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Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke (1997)

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Military history Military history is a humanities discipline within the scope of general historical recording of armed conflict in the history of humanity, and its impact on the societies, their cultures, economies and changing intra and international relationships. Professional historians normally focus on military affairs that had a major impact on the societies involved as well as the aftermath of conflicts, while amateur historians and hobbyists often take a larger interest in the details of battles, equipment and uniforms in use. The essential subjects of military history study are the causes of war, the social and cultural foundations, military doctrine on each side, the logistics, leadership, technology, strategy, and tactics used, and how these changed over time. Whereas Just War Theory explores the moral dimensions of warfare, and to better limit the destructive reality caused by war, seeks to establish a doctrine of military ethics. Historiography of military history[edit]

Aluminum or Aluminium Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements Aluminum or Aluminium Aluminum Basic Facts: Symbol: AlAtomic Number: 13Atomic Weight:26.981539Element Classification Basic MetalCAS Number: 7429-90-5 Aluminum Periodic Table Location Group: 13Period: 3Block: p Miyazaki: The Problem With The Anime Industry Is It's Full of Otaku Acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki let audiences know how he really feels about the anime industry in a recent television interview. According to the recent retiree, anime suffers because industry staff is made up of otaku who "don't spend time watching real people" and are "humans who can't stand looking at other humans." Miyazaki explained that animating people can only be done by those who spend time observing others, something he feels the industry lacks because it's "full of otaku." Miyazaki is not known for biting his tongue. Other things Miyazaki doesn't like include:

The 10 Most Not-So-Puzzling Ancient Artifacts: The Ica Stones As we move on down the line of the 10 most not-so-puzzling ancient artifacts, we come to the Ica Stones. These are perhaps the most perplexing to me, since I don’t understand how anyone can look at these and think they are real. A bad day for Fred Flintstone These little gems range in size from cobbles to boulders, and depict a wide variety of images from humans co-existing with dinosaurs, to advanced surgery, and spaceships with advanced technology. Apparently, this one is a modern hoax starting in 1966 when one, Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea, a Peruvian physician, received a small carved rock as a gift for his birthday. All about aluminium Demand is the driving force of supply Aluminum represents the second largest metals market in the world. Growing demand for the lightweight metal is fuelled largely by the booming Chinese economy which already consumes a quarter of the world’s aluminium production. Analysts predict an annual growth rate of 7 to 14% in the Chinese automotive industry up to 2011, a 12% increase in construction expenditure in 2007 and a minimum of plus 16 million annual growth in urban population during the next 8 years. According to analysts these factors will combine to see China consume 36% of world’s aluminium production as early as 2010. In addition, the EU is discussing the possibility of introducing stricter CO2 emission requirements for automobiles which will inevitably boost demand for aluminium.

Miyazaki on Mononoke-hime // Interviews - Please tell us about the hero, Ashitaka. Miyazaki (M): Ashitaka is not a cheerful, worry-free boy. He is a melancholy boy who has a fate. I feel that I am that way myself, but until now, I have not made a film with such a character. Ten Archaeological Enigmas from Across the Globe One of the best things about archaeology is uncovering places, artifacts, and human remains that answer long-held mysteries about our past and our origins. But frequently discoveries are made that do not solve ancient puzzles, but simply raise more questions to be answered. Here we feature ten such discoveries – from indecipherable manuscripts to Frankenstein mummies, and incredible artifacts from unknown civilizations.

Production process More than 160 million tonnes of bauxite are mined each year. The major locations of deposites are found in tropic and sub-tropic areas. Bauxite is currently being extracted in Australia, Central and South America (Jamaica, Brazil, Surinam, Venezuela, Guyana), Africa (Guinea), Asia (India, China), Russia (and Kazakhstan) and Europe (Greece). Alumina production Electrolysis 'Mononoke' a Haunting, Magical World of Fantasy Animated it definitely is, but "Princess Mononoke" is no Disney movie, not even close. A $150-million-grossing phenomenon in its native Japan, the most popular home-grown film in that country's history, it marries a remarkable sense of visual fantasy, both lyric and violent, with an ecology-themed story and complex characters. It's an adult fairy tale, animation as we've not experienced it before--exactly what devotees of writer-director Hayao Miyazaki have come to expect. Revered in Japan and overseas as perhaps the greatest artist of contemporary animation, Miyazaki and the company he co-founded in 1984, Studio Ghibli, have shown that more personal animation can reach the widest of audiences.

The Lost City of Heracleion Discovered! It’s not everyday archaeologists uncover a lost, ancient city, let alone one of such importance and significance. A city shrouded in myths and legend, the lost city of Heracleion (Pronounced “Hera-klee-on”… or perhaps “Hera-see-lee-on”… which is more fun, but probably less accurate) has recently been found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria. The city was first rediscovered by French Archaeologist Dr. Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity This page lists a number of sites on the Internet that are useful for the study of Judaism and Christianity. The list is necessarily partial, provisional, and even parochial. A casual glance will show how Penn-centered it is. It is amazing that this much relevant information already exists on the Internet.

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