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Access to Medicine Despite its scope, this methodology presents certain limits that must be taken into account, some of which are characteristic of any quantitative and qualitative study. Data comparability The outputs analysed in this study and the findings generated relate only to the geographical, disease, product and company scope determined by the Executive Review Committee (ERC). The Index team invested significant time in ensuring the greatest possible consistency between the 2010 data and the 2012 data, to allow for longitudinal analysis. Comparability was not always possible and where an indicator was dependent on comparison with 2010 data, trend analysis was not possible. In general, all products, diseases, countries and access initiatives are treated equally in the study, although it is recognized all are not equal. Disease scope Some companies may not have received credit for access-oriented activities targeting diseases that were not covered by the Index. Data Collection Period Data Collection

Clinical Knowledge TextFugu | Online Japanese Textbook For Self-Teaching Japanese Metaphysical Explanations of Specific Physical Aches, Pains and Sicknesses As many people in the spiritual world know, everything happens for a reason. It becomes a lot easier... As many people in the spiritual world know, everything happens for a reason. It becomes a lot easier to understand why things happen when we can see it from a metaphysical perspective. The following is a reference list for physical aches, pains, and illnesses, along with what your body is trying to tell you. HAIR (head) SOCIAL ‘STATEMENT.’ Often used as a sexual attractant, the hairdo (like all other ‘parts’ of our whole Self-identity) can become HOLISTICALLY-ENFORCED through time; resulting in a physical ‘proof’ of one’s personal Statement... as in the ‘tonsure’ or Franciscan-style skull-cap baldness tendency in (especially) men, who wish to cultivate a public ‘image’ of themselves as a peace-loving, kind ‘brother’ even though that image CONFLICTS with certain tendencies to the contrary. SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY. SOCIAL SENSITIVITY. INFORMATION-PROCESSING. SHOWING ONE’S TRUE FEELINGS.

ATC/DDD Index A searchable version of the complete ATC index with DDDs is available below. The search options enable you to find ATC codes and DDDs for substance name and/or ATC levels. In your search result you may choose to show or hide the text from the Guidelines for ATC classification and DDD assignment linked to the ATC level. The text in the Guidelines will give information related to the background for the ATC and DDD assignment. ATC code All ATC levels are searchable.A search will result in showing the exact substance/level and all ATC levels above (up to 1st ATC level). Name "Name" is defined as the name of the substance (normally the INN name) or the name of the ATC level. The DDDs, which will be reviewed in 2016 (3 year revision), are listed here and in the annex I in the printed ATC Index. To express the DDD several abbreviations are used for units and routes of administration. Units Route of administration (Adm.R)

HIM Style/Reference Guide Language What kind of language is Japanese? In this section you can take Japanese lessons and try speaking the language. You can also learn the characters used to write Japanese. Why not do the lessons with a friend and try speaking Japanese to each other? Learn basic phrases that people use everyday. Lesson 1: Japanese Greetings and Writing System Lesson 2: Meeting New Friends Lesson 3: What Language Do You Understand? Lesson 4: Where Did You Come from? Lesson 5: When Is Your Birthday? Lesson 6: What Do You Like? Lesson 7: Is This an Interesting Book? Lesson 8: Introducing My Family Animated Japanese Quick Japanese Learn simple phrases that you can use right away. Quick Kanji See how kanji characters were formed from pictures of real things. Hiragana Chart and Sounds Katakana Chart and Sounds Numbers Learn how to read and write Japanese hiragana and katakana. Related Articles

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