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Education Eye - Mapping Innovations About Education Eye Futurelab's Education Eye brings you a wide range of exciting, relevant and useful innovations which are selected from the best of the web and updated daily. The Eye provides a way to discover, explore and share new ideas. It maps hundreds of the top educational websites, blogs, forums and practitioner case studies. With additional features like saving your own favourite innovations, Futurelab's favourites, customisable email digests, and a widget version, it is invaluable. Visit the links below to find out more about Education Eye: Many thanks to Becta and Futurelab's design and development team for supporting and working hard on the Eye. Tour of features The Education Eye key features include A searchable, browsable space which leads you to discover new and exciting innovations tailored to the education industry and brought together in one easy-to-use location. Try the 'More like this' suggestions to discover similar innovations that you will likely find interesting.

How to camouflage yourself from facial recognition technology The day when you’ll be able to hold up your phone and identify a stranger through a viewfinder is getting closer. Google’s Goggles, a mobile app for visual search, has a facial recognition version unreleased to the public, while Israeli startup’s technology can tag people’s faces in Facebook photos. Facebook even released a basic version of face detection last night, although it doesn’t have recognition. So in a world where technology chips away at our ability to remain anonymous, how does one reclaim some semblance of control? It turns out there’s actually a pretty simple way around the facial recognition technology available in the market today, according to Adam Harvey, a graduate student at NYU’s ITP (the same program that produced Foursquare chief executive Dennis Crowley and that Twitter’s location guru Raffi Krikorian taught at). “It breaks apart the gestalt of the face,” he said. Harvey says there a couple of projects that could stem from idea.

Add a built-in form action to a Data View - SharePoint Designer - Microsoft Office Online After you add form functionality to a Data View, you can quickly add a few simple built-in form actions to enable your customers to do things like save changes made in the form, cancel changes, and even return back to the Data View from which the customer opened the form. For more information on adding form functionality to a Data View, see the articles Insert a Data View as a form and Edit, delete, or insert records in a Data View. In this article What is a form action? Form actions are the behaviors that are executed when a form is posted back to the server for processing. When you click Save, the Save action — the form action that commits the changes to the data — is triggered. What can I do with built-in form actions? Built-in form actions are added to a form from the Actions List in the Form Actions dialog box. Commit saves to the original data source any changes that have been made. Top of Page Add the Navigate to source form action to an existing button

How Do I Find Tutorials (Database Engine) Microsoft SQL Server includes a complete set of graphical tools and command line utilities that allow users, programmers, and administrators to increase their productivity. The step-by-step tutorials listed below, help you learn to get the most out of SQL Server tools so you can work efficiently, right from the start. The following table describes the topics in this section. Click a link to start a tutorial. This tutorial is for users who are new to SQL Server. Take this tutorial to review how SQL Server Management Studio provides a rich and flexible work surface. The sqlcmd utility, a command line utility, runs ad hoc Transact-SQL statements and scripts. This tutorial will teach you how to tune a workload file with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, and how to perform some basic tasks with the dta.exe command prompt utility. This tutorial is for novice Transact-SQL programmers. Shows you how to use the hierarchyid data type to expresses a hierarchy.

Enterprise Job Scheduling | Cross Application Job Scheduler Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler simplifies enterprise-wide job scheduling and automates the way business processes are defined, managed and delivered. This workload automation solution manages diverse business processes across a broad set of applications and systems, including Big Data environments. It lowers the cost of data, while improving efficiency and throughput. Optimizes Workload Management Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler provides a single view and point of control over business processes and the jobs that comprise them. Deep application and database integrations A high degree of scalability Dependency - based accuracy Superior resource management capabilities This holistic approach optimizes workload management and reduces the risks of human error and the inefficiencies of managing multiple tools. Improve service-level quality Reallocate resources to business-critical projects Supply the accurate data processing necessary for strategic decision-making Big Data Coverage

Immersive games beats classroom in maths Well designed studyThe tested a hypothesis; that interactive maths games are more effective than classroom instruction. This was a well constructed study; The Effects of Modern Math Computer Games on Learners' Math Achievement and Math Course Motivation in a Public High School Setting, MansurehKebritchi, Ph.D., AtsusiHirumi, Ph.D. and HaiyanBai, Ph.D. They took 193 algebra students, control groups and then did evaluation through pre- and post-study assessments, surveys, classroom observations and interviews. Over 18 weeks, on average, students in the experimental group made gains of 8.07 points (out of 25), while students in the control group made gains of 3.74 points. They used an immersive video game world that engages students in the instruction and learning of mathematics. Teachers and students report improved mathsTeacher and student interviews support the quantitative findings.

User Interface Design Framework | Huge GUI elements library for Illustrator | 290 free vectors icons Graphic styles Library 200 graphic styles to change buttons, headers or blocks in 1 click Minimal Vector Icons 260 Vector Icons for creatingWireframes and Webdesign GUI Elements Library Hundreds of vector elementsfor designing Interfaces Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog : Putting the SharePoint in SharePoint Designer For those of you who have been with us for the long haul, you know SharePoint Designer (SPD) evolved from the FrontPage product. The result of this lineage was SPD 2007 largely focused on web page editing and added some SharePoint capabilities. In SPD 2010, we increased our investment in SharePoint capabilities and focused on exposing the power of SharePoint to both power users and developers alike. SharePoint has always been about the democratization of web development - think of SPD 2010 as furthering that goal. Figure 1. When you think about democratization, a few words come to mind: awareness, access, utility. So to that end we will start with the IT side of the equation: Safe: Multi-tenancy is one of the huge strengths of SharePoint, but this often limits what users can do with the system. Now that you know IT is going to bless the use of SPD, let’s dig into the end user aspects of the democratization of web development - awareness, access, and utility. Figure 2. 1. Figure 3.

A Gentle Introduction to SQL Convert to JAMS | JAMS Conversion | Migration to JAMS Solutions and Services for a Successful Migration to JAMS MVP recognizes the hassle of moving from one job scheduling solution to another. You have invested a great deal of time and effort implementing a solution and now, for one reason or another, you have decided it’s time to get with the program and migrate to a modern solution. Due to the time and effort involved, MVP offers comprehensive solutions and services to assist you with the migration to JAMS. And best of all, your organization will have significantly reduced its job scheduling maintenance costs once you have converted to JAMS. Solutions: MVP Systems Software offers free conversion utilities for most other vendors. Utilizing our conversion technologies, we can easily and accurately convert anywhere from a handful of jobs to thousands of jobs into JAMS. Our objective is to minimize the impact on your business, and effectively migrate your jobs quickly and painlessly. Services

Data science We’ve all heard it: according to Hal Varian, statistics is the next sexy job. Five years ago, in What is Web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly said that “data is the next Intel Inside.” But what does that statement mean? Why do we suddenly care about statistics and about data? In this post, I examine the many sides of data science — the technologies, the companies and the unique skill sets. The web is full of “data-driven apps.” One of the earlier data products on the Web was the CDDB database. Google is a master at creating data products. Google’s breakthrough was realizing that a search engine could use input other than the text on the page. Flu trends Google was able to spot trends in the Swine Flu epidemic roughly two weeks before the Center for Disease Control by analyzing searches that people were making in different regions of the country. Google isn’t the only company that knows how to use data. In the last few years, there has been an explosion in the amount of data that’s available.

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