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Royalty free music from Bensound

Royalty free music from Bensound

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The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual: A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick Archtraitor Bluefluke’s incredible Psychonaut Field Manual, a visual guide to getting started with chaos magick, collected in full for your delight and enlightenment! The Psychonaut Field Manual, attached in whole below, is a comic book guide to chaos magick created by Bluefluke. It’s an incredible, concise piece of work, demonstrating how to use altered states of consciousness and flexible belief to achieve a greater experience of reality.

Free sheet music resources Looking for free sheet music on the web? Be careful — there are lots of web sites that offer sheet music for free ... but often it’s not copyright free. Just because you can download sheet music for free doesn’t mean the music is in the public domain. YouTube Tout Google avec un seul compte Connectez-vous pour accéder à YouTube. Localiser mon compte Free for Commercial Use 1 - 40 of 4,215 Federal Social Media Accessibility Toolkit Hackpad The following contains the shared document for the development of the Social Media Policy Toolkit, a shared service of the Federal Social Media Community of Practice lead by teams including The Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. The toolkit is intended to help agencies evaluate the accessibility of their social media programs for persons with disabilities, identify areas that need improving, and share their own ideas and recommendations for helping ensuring our modernization programs are easily accessed by all who need them. In this shared document, collaborators are encouraged to identify best practices in improving the accessibility of social media for public services, or create a new and better way (though copy and pasting the content in, or linking directly to pre-existing content). Government agencies are increasingly using social media to engage with citizens, share information and deliver services more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Over 120 Free Sound Effects for Videos, Apps, Films, and Games Top image via Shutterstock. Do you need some free sound effects for a video you’re working on or an app you’re developing? We’ve rounded up all of our best free packs for you to download now — no matter what you’re working on. What’s the catch? Nothing. No catch. Où trouver de la musique pour vos vidéos Même courtes, les vidéos passent mieux avec de la musique en fond sonore. Et YouTube n’est fort heureusement pas le seul endroit où l’on peut dénicher de la musique libre de droit. Les sites se multiplient pour en télécharger. Florilège des plus importants. Les radins misent exclusivement sur la musique « gratuite » pour sonoriser leurs vidéos. Transcription Guidelines for Captioning – CaptionSync Support Center Closed Captioning your files with CaptionSync allows you to submit your own verbatim transcript. This article shows how to format it correctly. An accurate transcript is the basis from which CaptionSync generates captions. Following these guidelines ensures the transcript will work with our automated captioning process.

The Premiere Edition Volume 1 The Premiere Edition Volume 1 is a general sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released on August 13th, 1990. It happens to be one of the most popular general sound effects collections available. Les meilleurs sites pour télécharger de la musique libre de droits et gratuite - PEI Si vous recherchez des sites pour télécharger des musiques libres de droits et gratuites, vous êtes au bon endroit. Ces musiques peuvent être utilisées et monétisées sur YouTube, sauf lorsque l’auteur précise qu’un usage commercial n’est pas autorisé. À la fin de l’article, je vous indique également quelques sites pour trouver des musiques libres de droits mais payantes, car contrairement aux images, il est moins facile de trouver des musiques gratuites qui sont libres de droits et sous licence Creative Commons. Important: respectez les auteurs et les licences des musiques que vous utilisez. Pour utiliser une musique dans une vidéo monétisée, sa licence ne doit pas interdire un usage commercial.

A Writer's Community Welcome to a new start. With about two years of blogging under my belt, I have decided to take the small writer’s community with whom I have been blessed, and allow The Daily Post to supplement us with new writers. Each week you will find a new picture prompt to facilitate your writer’s juices. Image Protection - How to Prevent Image Theft Home -> Articles -> Image Protection written by Greg Cope Protecting Images - Put plain and simple: the only way to protect your images from being downloaded or stolen off a web page is to not put them online in the first place. While I put this fact out there as blunt as possible, there are several techniques we can use to make website downloads and image theft much harder.

Leapforce Leapforce At Home Current Opportunities Current Leapforce At Home Assignments Leapforce is experiencing unprecedented demand and growth for qualified home-based independent agents. We are looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Decoding Psychotic Delusions: The Push to Find Meaning in 'Mental Differences,' Not Mental Disability Do psychotic symptoms like hallucinations have meaning, or are they just the products of a broken brain that misfires neurons? For years, psychiatrists and psychologists have struggled with this issue, at times attempting to decode patients’ delusions and at other times using medicine, like antipsychotic drugs, to dismiss them. Now, patients with psychiatric and neurological conditions are finding a middle ground for themselves, studying their own symptoms and identifying the meaning behind them, while simultaneously addressing the problems posed by the disconnection between their own sensed experiences and those of others around them. In a recent New York Times feature, reporter Benedict Carey wrote about the case of Milt Greek, a computer programmer in Athens, Ohio, who manages a successful work and family life, despite living with schizophrenia and having a long history of delusions about meeting God and Jesus. Carey described Greek’s reaction to his mother’s death several years ago: