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Online Presentation Tools

Online Presentation Tools

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Create Amazing Interactive Presentations From Your Browser With Emaze Browser based presentation platforms are quickly gaining ground as HTML5 has made it possible to create robust presentations online without the need for applications like PowerPoint or Keynote. These platforms not only provide a comprehensive toolset for making presentations online but also enable presenting and sharing them using nothing more than an internet browser. Emaze is a presentation platform which comes with some amazing features to create presentations online. Easy To Use Presentation Platform With Amazing Interactive Templates One of the most amazing aspects of this web service is the vast array of extremely eye-catching and interactive templates.

CreativeFlyerCreativeFlyer This week we have a free flyer club collection wich is called Free PSD Club Flyer Templates and includes 15 free psd templates from latin flyers to club and dj party or just elegant glamorous events. These flyers are perfect for club events, or a dj / band night, with a modern look and feel, and the flyers are all PSD format including some great club flyers with some elegant and sexy glamorous flyer templates. They are easy to use, just download these dj and club free flyer templates and customize to your needs and they are ready to print. Check out the Free PSD Club Flyer Templates collection:

Free Virus Scan - Kaspersky Lab Free to download, to use and to update Quick scan for viruses and malware Full report on all threats found on your PC User-Friendly Interface Click the images below for larger view Easy access to main functions PC Security status display Which protection is right for you ? Guidelines for better PowerPoints - 180 Free Technology Tip #16 Technology Tip Number 16 Improving Your PowerPoint's These days most students do at least one PowerPoint presentation in elementary school. As you might expect, they utilize just about every annoying sound effect, nauseating background color and dizzying animation feature imaginable to make their first slideshow.

Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives Heh... Whenever I see the term "thumb drive" used, I think the person using it is probably illiterate. It's a flash drive. There's no real reason to use a "cute" term for it, especially when the "cute" term has the same number of letters and syllables; consonants and vowels and they're in the same places (CCVCC). So there's no point to the substitution, other than to convey the message "I don't know what this thing really is so I gave it this cute name, hee hee". (It's not even USB flash drive; there are eSATA flash drives now, I hear.)

Digital Image Factory: All Pics Featured in: Design Free & Easy Digital Image AWESOMENESS by The Daring Librarian. What's your favourite digital imaging site? ... Free & Easy Digital Image AWESOMENESS by The Daring Librarian. Thinglink : 7 façons pour les journalistes d’utiliser l’image interactive Toute l'actualité Bloc Une salle de sport sera construite ici Bloc maintenance et Brigadier General Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Assistant Commanding General, Joint Special Operations

Photoshop Tutorials from PhotoshopCAFE -free Photoshop training If you are wanting to learn Photoshop, then you have some to the right place. This is where you will find all our original tutorials written exclusively for PhotoshopCAFE. Rather than focus on abstract things, we focus on core principles and techniques that are practical and can be reused for your day to day work. All the tutorials listed on this page are completely free.

Zenler Studio Pro to Address Game-Based Learning Gap: In Beta by News Editor Zenler Studio Pro (ZSP) gives users the flexibility to create rich interactive eLearning courses with added support for end-to-end game-based eLearning courses. Beta for ZSP will continue for a few more months and Zenler is ready to add more people to the Beta. [Press Release] Zenler (, an eLearning authoring tool company and LMS provider, has advanced development of its new Zenler Studio Pro (ZSP) to the Beta phase. ZSP is a rapid authoring tool for production of interactive courseware, stand-alone game-based eLearning, and simulations, all within a single package operating in PowerPoint. (See Figures 1 through 3.)

LED light pads from Wedgwood AV Ltd LED LitePads LED LitePads are available in squares, rectangles or circles, and are used in TV for lighting applications. Also used in bars for illuminating products, such as wine bottles, or in retail for illuminating products or features. You could also use a light pad as an interior light for automobile shots. You can buy a mobile kit which contains pads of different sizes, power cables, connectors etc., for use in film and TV studios. Light pad accessories

SlideRocket Creating the perfect presentation is easy with SlideRocket. If you're looking to impress your audience this should be your go-to tool. These days multimedia rich presentations are all the rage, and SlideRocket allows you to create visually engaging presentations that can be accessed anywhere at any time. The days of PowerPoint are gone. This great tool will allow you to make a memorable presentation with the minimum amount of fuss. You can import existing presentations from other programs and improve them using SlideRocket's advanced capabilities. Plus you can also share the presentations through a live online format. See more at: by raviii Aug 29

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