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Face Substitution

Face Substitution

Augmented Reality art exhibition MoMA NYC (guerrilla intervention) October 9th 2010 Sander Veenhof and Mark Skwarek cordially invite you to the "WeARinMoMA" exhibition in the MoMA NY, featuring augmented reality art in its proper context: a contemporary art museum. At the same time, the 'art invasion' annex exhibition showcases the radical new possibilies and implications Augmented Reality is bringing to the cultural and creative field. PS The MoMA is not involved yet With the exhibition, the organisers of the event aim to address a contemporary issue, caused by the rapid rise of Augmented Reality usage. Developments in the field of phychogeography advance rapidly and radically. The availability of augmented reality applications on many iPhones and Android phones, brings the basic notion of phychogeography to the masses. Easy-to-use AR tools such as the Layar AR viewer have led to an explosion of virtual creativity in our public physical space.

Google Glass: Google-Brille in atemberaubender Livedemo vorgeführt Auf der Entwicklerkonferenz Google I/O zeigte Google seine bislang unter “Project Glass” bekannte Augmented-Reality-Brille in einer spektakulären Livedemo. Zudem können nun auch einige Entwickler eine “Explorer Edition” der Google-Brille vorbestellen. Google CEO Sergej Brin trug während der gesamten Präsentation natürlich sein Modell der Google-Brille "Google Glass". Selbst die beste Videokamera ist nicht immer dabei, wenn wir etwas Spannendes oder Lustiges erleben – so stellte Google seine Brille “Glass” vor. Präsentation Google Glass Klicken für grosse Ansicht (13 Bilder in der Galerie) Und dann wurde angekündigt, dass die Google Brille erstmals auch außerhalb des Unternehmens verteilt wird: Teilnehmer der Google I/O können sie für 2013 vorbestellen, sofern sie aus den USA kommen. Hier das Video über einen anderen Fallschirmsprung, auch gefilmt mit Google Glass: UPDATE: Wir haben inzwischen einen Überblick zu Augmented-Reality-Brillen für euch zusammengestellt.

Reject Reality and Substitute Your Own: Using Augmented Reality as Art Thomas Eberwein, “Ghost” (2013) (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic except where noted) Whether you like it or not, the digital invasion of Google Glasses is on its way, bringing the alternate world of augmented reality with it. As the late sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, who I really wish was here to react to the rapidly cyborg-like technology advances, forebodes in his 1978 essay “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later“: What is real? Mark Mussler, Happy Pets, Thibaut Brevet, Cem Sever, “Tattooar” (2011-13) Potentially, the technology of layering one reality over another offers tantalizing possibilities for the integration of information into our daily lives, like the way we already rely on Google maps to get where we’re going (Google is really ahead on all of this). Finally, Yuri Suzuki’s “Beatvox” was one of those projects that was just effective through being so enjoyable. Liron Kroll, “Last Year” (2013). So is augmented reality the next medium?

Disney Parks Get Augmented in Times Square Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! Walt Disney's beloved icon turns 83 today and Disney Parks is celebrating at the Disney Store in Times Square with an innovative augmented reality installation. Running through Saturday at the Disney Store on Broadway and 45th Street, the Disney Parks team has implemented a 60-foot digital billboard AR experience. Visitors step on an orb and interact with characters projected on the big screen. Disney tells us that unlike other AR events, many of the character interactions are done live. The display is also serving to kickstart Disney's second "Let the Memories Begin" campaign. That effort includes crowdsourced home videos and photos of real families visits to the Disney Parks. Disney is using the hashtag #DisneyMemories to track experiences at Times Square and throughout the campaign.

CultureClic - La culture augmentée sur mobile - Application Mobile de Géolocalisation & Réalité Augmentée GravitySketch - Sketch in 3D space using Augmented Reality