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Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman

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Internet Memes Timeline Trololololololololololo man Feb 28, 2010 6:00 PM Added to Youtube in November of 2009 the Video "Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой" had only few views until it was posted into several music blogs in march of 2010. In a week more than 1 million people watched the Trololololololololololo man sing his song. The title translates into 'I am very glad, because I’m finally back home'. Our Peterloo This has been a while in the brewer so bear with me while I lay this out. We are living in times of bizarre through-the-looking-glass twists, where everything means its opposite. Where right is left and left is right, up is down, good is bad. Where huge financial behemoths are allowed to grab countries and turn them upside down and shake them till their pennies drop. The political language of left and right has no meaning any more as all of our parties are simply a distraction, while backroom brokers carve up our world and lives, about which we have no say.

PROGRAMME MEDIA : PETITION DES CINEASTES The European Commission has decided to put an end to Media Programming independence. The concern about this abolition extends far beyond the walls of Berlaymont, the glass tower in Brussels that houses the European commissioners. We, European directors and European producers, are extremely worried by the way that Media programming is thus being challenged. This programme, launched 20 years ago, contributed to the creation of a genuine European film industry and helped in the creation of major new works that currently form part of the European heritage. They would never have seen the light of day without this programme. Two thirds of its budget is devoted to better European film distribution by arranging assistance to independent operators (the Europa Cinema chain) and distributors.

How to Draw Celtic Knotwork The old method These instructions can be followed with pencil and paper or using any computer based drawing or drafting program. I have used Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoDesk AutoCad for various projects, but my favorite is Corel Draw. Irony punctuation Irony punctuation is any proposed form of notation used to denote irony or sarcasm in text. Written English lacks a standard way to mark irony, and several forms of punctuation have been proposed. Among the oldest and most frequently attested are the percontation point proposed by English printer Henry Denham in the 1580s, and the irony mark, used by Marcellin Jobard and French poet Alcanter de Brahm during the 19th century. Both marks take the form of a reversed question mark, "⸮". Irony punctuation is primarily used to indicate that a sentence should be understood at a second level.

Placards, get yer placards In case anyone is spotting for them, below are the placard images I hope not1fish managed to take with her today: Friedman for Dimwits a "for public viewing" version of an earlier work Liberal monkeys Design is not a democracy on, a weblog by Wilbert Baan about Art, Media and Technology Recently I was invited by Google to become a Glass explorer (which means you are invited – after signing up – to buy a pair of quite expensive Glasses from Google). As an interaction designer I love to design things for new interfaces and devices. Always on Google Glass did not disappoint. They great thing about Glass is that’s it is designed from an always-on-in-front-of-your-face perspective.

Sharpie Art - Extreme Sharpie Artwork at WomansDay Nowadays, Sharpie markers come in more than basic black––they’re available in every color of the rainbow, and in just about every size and shape. They’re great for everyday labeling and organizing, but did you know that they could also be used to decorate everything from guitars to fingernails? WD teamed with Sharpie to find the most unique creations from talented artists across the globe. From a Lamborghini turned objet d’art to a wall mural, check out how different artists uncapped their creativity. Rev Your Engines George Ramos spent two weeks on this intricately designed Lamborghini––he used Sharpie markers to create the design and then topped it off with a clear coat of paint to protect the pattern.

Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that. New Conservative party logo proposal Given the latest poll results which are remarkable if only for mapping the drop in polarity for the Conservatives over the 2 day period that the poll was carried out just prior to the opening of their Manchester Grim Display of United Front Chatroom, I thought the Conservative party logo should get a retouch. Gone are the vibrant greens, in are the dying ones. Out go the blues in come the darkening skies of economic apocalypse, whose flickering shadows play across that brown and dessicated land.

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