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Pulmonary Function Testing Pulmonary function testing has come into widespread use since the 1970s. This has been facilitated by several developments.1,2 Because of miniaturization and advances in computer technology, microprocessor devices have become portable and automated with fewer moving parts. Testing equipment, patient maneuvers, and testing techniques have become widely standardized throughout the world through the efforts of professional societies. Widely accepted normative parameters have been established. Definition Pulmonary function testing is a valuable tool for evaluating the respiratory system, representing an important adjunct to the patient history, various lung imaging studies, and invasive testing such as bronchoscopy and open-lung biopsy.

Journal: Molecular Imaging and Biology Molecular Imaging and Biology presents original contributions (research articles, review articles, commentaries, etc.) on the utilization of molecular imaging (i.e., nuclear imaging, optical imaging, autoradiography and pathology, MRI, MPI, ultrasound imaging, radiomics/genomics etc.) to investigate questions related to biology and health. The objective of MIB is to provide a forum for the discovery of molecular mechanisms of disease through the use of imaging techniques. We aim to investigate the biological nature of disease in patients and establish new molecular imaging diagnostic and therapy procedures.

A cure for Cancer Since I was a child I never really liked hospitals, they always seemed to be blood sucking people for money sort of speak. I just hated getting vaccinations all the time, which I felt wasn't really necessary to get injected into our blood streams year after year. I always felt like something was wrong with certain things in life as a whole when I was young, and especially with the foods my mom use to purchase from the store. After eating I always seemed to get tired, and had less energy after finishing my meals.

Multiple Sclerosis News 34 min ago | CiteULike Exercise therapy for fatigue in multiple sclerosis To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. Resting heart rate Your resting heart rate, or pulse, is the number of times your heart beats per minute when you are at rest – such as when you are relaxed, sitting or lying down. Resting heart rate varies from person to person. Knowing yours can give you an important sign of your heart health. What is a normal resting heart rate? For adults, a normal resting heart rate ranges between 60 and 100 beats a minute. Usually, a lower resting heart rate means your heart is working more efficiently and is more fit.

Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake Recipe Be warned: According to readers, if you serve this delectable treat as a birthday cake, you'll be starting a tradition. One that's going to be tough to break. Ingredients 1 package devil's food cake mix4 squares BAKER'S semi-sweet chocolate¼ cup butter8 oz PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened½ cup sugar2 cup thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping12 OREO cookies, coarsley crumbled Directions HEAT oven to 350ºF.PREPARE cake batter and bake in 2 (9-inch) round pans as directed on package.

Healthy News and Information by NICK MEYER The immune system is something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice. Most people resort to things like synthetic vitamins and medicines (ignoring better natural alternatives) to deal with colds and improve immunity, but the cycle of sickness always seems to continue. For people with compromised immune systems, there are many natural options, and now researchers have discovered what could well be one of the best ways to reset and recharge your immune system; one that happens to be free and is believed to work even in the elderly as well.

Arthritis News 2 hrs ago | CiteULike Effect of Oral Glucosamine on Joint Structure in Individuals With... Objective To determine the short-term efficacy of oral glucosamine supplementation by evaluating structural lesions in the knee joints, as assessed using 3T magnetic resonance imaging . Trending on the Topix Network 6 hrs ago | 4-Year-Old Leah Jezek of Avon Named Youth Ambassador of Greater Hartford Walk to Cure Arthritis

Simplified Understanding of Lung Capacity and Lung Conditions Lung capacity refers to the total amount of air inside the lungs at certain phases of the respiratory cycle. The several components of lung capacity have different characteristics and may be altered by lung and airway conditions, age and lifestyle choices.

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