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Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

Bill Hicks - Interesting Motherfuckers - Acid Logic ezine By Cody Wayne "A lot of us amateurs can make people laugh and some of us can occasionally even make people think twice about the daily nonsense of their lives. But with his clarity of vision and gift of words, if Bill Hicks had had any more time he might have started a revolution." Keith Olberman, MSNBC opinion-head and former ESPN Sportscaster (More quotes here.) .Bill Hicks died when I was in high school. .Denis Leary's first stand-up/music album came out at about the exact same time. .Radiohead was just starting its plans for world music domination with Creep in those days, too. But what the hell?! #1 - Tool openly expressed their gratitude for what Bill Hicks was doing in their Undertow album and gave a solemn, somber farewell to Hicks in their follow-up album Ænima featuring a fucked up picture of Hicks as a doctor doing a check-up on a hysterical patient with his mutated third eye completely fucking squeegied. #2 - Radiohead dedicated The Bends to the memory of Bill Hicks.

Drunk History - Joan of Arc Driving the Fire SUV Patton Oswalt: My Weakness Is Strong (DVD / CD Combo): Patton Oswalt, Jason Woliner: Movies & TV LOL Fabulous Secret Powers von slackcircus 500.938 Aufrufe So, here's the backstory with this video. We made this video in 2005 and posted it to the Something Awful forums: ­ml In 2006, dkilzer2000 posted it to youtube: We finally got around to posting it to our own page in 2007 (you are here). Then, in 2010, in the process of redesigning our company web site, we posted it to Vimeo: We did not disable the "Download the source video" option on Vimeo, nor did we leave our watermark on the video as we had on the YouTube version. As it turns out, removing the intro and outro was a very smart and viral-y decision by ProtoOfSnagem and others, because the video got over 26M views in this abbreviated form. UPDATE 11/15/12: We retracted the claim on ProtoOfSnagem''s version this morning. 11/16/12 -- ProtoOfSnagem's version returns to YouTube. Love, Slackcircus

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