Over the years I have increasingly felt that communications is at its best when it elevates the reputation of the company in line with its business strategy. I stress on reputation to underscore the importance the word holds for communicators. How companies communicate internally & externally shapes its reputation.. THE FUTURE IS CALLING. WHERE ARE YOU? Trends that are shaping Public Relations In my recent travels to USA to attend the IABC World Congress, I had the opportunity to interact with some remarkable professionals from over thirty countries and listen to experts from around the world. What I learnt was some bit exciting, some bit exhilarating and for most part, an affirmation of the thinking I had for founding Astrum, as a science based digital first specialist reputation management advisory. Before I talk about the trends in Public Relations, it’s important to understand what’s keeping the CEOs awake at night, this view would add a good context to the adoption of the next practices for Public Relations?