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How to Travel Alone: Top 10 tips & 5 posts to beat loneliness Welcome to Solo Traveler. To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! Me and my greeter in Chicago. After safety, loneliness is the number one complaint of the solo traveler. Most of us don’t actually complain about it that much; we relish our time alone. 10 Tips to Travel Solo and Social Choose your accommodation wisely. Posts to check out. Related posts: Find Travel Partners and Travel Buddies Find People Traveling To: Dates: From: To: Gender: Age: Current Location: Note Contains Text: Examples: "surfing", "food", "culture" About TravBuddy TravBuddy is an online travel community with over 549,225 members and has been featured in: looking for a travel buddy interested in meeting other people to travel with February 28, 2015 to March 7, 2015 interested in meeting new peopleinterested in meeting other people to travel with June 26, 2015 to August 31, 2015 A TravBuddy member is traveling to Romania Volunteering in Transylvania, teaching english to children at a summer camp in Romania with my younger sister Sheryl January 23, 2015 to May 21, 2015 A TravBuddy member is traveling to Brazil in Brasil from 23.01.2015 for couple of months... locals and travellers alike are welcome to meet up. open minded, easy going, curious and sportive... dont be afraid to text me :) January 1, 2015 to January 8, 2015 March 8, 2015 to March 31, 2015 Looking for someone to keep my company down there! July 28, 2015 January 2, 2015

LeadsZapp Solo Travel: 17 signs you've had too much 'alone' time ;-). Welcome to Solo Traveler. To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! When you travel solo you can do what you want when you want. Being alone, that independence, is one of the good things about solo travel. So that you don’t go too far on the solo side of travel I thought I would write a lighthearted post on the subject. I give you… 17 signs that you’ve had too much alone time. 1… You’ve gone about as far as you can learning the harmonica. 2… You’ve worn the same shirt across 3 borders but think: “well, it’s new to them”. 3… You step into a cab and “that smell” is you. 4… Your internal dialog becomes your external dialog. 5… You find deep meaning in country music. 6… When you finally find an engaging conversation, the only response you can muster is “uh-huh”. 7… You spend more then 20 minutes talking to your mugger – and he doesn’t speak English. 8… You catch a fish and find yourself just petting it.

Find Travel Partners for Group Trips Eduzz Infoprodutores Se você já ensina uma matéria ou tem um conteúdo que gostaria de distribuí-lo para milhares de pessoas em todo o Brasil, o Eduzz é a solução perfeita. Seu material será divulgado diariamente para milhares de pessoas que buscam os mais diversos assuntos no Eduzz. Torne-se um Infoprodutor da Eduzz Hiking Boots to High Heels in 1 Carry-on: Here's Your Packing List Welcome to Solo Traveler. To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! That’s my suitcase. Those are my hiking boots. Inside are high heels. Last November I traveled solo to England for 2 weeks and enjoyed a range of activities all out of a carry-on. Managing all my clothes and gadgets in one carry-on is important to me when I travel solo. I did a Halloween punt on the Cam river in Cambridge, walked the Lake District, wandered fashionable Bath and went to a trade show and other meetings in London. Some people wonder how it can be done with just one carry-on. Don’t pack the bulky things. I grant you, this was a logistical plan executed with military precision — I wouldn’t want to travel this tight all the time — but it did work. Solo Travel Packing List – the essentials First pack the basics. Solo Travel Packing List – clothes Then pack your clothes. Shoes – one pair street shoes one pair heels.

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Solo Travel Mistakes to Avoid Welcome to Solo Traveler. To receive the monthly Newsletter and the mid-month Solo Travel Advisory of deals, please subscribe on your right. Thanks for visiting! This is my hotel in Havana. Traveling alone leaves less room for error. 1. My number one safety rule is “stay in a public”. 2. A new city always looks more challenging in the dark than in daylight – especially as a solo traveler. Unless you in the fashion biz, packing too much is the sign of a travel rookie. 3. Dragging around a large suitcase, or worse, more than one suitcase is a hassle, expensive (you may spend a lot tipping people to carry it for you) and not particularly safe – you don’t look like a seasoned traveler and therefore you may be more of a target. 4. It’s important to take time as a solo traveler – to take time and relax into a new location so that you can enjoy what it has to offer. 5. Things can happen when you travel. 6. 7. It’s good to know that you have backup if you need it. Related posts:

Slow Travel Tours | Small group tours in Europe 18 Ferramentas indispensáveis a um negócio digital de sucesso Ao longo dos últimos 10 anos de trabalho na internet, eu já usei centenas de ferramentas diferentes. Todas as que experimentei até hoje eu tive o prazer de comprar. Logicamente, algumas foram uma furada, outras se tornaram essenciais ao meu trabalho digital e nunca mais deixei de as utilizar em meus negócios. No entanto, nem todas as ferramentas considero úteis, e nem todas considero desprezíveis. Aquilo que eu considero é que existem de fato ferramentas indispensáveis a um negócio digital de sucesso, e é precisamente isso que me levou a escrever este artigo. Com a quantidade de informações, ferramentas e oportunidades existentes na internet hoje, fica difícil compreender o que é bom do que não é, o que vale a pena comprar e o que não vale, qual caminho seguir e quais caminhos evitar, e por aí adiante. Aproveite as indicações e já agora, deixe o seu comentário lá no final :) Evernote Uso o Evernote basicamente para registrar todas as documentações que considero importantes. Google Drive

Earn $5 a Day? You Can Travel Forever | TravelBlogs “If you can earn $5 a day, you can travel forever.” That’s Andy the Hobo Traveler’s motto, at least. And he can talk: for close to 11 years, Andy has been perpetually travelling the globe, with no intention of returning home. For most of us, travel is a finite experience. Not Andy. Andy’s story I had a successful business. “I was bored with life in the United States. “When I first left, I went down to Mexico for a one-year sabbatical. “After about a year, I realised I didn’t want to go home under any circumstance. “Later, when I was in Costa Rica, I met a German guy, who said to me: ‘After being gone this long, you’re addicted. “I decided almost eight years ago that I didn’t want a home. “I was in Khao San Road in Thailand and I’d just made $5 that day through my website. The art of perpetual travel If the idea of travelling forever sounds appealing to you, you’re not alone.

Helps people take travel sabbaticals. Do meet ups and have national get together by dpvagabond May 22