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LetterCult — Custom Letter Culture

LetterCult — Custom Letter Culture
NOW THAT 2011 IS OVER, IT’S TIME to crawl out of hibernation, and begin sorting through the best and brighest Custom Letters of the year! Our Best of 2010—Day 1 and Day 2—featured more than 900 images, our Top 10 lists, and our Person of the Year. Last year, we scoured hundreds of personal sites, yet took in a relatively small number of submissions. We hope to get more subs this year, so if you or anyone you know create Custom Letters, please pass on the link! We don’t want to miss anyone. The Custom Letters category includes calligraphy, sign painting, graffiti, stone carving, digital lettering, hand lettering, paper sculpture, and original type design.

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for the love of type: The Design Kids Threesome Street Exhibition The Design Kids Threesome Street Exhibition The Design Kids recently hosted the Sydney leg of their 'Threesome' show (Don't worry, no one makes out!). The exhibition was a typographic treasure hunt where a studio, graduate and student teamed up to complete a three word phrase and paste it up around the streets of Surry Hills. I worked with two talented up-and-comers Gabby Lord and Jonathan Key.

Type Furniture You can order your own words or letters. Customize as you wish!They come with shelves and everything! Check them out here. Negative space in logo design It’s hard to beat a clever use of negative space. Here are 35 or so logos that use white space well, along with the designers/agencies responsible. A.G. Low Construction logo By Rebecca Low Focus Hub Photography Courses Blog For his latest multimedia project, Natural Beauty, James Houston was inspired by nature, with the goal to raise awareness and funds for the environment and sustainable living. Created in partnership with MILK and environmental non-profit Global Green USA, Houston shot a series of striking portraits featuring some of the world’s leading celebrities and models including Adrian Grenier, Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse and Anja Rubik. These captivating photographs bring together two of Houston’s great passions – the human form and the natural world.

Writing Systems A writing system as a set of visible or tactile signs used to represent units of language in a systematic way. This simple explanation encompasses a large spectrum of writing systems with vastly different stylistic and structural characteristics spanning across the many regions of the globe. Writing provides a way of extending human memory by imprinting information into media less fickle than the human brain. The software that prints green fonts with holes Ecofont softwarefor Word and Outlook More info Home 1 Lifetime licenseWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS. only $ 19.95Buy now Creative Review - With the Tour de France starting in July, Yellow Jersey Press has reissued five classic cycling books with covers referencing some of the most famous colours in the sport... Our Ad of the Week is the Oreo Snack Hacks campaign, which sees the cookie brand invite three LA chefs to use the biscuits to make new, unexpected snacks – some that look pretty disgusting, others surprisingly tasty... Damien Florébert Cuypers has animated a series of shorts for furniture brand Herman Miller, in which 80-year-old Hilda Longinotti reflects on her 21-year tenure at design director George Nelson's New York studio. Design studio Kellenberger-White has created a hand painted font and identity system for arts festival Glasgow International. This week's round-up of new ads features some lovely print work, web work, ambient (is that phrase still used?) work, as well as some great films.

Writing system Writing systems of the world today. Other alphabets Other abjads

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