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CERIUM - Centre d’études et de recherches internationales

CERIUM - Centre d’études et de recherches internationales
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School of Public Policy Author - Any - Anderson, Greg Beaulieu, Eugene Bird, Richard Boardman, Anthony Boessenkool, Ken Boodt, Casey Boychuk, Gerald W. Burney, Derek Capps, Cory Carbone, Jared C. Carin, Barry Chen Chen, Duanjie Church, Jeffrey Cnossen, Sijbren Coletto, David Cottrell, Tom Crisan, Daria Curtis, John M. Dafny, Leemore Dahlby, Bev de Kerckhove, Ferry Deibert, Ron Di Matteo, Livio Di Matteo, Rosanna Dobson, Wendy Dranove, David Eisen, Ben Emery, Herbert Fellows, G. Kent Firth, Michael Flaim, Sam Flanagan, Tom Flemming, Brian Gres, Margarita Grissom, Susan W. Grynishak, Oksana Hackett, David Hajian, Mahdi Hall Findlay, Martha Heap, Peter C. Author The IR Theory Home Page Canadian Public Policy - Home Page Canadian Public Policy is Canada's foremost journal examining economic and social policy. The aim of the journal is to stimulate research and discussion of public policy problems in Canada. It is directed at a wide readership including decision makers and advisers in business organizations and governments, and policy researchers in private institutions and universities. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of many public policy issues, the contents of each volume aim to be representative of various disciplines involved in public policy issues. This quarterly journal publishes interdisciplinary articles in English or French. © 2017 Canadian Public Policy (URL: E-mail:

Council on Foreign Relations The Journal of Military Operations – New, Free Online Academic Journal | War and Security The Journal of Military Operations, a new peer-reviewed academic journal, has just published its first issue. It is available online at You have to register, but it is free. Its editor, Dr Jim Storr, states on the Birmingham “On War” blog that it aims to fill a gap for a journal “which focuses on how armed forces do, and should, fight wars.” This is a very promising venture, which fills a gap in the market and is free. It is produced by the IJ Group, which was founded by A. an online, peer-reviewed “journalzine” concerned with strategy as the product of consciously linking ends, ways, and means. You do have to register separately for the two journals, but doing so is quick. Like this: Like Loading...

| Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs Peter R Neumann, July 2013 Though widely used by academics and policy-makers in the context of the 'war on terror', the concept of radicalization lacks clarity. This article shows that while radicalization is not a myth, its meaning is ambiguous and the major controversies and debates that have sprung from it are linked to the same inherent ambiguity. The principal conceptual fault-line is between notions of radicalization that emphasize extremist beliefs ('cognitive radicalization') and those that focus on extremist behavior ('behavioural radicalization'). Rather than denying its validity, the article calls on scholars and policy-makers to work harder to understand and embrace a concept which, though ambiguous, is likely to dominate research and policy agendas for years to come.

Defence Policy Archives National Defence and the Canadian Forces Skip to content | Skip to institutional links Common menu bar links Home > Defence Policy Archives > Institutional links Home _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ About the Policy Group _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Defence Policy Archives _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Defence and Parliament _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Academic Programs--Security and Defence Forum _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Military Training & Cooperation Program _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Policy Officer Recruitment Programme _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Whats New _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Proactive Disclosure Defence Policy Archives Note: As historical documents, some items in the defence policy archives are available only in .pdf format. Date Modified: 2010-03-25 Top of Page Important Notices

Exclusive national security news from inside the Pentagon Journal of Military Studies The Journal of Military Studies (JMS) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal publishing original research articles in selected areas of military studies. Distinguishing from most other peer-reviewed journals, JMS’s approach is more military oriented focusing on technology management and exploitation, technological choices and requirements, tactical considerations etc. giving support to Battle Field Analysts as well as Academic Officer Education. The journal publishes articles from the following areas of military studies: operational art and tactics military technology and operational analysis, capabilities e.g. defence inventory and acquisition, military strategy and international politics, military pedagogy, military social sciences, like human factors, military leadership and organisation, military history, The journal publishes peer-reviewed academic-level articles, which are first published electronic form, and are printed in a series of volumes according to separate schedule.

SSI Publications - Military Strategy, National Security, and Regional Security Index of Commentaries & Replies in Parameters Cunningham, G. K. "On 'Battlefield Euthanasia: Should Mercy-Killings Be Allowed?'" Spring 2015. p. 133 (For the author's reply, see page 134.) Warren, Jason W. Wood, Dakota L. Becker, Jeff. Blank, Stephen. Bolan, Christopher J. Greentree, Todd. Mason, Chris. Mayer, Christopher. Mewett, Christopher.

Army University Press Home About Canadian Army Journal | Canadian Army Journal | Army Journal | Journal Publications | Army Publications | Publications | Army | DND/CAF This is an official publication of the Canadian Army and is published three times a year (Spring/Summer/Fall). The Canadian Army Journal is dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of doctrinal and training concepts, ideas, and opinions by all army personnel and those civilians with an interest in doctrinal, training, and other military matters. Articles on related subjects such as leadership, ethics, technology, and military history are also invited. Current Issue Volume 17 no.1, 2017 Related Links Contact Reader Feedback: C Army Det Kingston c/o Canadian Army Land Warfare CentrePO BOX 17000 Stn Forces CFB Kingston, Kingston ON K7K 7B4 Distribution Inquiries: Canadian Army Publishing CFB Kingston 317 Ontario St.